Fake News Is Always At War With Oceania

Radio Mysterium

Fake News is Newspeak! Mainstream Media, especially under the NDAA, is the REAL Fake News. Citizen journalists can be flawed, but some are quite frankly, excellent. They are filling a vacuum because the 4th Estate has become a propaganda arm of the Pentagon. Just like the New York Times famously declared “God is Dead” on a headline, I would say “News is Dead” at least the mainstream variety. How about that classic fake news story “Weapons of Mass Destruction” by the way?

Fake News is right out of the pages of George Orwell’s 1984. It is more timely and accurate than ever. Just a 5 minute video pondering the question of “Fake News” and the NDAA and how it is NOW LEGAL to purposefully use propaganda on the American people under the law. And oh my is it happening folks.