The Presidency and Dealing with the Root Cause of What Ails America

-By Paul A Philips

Let’s say someone caused a water overflow through turning the taps full on at your kitchen sink. How would you handle it? Would you treat the symptoms by forever using a mop and bucket to deal with the overflowing water spreading? Or would you permanently fix the problem by going to the root-cause and turn off the taps?

Of course it would be absurd to forever use the mop and bucket but this is an analogy to what’s happening with so many problems facing humanity. The woes of the world will forever return if the focus is only on the symptoms and the root-cause never dealt with.

Symptoms are indicators of a bigger picture.

The US presidency is a classic example. Those who frequent the alternative media know only too well that the US president or candidates for the presidency claiming to stand for change is a lie: Real change will never happen because the president is nothing more than a puppet placed in power to maintain the Status quo  and do the deeds for the real lords and masters the ruling elite with their ongoing freedom-eroding destructive New World Order agenda...

However, the US president as in the case of Obama and what he represents is not the real threat to the country’s citizenry. He is only a symptom: A man as untrustworthy as Obama has been confidently voted into the Whitehouse and allowed to run for president by the US citizenry. This in effect makes the US citizenry the root-cause of the problem and the real humanitarian threat.

Barrack Obama could be held accountable for his follies: destructive agendas, gross lies, deceptions, war crimes, reckless spending of tax payers’ money, allowing gross inequality... etc and be dealt with. However, it would be futile to blame it all on one man. The problems, the root-cause of what really ails America is a far bigger picture and the ailments will forever return if a whole ‘ship of fools’ the American public who voted for Chief Fool Obama blinded by ignorance, arrogance and stupidity... goes by unchecked (sorry to put it like this but it has to be said).

-This political scenario where only the symptoms are dealt with, allowing the problem to persist because the root-cause is never handled can indeed be said about other countries.

Besides politics, it could also be said about so many other subjects contributing to world’s problems: diseases, the mass media deception, the banking scam and the unfairness of fractional reserve lending... etc.

For an uprising the answer is to educate yourself understand how the root-cause can be handled. Then spread the word to others to raise enough interest for taking the appropriate action.