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How the History of Vaccines is Routed in Fraud  Part-2

In Part -1, it showed that:

-Edward Jenner had bogus credentials. For example, it was revealed that he had never passed an exam in his life and was given a range of credentials by the establishment of the time, suggesting that this was done to make him look like a plausible proponent as a cover up to a much flawed vaccine theory.

Jenner's claim, that he used cow pox as a vaccine to cure James Phipps was hotly disputed by his medical contemporaries at the time and such a cure has never been used or proven to this day. 

Important documentation in 1820 by John Baron reveals that his friend Edward Jenner did not find a cure for smallpox, as Jenner confided in Baron.

-Using both humans and animals as subjects, he never performed a successful experiment to show the effectiveness of vaccines. 

-Contrary to his beliefs that a vaccine would be effective, the results of the vaccinations caused more harm than good. In spite of the go-ahead given by the medical establishment, many deaths by the methods of different vaccinations occurred. 

-Protests from the anti-vaccination movement voiced their opinions. This movement included doctors. All this is documented but has been covered-up to this day

Lavish fortune

In spite of all the protest, the evidence against vaccination, the real reason for its continuation could be found within the very top of the medical / political establishment hierarchical tree.

Even though Jenner floundered, failing to complete his experiments on the young boys, he still zealously carried on with his work. To help him and encourage his erroneous ways, the political power players of the UK government gave him the huge sum of 10,000 pounds in 1802 (estimated to be around 300,000 today). 

So, in answer to my question earlier: how did Jenner manage to pull the wool over the eyes of so many doctors, surgeons and politicians of the day? In my opinion, contrary to what some alternative writers put down, I'd say, he definitely didn't. I believe that it was the other way round. That the power players at the top of the hierarchical tree somehow knew his ideas were based on quackery and would fail: Jenner, deluded by money, praise and attention thus carried on. The protests from doctors with their sound science, proving that the vaccinations caused more harm than good fell on deaf ears and were even suppressed because the powers that be saw it as an opportunity; a business enterprise with huge profits. -And that is what it turned out to be. Choosing moneymaking enterprises over the welfare concern of people still goes on today with the medical / pharmaceutical establishment.

The generous government grants kept a comin' Jenner's way. He had received 30,000 pounds in total. John Born in his biography recalls how Jenner thought that he had been divinely chosen to relieve the world of one of the world's greatest calamities; smallpox. However, when Jenner died in 1823, he had not presented one scrap of scientific evidence to prove the efficacy of his vaccine. 

Vaccinations,when do I get mmr vaccinations,flu vaccination,Edward Jenner Source: The Role of Medicine Prof T. McKeown Oxford Univ Press 1976



The arm of the law

By 1870, the authorities made vaccinations compulsory. Besides the UK, most European countries were under threat of fines and imprisonment if any other practice was used in spite of the evidence that the vaccine did more harm than good (see above graph).








Enough is enough

The people of Leicester and Dewsbury turned down vaccination on account of the overwhelming evidence that showed it was greatly contributing to a number of deaths. During 1871-1872 the death toll was higher than less-vaccinated Londoners. The years following the rejection of vaccination in Leicester showed a massive drop in the numbers who died.

When the inhabitants of Leicester and Dewsbury said no to the pus and other detritus injected into their bloodstream through vaccinations, the news of this soon spread to others areas, knowing that this refusal produced less deaths. Consequently, there was a mass-rejection of vaccinations throughout the UK. Not surprisingly the medical establishment blurted out dire warnings to a defiant public. This fear-mongering tactic and using the press to threaten people with death and destruction if they do not comply with vaccinations still goes on today. Think of the money at stake here for the establishment…

However, the public had unanimously decided enough is enough and in spite of the establishment's threats, the realisation of the drop in the death toll kept them in defiance. In this era, there was more than a fair share of doctors who had entrusted the smallpox vaccine as a matter of course, but later found it to be not only ineffective but also likely to do more harm than good. 

As for example, Dr W.J Collins found after some thousands of vaccinations. He gave up this practice and with it a generous income of over £2,500 per annum.

The quote mentions a brilliant doctor of the time called Charles Creighton. In1888, he was asked by Encyclopaedia Britannica to write a shot piece on the merits of vaccination. Having looked into it, he did contribute but wrote nothing in its favour. He could not find any benefits from vaccination. To him it was obvious that this practice did more harm than good. The article was omitted. Instead EB came up with a fabricated full thumbs-up description of vaccines. 

-This is not the only time when a major publication such as Encyclopaedia Britannica disregards the truth.

The disturbing thing about the above is that this has never been explained or come to light in academia or the mainstream media. It is important to realise that the decline in the number of deaths from small pox between 1840 and1920 was NOT because of vaccinations, but due to better sanitary conditions throughout UK towns:

The most major contributor to disease was unsanitary conditions, particularly in overcrowded areas like cities where it ran rife. The medical establishment paid very little attention to this. Even as they developed a better understanding of the nature of disease and infection over the years gone by, they didn't want people to find out about the sanitation solution: If the people at large had found out, then there wouldn't have been big profits made on vaccinations; no bonuses for administering them…Get the picture?


Sanitation, cleanliness and good clean water…


In the modern western industrialised world we take so many things for granted. For example, good practical public health measures in dealing effectively with overcrowded cites is no exception. But in the history of mankind, the idea of sanitation, cleanliness and good clean drinking water has only been implemented in relatively recent times. 

Amongst the squalor and over crowdedness in London, some thirty or so families would share a toilet, where a cesspool would spill out its filthy content into the streets. Holgarth, a famous painter of the era, made a picture showing someone unconcernedly tipping out a po of human faeces from their house and on to the street! Other instances of foul and putrid urban matter included: rubbish heaps, decaying animal detritus from slaughterhouses, overflowing graveyards, horses dung… To make matters worse, water was drunk from wells, pipes, cisterns or tubs…all from the sewage-polluted Thames.

In those days, many were ignorant of the connection between grime and disease. The authorities did not make any real effort to do anything about it until around the 1830's when an outbreak of cholera occurred, taking the lives of about 31,000 people in the UK, 5,000 in London. From here on things slowly got better, even if it did take a panic to get the authorities to finally get something underway. From here on, through trial and error, control of sanitation got better and its effectiveness was reflected in the decline in the mortality rates over the years.

The same in principle occurred for other westernised industrialised cities such as New York and Chicago.


As we have seen earlier, the evidence indicates that smallpox mortality had dropped steadily over the years due an improvement in sanitation, cleanliness and good clean water. 


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