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More than 9 million older Americans suffer from adverse drug reactions EACH YEAR; why are we not being told of the dangers of pharmaceuticals?

-by Edsel Cook

If you are one of the millions of older Americans who suffer severe reactions to the medication they are taking, you might be wondering by now what your healthcare provider isn’t telling you. An article in Natural Health 365 states that so-called medical professionals are either unaware of the risks of the drugs they recommend or are deliberately keeping those risks hidden... see more

What we eat directly translates to how vulnerable we are to disease: Here’s why 1 in every 100 people now suffer from celiac disease

-by RJ Jhonson

There was a time when celiac disease (CD) was known as a rare condition that almost exclusively afflicted individuals of European descent. Today, one out of 100 persons around the world is thought to have the disease. To understand how a supposedly uncommon genetic disorder now afflicts such a considerable percentage of humanity, it’s time to cut to the chase and examine the very factor that triggers its symptoms – wheat...

-See more

Reduce your risk of heart disease by loading up on bananas and avocados

-by Frances Bloomfield

When it comes to heart health, a person’s diet plays a crucial role. Eating a good amount of heart-healthy foods like tuna, nuts, berries, and oatmeal is known to keep the heart in tip-top shape. But there are two other foods that also do a good job of protecting the heart: bananas and avocados... see more

Scientists WARN: Genetic editing of humans with “CRISPR” technology may lead to generation of cancer sufferers

-by Vicki Batts

CRISPR-Cas9 is a budding technology, with proponents singing its praises for the last few years. But it turns out this “promising” advancement comes with some unintended side effects – like the potential to cause cancer in a whole generation of humans (if not more). It appears the more we learn about CRISPR, the darker and more dangerous it seems to get... see more 

Undermining a self-sustaining system: A look at the reasons why modern medicine will NEVER be okay with natural health

-by Tracey Watson

Every single one of us is involved in a war that we probably know nothing about. There are villains and heroes on both sides of the battle, and the battleground is littered with landmines that have to be navigated every single day. What is this war? The epic battle between conventional medicine and natural health... see more

10 Unneeded Healthcare Treatments

-by Dave Mihalovic

Doctors are often criticized for prescribing unneeded tests and procedures that harm more than they help and add to medical costs that could otherwise be avoided. Diagnostic tests are better than ever but they pick up conditions that might be perfectly harmless, forcing us to rethink when things are best left alone… see more

California is now a place where you MUST agree to vaccine injections, but you’re not allowed to take a long shower in your own home

-by Jayson Veley

To put it bluntly, California is one messed up state. It has been the victim of liberal policies, and corrupt, far-left politicians for decades now, and as a result, it is teetering on the brink of collapse. Freedom does not truly exist in California. Virtually everything is under the control of the government, from small ponds and streams flowing through citizens’ backyards, to medical treatment and vaccinations. But while living in California requires you to agree to vaccine injections... see more

Avoiding dementia: Brain health strategies that really work

-by Jonathan Landsman

As the United States population grays and baby boomers age, a full-fledged global dementia epidemic appears to be looming on the horizon. In fact, the current statistics are quite alarmingdementia (right now) affects 44 million people worldwide, and experts say this number will swell to a shocking 135 million sufferers by 2050… see more


The Name Monsanto Is Gone – Bayer Will Drop Name From New Mega Corporation

-by Heather Callaghan


Monsanto: Your name is erased but your history still haunts the world today.

Called the “merger from hell,” the newly approved mega-merger of Bayer and Monsanto is sending waves of dread through the health conscious community. Turns out, it’s causing Bayer a little dread, too. Apparently, the protests against Monsanto from environmentalists, consumers and farmers put a giant dent in the reputation that Bayer must now carry around... see more

Those who read nutrition labels eat healthier, new research finds

-by Michelle Simmons

 People who check the nutrition labels are more likely to eat healthier, according to a study led by researchers at the Miguel Hernandez University in Spain.

In the study, the researchers investigated how looking at nutrition labels affected the dietary intakes of over 1,000 university students... see more