Religious and Mythological Texts: Evidence for ET’s/UFO’s?

By Paul A Philips  

Many references to encounters with superior beings can be found in religious and mythological texts.

Could it all just be just a myth, a figment of the ancient imagination when so much of it shows similarities to cultural claims from all over the world?

Here is a brief overview.


Gnostic encounters and the Archons

“They came in 2 distinct types. An aggressive reptilian humanoid and smaller passive creatures resembling a prematurely formed foetus...”

The above is taken from ancient Gnostic texts found hidden in Nag Hammadi Egypt describing encounters with the Archons. Does this make reference to those well-known ET’s (reptilians/greys) in the above pictures? The texts go on to say.

“Archons are psycho-spiritual parasites…that intrude subliminally on the human mind, making us play out our inhumane behaviour to weird and violent extremes.”  

Implications, implications! Could this be an indication that their presence over the years has influenced certain humans particularly those at the top of various hierarchical trees to be the causers of wars and other forms of death and destruction or sick behaviour? Has this ET presence been the nexus of all our problems?

More evidence suggesting the same ET presence can be found from other sources all over the world. For example, there’s

The Serpent Gods in the Americas

The ancient Mayans spoke of the ‘Iguana-men’ who came from the sky and took control over their civilization… The Aztecs referred to the serpent god Quetzalcoatl ("The Feathered Serpent").  In North America the Hopi Indians described a reptilian race called the ‘Snake Brothers.’ In Peruvian culture, South America there had been worship of ‘Plumed Serpents…’

Besides the Americas, throughout the world, the same common motif, the same reptilian humanoid encounter can be found in:

The Archons (Gnostic)

The Chitauri (Zulu)

Demons (Christianity)

Jinn (Islam)

Anunnaki (Sumer)

The Star people (Various)

Dragon Gods (Japan)

The 4 Dragon Kings

The same cultural motif can be found in ancient China with the 4 Dragon Kings (龍王; pinyin: Lóng Wáng) able to change into humans and dragons…

Although this is only a mythology it could be asked where the ideas came.

The Wandjinas or ‘Sky Gods’

According to the Aborigines the Wandjinas (pronounced ‘wannias’) came from far outer space in silver craft and arrived at the Kimberly region of Australia about 5,000 years ago. Described by Aborigines as the creators of the world and all the life on it, they made rock art paintings to depict the Wandjinas (see above and below pictures).

Mere legend or were they for real? 

It’s curious that there’s a snake present in the first image, right? Notice that all images show features similar to the greys with their large heads while possessing very large eyes, a nose but typically lack mouths..?

As already mentioned, could all this be just a myth, a figment of the ancient imagination when so much of it shows similarities to cultural claims from all over the world?

That concludes my brief overview on religious and mythological texts as evidence suggesting the existence of ET’s/UFO’s.

It is a final look into the evidence suggesting the existence of UFO’s/ET’s.

To summarise, the other previous categories of evidence looked at were.

Anomalous Archaeological Finds


Material evidence

Government documents and whistleblowers




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