Saturn Occult Symbolism and How It Affects You

Whether it's with Saturn symbolism or others, we see them in cities, churches, the entertainments industry, as corporate logos, artworks... everywhere we're bombarded with these occult symbols.

The statistics are way too high for these few symbols to keep recurring by chance. For example, corporate logos frequently use Saturn symbolism on products that have nothing to do with the occult!

 These symbols have been selected by the ruling elite (EL-ite is the name given to them after 'EL' the ancient Saturn God they worship). The symbols with their secret meaning are the elite's way of displaying their insignia letting you know that they own and control everything and that includes us but according to them we're too ignorant to ever realize what these symbols represent and what goes on... 

Quite fittingly for the elite, Saturn, in many cases, is associated with evil, mankind's restrictions and death. In order to understand how Saturn occult symbolism affects you let's look at the subject of cymatics.

Saturn and Cymatics

Cymatics is the phenomenon of making patterns from sound. Sound played out carries specific informational waves (frequencies) causing the materials it affects to arrange into particular patterns. If the sound wave frequencies are altered then the patterns change accordingly.

A cymatic symbol is used to represent the hexagonal cloud storm at Saturn's North Pole (6-pointed star). This cymatic symbol was made from using the same sound wave radio frequencies as those coming from Saturn. In other words this verifies that the hexagonal cloud storm at Saturn's North Pole is formed by particular sounds coming from the planet.

occult symbols, illuminati, dark cabal, corporate logo, 666, the pentagram, Saturn, new world order Saturn eye storm and the eye of Horus a symbol frequently expressed in the entertainments industry (click on photo)

The same can be said about the 'Eye Storm' at Saturn's South Pole. This pattern is formed from sounds coming from the planet. Then there’s the formation of Saturn's rings formed from other frequencies...

-In short, it's all to do with the effects of sound.

Bearing in mind we are bombarded with these Saturn symbols everywhere: They are cymatic expressions representing those sound wave frequencies coming from Saturn. Thus, the symbols express a particular sound and vice-versa the sound expresses the symbol: Either way we have been conditioned subconsciously into their meaning.

Saturn and negativity

Once into the subconscious the symbols then affect us consciously and the way we behave. Because Saturn and its symbolism is in many cases associated with evil, mankind's restrictions and death, thus, we have unknowingly been made to focus on the negative low-vibration energy related to this.

-It works on the principle that "attention goes where the energy flows" so be careful where you put your energy.

Finding the solution

Do learn to discern these occult symbols so you don't become the affect of them. Educate yourself then let others know what's going on here, how the symbols connect with the elite's dark secret agenda. Maybe you could share this very brief introduction to Saturn symbolism with others. I will be writing more on Saturn symbolism.