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Medical Fascism Dealing With The Establishment’s Destructive Health Regime

For some years now I’ve been a staunch supporter/campaigner for all things natural health based. I’ve been saying that ultimately “Your health is in your hands.”  Health and longevity depends on paying heed to 4 vital factors. They are 1. The food you eat, 2. Your outlook on life, 3. Getting enough exercise and 4. Dealing with environmental toxicity...

These 4 vital factors that support good health have been verified over and over with battle-ship sinking sized evidence to show their effectiveness. However, more so now than ever, for the health of you, your family and friends it is extremely necessary to also look further afield.

-There are a growing number of factors tied to politics and the corporatism agenda that have become a growing threat, counterproductive to health. Let me explain with some examples.

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Preventing natural cancer cures

Medical tyranny continues in the way of suppressing of cancer cures.

Take for instance the recent case of Adam Koessler in Cairns, Eastern Australia. As a loving father he took it upon himself to treat his 2 year-old daughter dying of cancer with cannabis oil. This alternative naturopathic treatment has been well-documented to show its effectiveness. However, Koessler was arrested on account of having administered this treatment to his dying daughter for her neuroblastoma a tumour affecting nerve cells.

Because of his arrest for the treatment through bail conditions he couldn’t see his daughter. However, having got hold of the news, what then followed was worldwide public outrage, Facebook campaigning... After hospital treatment and the tumour had shrunk Koessler was allowed to see his daughter.

In spite of the child’s condition greatly improving and a 60,000 plus signature partition saying that the charges should be dropped against the father because he chose lovingly to do something about his daughter’s serious illness, the police authorities still want to press charges on account of giving an illegal substance to an under 16 year-old. The case continues...

Like other life-saving alternative health treatment the fact that cannabis has tumour-shrinking abilities is not the issue. What the authorities have against anyone using effective naturopathic treatment like this is that it has not been recognised as a medical practice. Some would say that the medical establishment don’t want to allow recognition for cheap, non-invasive, natural alternative treatments that cure... since their business would then be seriously undercut.

There have been many cases where alternative practitioners have stood trial for their practice because it has not been recognised by the establishment even though they had saved many lives! Examples of these brilliant humanitarian practitioners include: Stanislaw Burzynski, Max Gerson, Royal Rife and Harry Hoxey... to name but a few.

Medical fascism continues to rear its ugly head

Recently there was an article in the mainstream media ‘USA Today’ saying in so many words that “Parents who refuse vaccinations for their children should be imprisoned...”

This article played down the reasons why the parents would object: That vaccines have been known to cause irreversible damage to children’s health or have even killed.., no mention of the fact that the pharmaceutical companies have been made exempt from prosecution from vaccine damage. Nothing was said about the toxic contents of vaccines and the whistleblowers who have confessed to their ineffectiveness with fraudulent and bad science... Not to mention what will happen to the children if their parents were imprisoned.

-Has it come to this? That the age of reason has gone and in ushers a new age whereby if the authorities can’t get blind agreement and compliance through propaganda then enforcement takes over, demanding obedience? As usual, the ulterior motives, power, profit and political gain would be at work here.  

In conclusion

To what extent will medical fascism rear its ugly head? Will there be more of an already increasing number of arrests for people merely doing the decent thing for the health of them and others? Above all, the biggest threat to health is ignorance and apathy. We need to educate ourselves and others on health matters and recognise the political, financial ulterior motives then take the necessary action.