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My 9 Questions Challenging the Existence of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) and GM Crops

Ever since GMO began I have been wary about the whole idea of modifying the genetic structure of organisms. This is where the DNA of organisms has been altered through genetic engineering as an attempt to produce certain characteristics advantageous. For example, it has been said that seeds may be genetically modified to grow and produce crops having greater resistance to adverse weather conditions.

The bio-tech corporations involved in GMO keep telling us that it's safe and has many advantages like the above example, and gives higher output than its non-GMO counterparts. However, many people think that overall this is not the case, that there is a deception going on here: It has been said that greed, self-interest and political motivation hide behind the effrontery. GMO has also been considered by many to be a dangerous technology and could have far-reaching implications as a consequence of tampering with the genes of living organisms. 

So, in light of the above, here are my questions to challenge the existence of GMO and GM crops with its related technology. 

1. Why alter the genetic makeup of our food when it fits our dietary requirements just perfectly the way it already is and indeed has done so since time immemorial?

2. Where is the peer-reviewed data to show that GMO is absolutely safe?

3. How can GMO be tested for safety when the genetic altering of organisms like, for example, crops can produce so many unforeseeable outcomes? 

4. How, for that matter, can it be said that GMO is safe when there exists tons of data as evidence to the contrary?

5. Since GMO has been legally allowed to go on unhindered, what about the exploitation of farmers which happens when GMO corporations sell them their patented genetically modified seeds which produce only one generation (non-fertile offspring), forcing continuous resale for the next batch of seeds..? 

6. Why do food corporations hide GMO from consumers by not labelling products of this kind?

7. When certain individuals go on approval boards such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and accept questionable GM foods, then later go on to become directors of those corporations involved in the manufacture of the GM foods they had approved, doesn't this show conflict of interest?

8. Hasn't overwhelming public outcry over GMO been caused by people seeing right through the whole GMO deception thing? 

9.Isn't GMO a very dangerous practice and any attempts to have ownership over what naturally belongs to Mother Nature and is free could not only have exploitive but also very disastrous implications? 

There are indeed other questions you may have though of, but I'll leave it there, at least for now.