Euthanasia Depopulation Control and GMO Stop This Insanity!

-By Paul A Philips

An article by the UK’s Daily Mail provoked much response even outrage when it was reported that new NHS (National Health Service) guidelines encouraged doctors and nurses to consider with patients over 75 years if they would agree to a ‘do  not resuscitate’ order if there is long-term health deterioration. The same principle would apply to younger patients with serious illnesses such as cancer.

Is this in effect 'the thin end of the wedge of assisted suicide?' It has been criticized as being blatantly wrong and could well frighten the elderly...getting the idea that they have been ‘written off.’

Attempts to make these guidelines official were made by the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP) through discriminating patients with ’do not resuscitate’ orders. However, these guidelines were scrapped after it was found out that the patients had been deprived of food and water...

-What could be gleaned from this? 

Euthanasia, depopulation, population control, GMO, GM, new world order, Georgia Guidestones The Georgia Guidestones

We have to keep an eye on things like this, stop it from spreading, knowing that the ruling elite want a population reduction.  After all, according to them in their own denigrating disrespectful way the elderly or the chronically infirm are just ‘useless eaters’ who no longer produce for the corporatocracy...  

If anyone has any doubts that the world’s ruling elite want a population reduction then take a look at the Georgia Guidestones. Within the stones’ inscriptions there are ‘commandments’ to keep the world’s population down to below 500,000 while calling for a new world order...

Male reproductive health decline by lowered sperm count

Besides the possibility of slowly introducing euthanasia the ruling elite have been involved in a number of covert ways to reduce the world’s population.

Over recent years there has been a decline in male reproductive health. It has been said that sperm counts have been targeted as a means of population reduction.


For instance, it has been said that the biotech corporations that had developed the epicyte gene for sterility have gone on to put it in GMO corn.


The epicyte gene works on the principle that it regulates unusual antibodies that attack the sperm, causing sterility. The idea of manufacturing food that causes sterility for population reduction has been hotly contested... 


Not only with humans and animals but also from the broader perspective biotech corporations want to take over the planet with ownership of GMO’s in the form of trees, grass and flowers... This effectively not only modifies life but also alters our reality to suit the ruling elite’s agenda.

Along the way GMO contains toxic genes and are the biggest threat to life.


The bees are responsible for pollinating around a third of our food supply but they’re dying off in the masses. Last winter it was reported that a quarter of the honey bee population died due to a lack of sustainability. The culprits are said to be GMO related pesticides.


Other threats to life include toxicity in soil, water, air and skies through geo-engineering... radiation, heavy metal poisoning, low frequency electromagnetic fields, bio-warfare... how could you get involved to stop this slow-motion death and decay insanity?


How could you get involved before it’s too late?


-For further information see this eye opening video