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Featured Health Article –By Paul A Philips

Cancer and Cancer Cures, What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You Part-2


To recap, part 1 talked about cancer as a symptom or manifestation of an underlying root cause which is a failing immune system. Treat the symptom only and leave the underlying root cause then the cancer will return. Therefore it is necessary to treat both symptom and underlying root cause to properly eradicate the cancer. 

The above principle is never properly addressed because money and politics rule: The medical/pharmaceutical establishment don’t want to deal with the root cause of cancer because that would mean no more business coming their way from someone cured, so instead, only the symptoms are dealt with, which means the patient will forever return again with cancer and money continued to be made...


Many doctors won’t tell you this. They are not aware that there have been many cheap, natural and non-toxic, non-invasive alternative therapies available for years, all quite capable of curing and with no side effects. These alternative therapies with their brilliant pioneers have been ignored, suppressed and even ridiculed by the medical/pharmaceutical establishment and their paid-off patsies the mainstream media. The government also making huge revenues from the cancer cash cow don’t want you to know either about these cheap, natural and non-toxic therapies. Think of the money losses in revenue these people would suffer if this were ever found out en masse.  


To the cancer patient


It’s time for you to get pretty darn self-centred to make some vital decisions: Instead of being oh so compliant and accepting the medical/pharmaceutical establishment’s largely ineffective treatment, that unholy trinity of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery (see part-1), why not do your research and look into these cheap, natural and non-toxic therapies to judge for yourself what course of action to take? Don’t allow yourself to be bullied into doing things you don’t want to do, especially from cash hungry orthodox medical sale reps of sorts who may know very little about alternative healing and its effectiveness. Remember, the destiny of your health is ultimately in your hands.


To help, here’s a very brief overview of those alternative therapies and why they are effective in dealing with the root cause. The first thing to get, and I’ve been drumming on about this for years, that ALL disease, and cancer is no exception, is the result of a failing immune system due to 4 long-term factors:


1. Poor diet

2. Stress

3. Lack of exercise

4. Environmental toxins


Understand this, and then you will see how the following possible cures are related by turning the above 4 factors around. Immune system building and allowing the body’s healing powers to kick in is the way it works. 


1.  Good diet


It’s been said that nothing is more important than your diet. Take it from the point of view that you have around 75 trillion cells in your body. All these cells need to be maintained, repaired and eventually replaced. For example, your liver, the organ with the most functions, will be completely replaced every 6 weeks. Where do you think it gets the materials for this replacement? The answer is from food. So, you can see that it’s vital for health to get a good supply of food for that continuity; maintenance, repair and replacement... Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it?


Gerson Therapy


Therefore, many effective natural cancer therapies focus on strict, regimental dietary approaches. Gerson Therapy involves supplying the body with high amounts of specific organic natural foods basically for detoxification and immune system building.


Dr Tim O’Shea


The 60 day programme focuses on vitamins and enzymes amongst other things... See Dr O’Shea’s excellent website to get access.


Alkalise the Body


Certain foods when eaten and absorbed into the body produce an alkali ash residue. You can contact me or find out for yourself what these alkali foods are. The point is that cancer cells cannot exist for long when in an alkali environment. Foods producing an acid environment such as those made from junk foods for example, promote cancer cell growth.


Dr Tullio Simoncini and ‘Cancer is a Fungus’


Again this uses the principle based on alkalizing the body. The therapy involves using controlled, monitored injections of sodium bicarbonate and stopping the cancer growing as a fungus. Like other therapies here, don’t be fooled by attempts to debunk these claims without looking into it. You may well find holes in the plot from these so-called debunkers; sometimes with holes big enough to drive double-decker buses in and out of because they could be attempts by agents for the medical/pharmaceutical establishment to try and put you off... The same applies with other natural therapies.


Laetrile Therapy


As discovered by Ernie Krebs Jr. through studying the cancer free Hunsas tribe at the foothills of the Himalayans diets rich in vitamin B17 is an excellent anti-cancer diet. Laetrile, refined vitamin B17 has been used successfully in cancer therapy. It works by destroying an enzyme called beta glycosidase involved in cancer’s metabolic pathways.


Vitamin C


Take plenty of it. Linus Pauling came up with the breakthrough finding that vitamin C is capable of preventing cancer cells from metastasising (cancer cell migration/spreading). Vitamin C does this by destroying the cancer cells migratory pathways. Vitamin C is also an excellent immune system builder.




An absolute essential so don’t underestimate, take around at least 2 litres a day


2.  Stress Handling


Disconnect from ALL forms of enturbulation: Negative people with their negative vibes even if they’re family. If needed to, focus on anger management, this could have been a major contributor to your cancer. Stop watching meaningless negative media stories... do something pleasant that will help heal. If you’re not already in these surroundings go somewhere close to nature, don’t underestimate this. Practice meditation for at least 15 minutes a day.


3. Exercise


Do some activity you find appropriate. This helps encourage the circulatory system. Getting fresh air into your body (through puffing and panting?) helps oxygenate your body’s cells and oxygen is something cancer cells don’t like: Why do you never hear of heart cancer? It’s because the heart contains too much oxygen (oxygenated blood) for cancer to set in. –Yet another ignored gem from the medical/pharmaceutical establishment...


4.  Avoid Environmental Toxins


Chemical, radiation, and electromagnetic pollution can both contribute to cancer. For more on this go to "Is The Great Environmental Health Threat Affecting You?"


In Summary


A major bullet point to all this is that the immune system should be well supported and not suppressed. To me, this is the most logical approach. I hope I have encouraged the reader to look more into the natural health approach and how it can be used for healing. After all, if you are suffering from cancer you owe it to yourself don’t you?