"CANCER RESEARCH" Is That the World's Greatest "OXYMORON"???

Peekay Truth

The greatest evil imposed on humanity in modern times, is the suppression of cancer cures. We are living in a false reality and made to believe there is a concerted effort to find cures for cancer. Nothing can be further from the truth. Cancer is a huge money making industry. Not only does it make money but it is also a part of their depopulation agenda. In simple terms...HEALTHY PEOPLE DON'T MAKE MONEY FOR THE GLOBAL ELITE.

Yes it is all about Big Pharma where the agenda is to make people sick and keep them in that state by only easing the pain without eradicating the problem. CANCER RESEARCH is an Oxymoron like no other. There is no research apart from Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation which is what they have used on cancer patients for so long now.

How can this be research when they only research the exact same thing for last 100 years? Why don't they research natural remedies? Why do they make CANNABIS illegal when we know it has huge benefits in curing cancers? Where does all the money go that generous people donate daily to cure this disease? Why don't governments spend half their budget to find a cure instead of spending it on Defence?

 Why isn't humanity told about Cancer Prevention before they even contract Cancer? As ABBA would sing...MONEY MONEY MONEY IT MUST BE MONEY IN A RICH MANS WORLD.