My Reasons Recommending Not Using the Microwave Oven

-by Paul A Philips

In a world where people expect instant cash, instant credit, instant online dating... it does of course go without saying that instant food expectancy is no exception. However, the arrival of instant food may come with a health cost. I'm not just talking the possibility of junk food here, with its high salt or sugar content, nasty trans-fats and little nutrition value, but another factor to consider is food preparation. 

The microwave

The microwave may well be something of a convenience, but preparing food in this way will have a number of issues. These issues have cropped up over the roughly 40 years since the introduction of the microwave oven into the household.

1. The microwave oven heats the food by cooking the water content. The water molecules vibrate very fast and this is why the heating process happens very quickly. However, this causes the molecular structure of the food to alter; the vitamins, enzymes and proteins.., which reduces the nutrition value: Studies have shown that the antioxidant value of veggie foods becomes greatly reduced. 

2. Uneven heating from the microwave has caused burns. For instance warnings have had to be given to mothers not to use the microwave when using baby bottles. The uneven content has caused scolding in children. 

3. The plastic containers/lids, covers or wrappers used have leached out carcinogenic (cancer-causing) chemical toxins into the food during heating. As found by research these chemicals include: Bisphenol A, xylene, benzene, toluene and polyethylene terpthalate. 

4. The food basically becomes irradiated. I would not recommend food from any irradiation process, like those from manufacturing processes. The food becomes toxic and has the nutrition value compromised.

5. According to the watchdog not for profit company 'Powerwatch', contrary to FDA reports, a significant amount of radiation leaks out from the microwave oven during cooking, more than cell phones and base stations. 

6. Studies from Swiss Doctor Hans Hertel on the effects of blood from micro waved food showed that white blood cells (leukocytes) reduced in number suggesting poisoning, while red blood cell count (erythrocytes) also lowered, indicative of anaemia. The studies also showed radiolysis compounds in the blood. However, Hertel tests did not withstand scientific rigour. The study was criticised for having only 8 subjects. More work obviously needs to be done but it does indeed raise some major issues/concerns. 

-To achieve optimum health all this has to be taken into consideration. Indeed the best thing of course would be to stop using the microwave oven and seek a healthier alternative heat source.


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