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How the Medical/Pharmaceutical Establishment Sets Out to Deceive You Part 2

-In part one it showed how the powerful medical/pharmaceutical establishment controlled orthodox medicine, showing how profits were chosen above the welfare concern of people and how cheaper alternative cures has not been allowed to see the true light of day because they have been seen as a threat to their business.

All routed in deep underlying principle, there are basically 4 vital factors necessary for health, both in terms of prevention and cure.

Dietary Habits and Exercise

Doctors have had very little training on nutrition. They receive only a matter of hours on the subject in their whole 5 years at medical school. When they graduate and embark on a career, just like academia, they can become so specialized and focussed on the proprietary symptoms set out, they devote very little or no time at all to the root-cause of illness. This compartmentalization with its protocols laid down really suits the medical/pharmaceutical establishment. After all, they wouldn’t want to even think about looking at incentives for a cure when treating symptoms brings them highly viable market shares from drug sales.

Between medical training and receiving the waves of authoritative orders sent down from the top of the hierarchical tree of the pharmaceutical establishment, with its subsequent peer pressure all round, we can understand the mindset of the health industry workers and why they are so bent on symptoms. If you don’t believe me, try talking tom some regarding the subject of cures and see how non-responsive they can become!

The underlying root-cause of disease can be seen from this perspective:

Because of a change in the body’s normal metabolism due to POOR DIET and usually the accompanying lack of exercise, illness shows up as a consequence. The metabolic processes go into a ‘makeshift’ response, caused by a change in the normal supply of the necessary nutrient materials needed from diet.

The effective solution is to therefore undergo a change in dietary habits. To this end, for those who are suffering, a dedicated, systematic and selective approach is needed.

For those considered to be well, eating the right food (avoiding junk food, GMO'and exercise is the preventative way to staying healthy.

Maintaining a State Of Well Being

Here’s an equation you may well want to consider:

No Stress = No Illness

The way you handle stress has a great affect on your immune system, the body’s natural defence against disease. For example, maintaining a healthy immune system is the best form of protection against cancer. Avoid constant and repetitive anger. This can lead to high blood pressure and poor digestion.

In addition to the above, as you know many people devote themselves daily to checking out their physical appearance in the mirror to see if they look good. If they spent half the time looking at their emotions they would have transformation of the quality of their lives! How come?

Life shows up as a consequence of your feelings, though patterns, emotions: i.e. your way of being. A clue to the truth of this lies in the Descartes statement:  ‘I think therefore I am.’   So any negative emotions: anger, fear, guilt, regret… will affect the outcome of your life and could help develop an illness.

Be present to your negative emotions and handle them. Think happy, sing a lot, love a lot!

Environmental Factors

If you are unaware, then educate yourself on the growing effects of things that make up the environment and are potentially health threatening:  Pollution; toxic chemicals; vaccines, fluoride dumping in water; electromagnetic pollution; food additives; medicines; x-rays; radiation bio-warfare… and learn to avoid them.