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Omega-3 Fats And Their Potential Life-Saving Health Payoffs

For your health, nothing is more important than the food you eat. This article serves as one of a countless number of others that reiterate this statement. In the case of this article, as the title says, it hones in on the wonderful health payoffs of omega-3 fats.

Regular dietary intakes of omega-3 fats have many health payoffs. This includes the avoidance or reversal of a whole host of illnesses like: 

*Heart disease and related problems such as high blood pressure, a narrowing of arteries through plaque build up; irregular heart beats... deaths through myocardial infarction (heart attacks)... 


*Prevention of strokes

*Cognitive learning disorders

*Bipolar disorders like depression


*Children having autism

*Type-2 diabetes

*Ischemic stroke

*Breast cancer growth

*Omega-3 fats serve help develop a strong immune system

... The list goes on


The benefits of omega-3 fats are nothing new to Doctors in the USA. However, through fear of having their business undercut the medical/pharmaceutical establishment do not want doctors showing patients the available documentary evidence that, for example, fish oil foods rich in omega-3 fats can prevent or reduce heart disease. Doctors could lose their job for recommending this. 

Yet another awful case of medical/pharmaceutical authoritarian heavy handedness where profits are regarded as something more important than the welfare concern of patients...

I would strongly recommend that you learn to discern this principle in other cases related to health. Remember, it is ultimately up to you to take hold of and control of your health. 


Getting the balance right


An equal and therefore balanced intake of omega-3 to omega-6 fats would make part of a balanced diet. 

To avoid upsetting the balance then I would recommend avoiding junk foods with their imbalances of omega-6 cheap and nasty fats. To this end I will leave you to your own research.


Omega-3 rich sources:

Coconut Oil is not only rich in omega-3 but has many hidden health benefits. 

Foods and supplements of cod liver oil or other fish oils like that in krill have been highly recommended. Stemming from the hidden purpose of marketing to increase sales figures, fats have been unfairly demonised in mainstream media. Fats are indeed an essential dietary requirement and fish oils provide a healthy supply of fats.


Eggs, particularly yolks have a plentiful supply of omega-3.

Great sources for veggies include flaxseed, borage and evening primrose oils. Other sources, whether you are vegetarian or not are nuts such as walnuts.

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