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Fraud, Exploitation And Collusion: America’s Pharmaceutical Industry

-by Charles Hugh Smith

The rot within manifested by the pharmaceutical industry almost defies description.

The theme this week is The Rot Within.

America’s Pharmaceutical industry takes pride of place in this week’s theme of The Rot Within, as the industry has raised fraud, exploitation and collusion to systemic perfection.

What other industry can routinely kill hundreds of thousands of Americans and suffer no blowback? Only recently has the toll of needless deaths from the opioid pandemic finally roused a comatose corporate media and bought-and-paid-for, see-no-evil Congress to wonder if maybe there should be some limits placed on Big Pharma and its drug distributors... see more

BOMBSHELL: Flu shots scientifically proven to weaken immune response in subsequent years… researchers stunned

-by Mike Adams

A medical study conducted at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center found that women who received flu vaccines had a weakened immune system response in subsequent years.

Lisa Christian, PhD, the lead researcher on the study, concluded, “Growing evidence shows that those who received a flu shot in the prior year have lower antibody responses in the current year.”

The study proves yet again that the official narrative of the flu shot industry — and its complicit corporate-run media — is false and deliberately deceptive...

-See more (video) 

Living water hydrates cells for your BEST health

-by Seth Leaf Pruzansky

We know we need to drink plenty of water each day to hydrate ourselves. Our bodies, when we’re born, are about 90% water, and as adults, they are closer to 70%. When we die, that amount has dipped to 50% or even lower. Chronic low-level dehydration is a keystone of degenerative disease, in contrast with vibrant, healthful, hydrated bodies.

Hydrated, plump cells and plenty in fluids in the body help cells to communicate better with each other, remove waste, produce energy, and heal themselves.

Why water is so valuable to human health... see more

Music is Good for You: How Music Benefits the Brain

-by Deane Alban

Music has played  an important part of every human culture, both past and present. (1) People around the world experience universal responses to music. (2) We’re all familiar with  how  certain pieces of music can change  your mood, get you motivated, or help you  concentrate. And now, advances in neuroscience enable researchers to quantitatively measure  how music affects the brain.

Their  discoveries are exciting — and good news for music lovers.

Music is a fantastic brain exercisethat activates  every known part of the brain. (3) Music can make you smarter, happier and more productive  at all stages of life. Let’s take a closer look at some of the latest findings on the many  ways both playing and listening to music  can enhance your  brain… see more

How to Help Heal Mental Health Disorders with Nutrition

-by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Can you use specific nutrients to improve your mental health? Yes, you can. William Walsh, Ph.D., president of the nonprofit Walsh Research Institute in Naperville, Illinois, and author of “Nutrient Power: Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain“, specializes in nutrient-based psychiatry and nutritional medicine… see more

Why the “healthy” life expectancy of Millennials is collapsing: Lack of exercise, horrible diets and bad posture

-by Tracey Watson

The latest research indicates that millennials – those born between the early 1980s and the first years of this century – are likely to enjoy greater longevity than any generation before them. While this sounds wonderful, the reality is that many of this generation may end up wishing they hadn’t been blessed with such long lives. The U.K.’s Daily Mail is reporting that while millennial women are expected to live to 83 and men to 79, as much as two decades of their lives could be spent suffering from debilitating health conditions.

Sadly, this generation’s incredibly unhealthy lifestyles are likely to mean that medication will allow them to drag their lifespans out, but not in a meaningful, healthy way… see more

Release negative emotions with energy medicine

-by Jonathan Landsman

The pain of unrequited love, the grief of losing a loved one, even the sting of a particularly heartless or thoughtless comment – few people are exempt from the pain of these emotional traumas. But when negative emotions become encapsulated, or “trapped,” they can interfere with the body’s energy flow, causing both physical and psychic pain and even giving rise to disease…

-See more:

Marijuana Use as a Cancer Treatment Growing: Up To One Quarter of Patients Using It

-by Tracey Watson

Over half of all U.S. states have now passed legislation allowing for the medicinal use of marijuana. The New York Times recently reported that over 200 million Americans live in states where the medicinal use of marijuana is now legal. This has opened up many new areas of treatment, and patients suffering the debilitating side effects of conventional cancer treatments are making increasing use of marijuana to help them cope... see more

Meditation & The Psychedelic Drug Ayahuasca Appear To Change The Brain In Similar Ways

-by Alexa Ericksonapril

Ailments — physical, emotional, mental, spiritual — are often cured in the modern day world with outside help. Big Pharma’s stranglehold on our health, along with the restrictions on field experts, can hinder us, as individuals, from seeking within to heal from the inside out.

That is not to say that some modern medical practices and experts do not have a place in this world, but our world has nevertheless created a dangerous disconnect between self and health.

Mind-altering substances, such as ayahuasca, have long been thought to help people re-connect with themselves… see more

Here’s Why over 35 Countries Have Banned Genetically Modified Crops from Their Country

-by Arjun Walia

The global resistance against Genetically Modified Crops is growing at an exponential rate. A few years ago, you were almost ridiculed for suggesting that GM foods could be a problem, and now scientists and researchers are presenting information that has 19 new countries joining an already long list of nations to completely ban, or have severe restrictions on, GMOs — as well as the pesticides that go with them.

For those of you who do not know, GMO crops have had their DNA artificially altered, which is a process that would not happen in nature. This is done by introducing genes from a completely different species in order to boost the plant’s resistance to pests or herbicides, or create some other desired effect… see more