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Cancer Cures: Is The Medical Establishment Still Failing To Get Results?


I remember watching the excellent TV series ‘Breaking Bad’ set in Albuquerque, New Mexico about chemistry teacher Walter White, brilliantly played by Bryn Cranston, who decides to embark on a life of crime involving methamphetamine drug making with an old student of his, leading to a shadowy underworld, involving criminal connections, to which both he and his partner become extremely proficient in... 


The raison d'être? 

Walter was diagnosed with stage III cancer. Having been told that he has just 2 years left to live before the fatal disease finally gets him, he pursues this life of immorality because he wants to make lots of money as security for his wife and teenage cerebral palsy suffering son.  


My point too all this?

 Isn’t the doctor’s fatal diagnosis given to Walter an admission on behalf of the medical establishment a failure to come up with a cancer cure in spite of having spent billions on research over many years?


Let’s examine the facts

The first thing to get is the fact that cancer was virtually unknown in the USA during the turn of the 1900’s. By the 1950’s cancer was roughly 150 cases per 100,000 population. By the early 1970’s cancer deaths had risen to 163 per 100,000 population, which, after much concern, made then US President Richard Nixon declare a ‘war on cancer.’ 


Consequentially, tons of government backed funding got poured into cancer research which escalated over the years. In spite of the billions poured in the result is not only a failure to find a cure but also the cancer deaths figures have increased over the years:


The following is taken from ‘Vital Statistics of the US Volume II 1967 – 1992’ showing the number of cancer deaths per 100,000 population in the US.


1967 – 157.2

1970 – 162.9

1982 – 187.3

1987 – 198.2

1988 – 198.4

1989 – 201.9

1990 – 203.2

1991 – 204.1

1992 – 204.1


Then, moving to 1997 the number of cancer deaths per 100,000 rose to 220. A further rise was recorded in the year 2000 to 321 (CA Journal for Cancer Clinicians Jan 1997 & OECD Health Data 2010).


I bet you haven’t seen these figures in mainstream media. That’s because certain individuals don’t want you to know this: Since Nixon’s war on cancer the equation is simple:


More cancer research = More cancer!


Today’s most recent figures show that the cancer death rate has slightly decreased by about 1.5%. Some cancers such as liver and pancreatic cancer have increased, but there have been more cancer incidences. That means more people are getting cancer but living longer.


The 1.5% decrease claim has been questioned by some saying that the decrease could be explained by changing the way the death rate is interpreted and doesn’t stand the test of scrutiny... Also, it has been said that one (besides others) explanation for the decline is due to the reduction in young people smoking.  

Either way the cancer establishment have failed to look at some major factors that could reduce cancer and in my opinion will never produce significant breakthroughs to lower death and incidents rates if continually ignored.


I’ve documented these 4 major factors in other articles and they are: Nutrition, outlook on life (the mind, body and spirit connection), exercise and avoidance of toxins, all of which can not only be used for cancer prevention but also in therapies to eradicate the disease...


The saddest thing is that the above 4 factors do not constitute a multibillion dollar industry and I doubt if their effectiveness will ever be seriously considered by the medical establishment’s money making model. So, given this, doctors, active for and on behalf of the establishment will not take this route with you and give sound advice related to these vita life-saving factors.


That means, if you are suffering from cancer you’re on your own. You have to do your own research make decisions that may have to go against peer pressure and the establishment’s bullying tactics... Some people have. I’ve seen and met a few that have successfully cured themselves of cancer, but be very cautious, judge what’s appropriate for you and remember your health and well-being is ultimately up to you.