My 8 Reasons Why There Will Not Be a NWO (New World Order)

-By Paul Phillips

Indeed more than ever before people are waking up to the realization that the world they’ve believed to be true for so long is nothing more than a deception.

Sure, in the quest for truth while finding out about the NWO’s evil machinations people may react by being stunned into silence, outraged, feel betrayed by crooked authority figures such as politicians, or get angry, become dumfounded at people’s ignorance and apathy... feel frustrated or find themselves in resignation over the situation...

On the subject of resignation, those who think that we’re screwed, that nothing can be done to stop the world’s ruling elite achieving absolute totalitarian control, the NWO, here are my 8 reasons why I believe that there will not be a NWO.

1. As more and more awaken people power will eventually defeat the NWO

I could allow myself to get really annoyed by these pathetic people who sit on their couches in resignation and do nothing having knowledge about the NWO agenda. People power well and truly does exist. Through people power anything’s possible.

Look at our history. Look at our humanitarian achievements made by those courageous people who refused to take things lying down, took action and then got justice...

2. The shift in mass consciousness will produce world change

By getting active and sharing your knowledge with others not only does that person you chose to share it with become empowered so do you.  Then that person goes on to share it with someone else who in turn becomes empowered and spreads the word to another... and so on.

These individuals send out ripples of cause and effect into the human morphogenetic causative field resulting in a shift in mass consciousness necessary for change that will take us well away from the gloom and doom experienced in the NWO agenda.  

-In what way could you get active? Maybe you have some area of knowledge that you could share with others that would benefit? How about writing an article or blog? Or how about making a video? Perhaps you could create a discussion group..?

Today, most people carry an application of sorts having audio recording, camera, video or word processing facilities making everyone a potential journalist: If you don’t like what you see or hear then use one or more of those applications to capture it and share with the world at large to raise awareness...

-People in increasing numbers have an insatiable appetite for truth.

3. You can make a difference that will contribute to defeating the NWO

Insignificance is an illusion. Realize that who you really are is not a 5-sense 3-D meat-and-wires human being having a conscious experience. No, it’s the other way around: you are consciousness having a 5-sense meat-and-wires human experience. And it’s from this higher dimensional consciousness that you have access to unlimited power. You have access to infinite knowledge, infinite wisdom and infinite possibility... for making a difference –which brings me to the next reason.

4. There is a bigger picture

Always remember as humans we are restricted by our perceptions of reality and also through conditioning, so that we don’t limit ourselves to narrow views: Dogma imprisons us and kills the possibility of things happening beyond our current viewpoint or range of perception. Openness to possibility is a key factor for allowing planetary transformation to happen.  

Another aspect of the bigger picture is the chance of some hidden ‘factor X’ occurring, some unknown unforeseen event that will bring about a change that would be greatly to our advantage. For example, could a change in cosmic activity activate our junk DNA which would expand our range of perception and allow us to see beyond the theatre of illusion in our newly awakened state..? –Well, who really knows? Above all getting active and involved is the key in raising the necessary vibrations.

 5. There has never been an absolute totalitarian global takeover and there never will be

History has shown us that in spite of all the mite of the world’s ruler dictators such as the Emperors of the Roman Empire, Napoleon, Stalin and Hitler... with all their armies and resources and the apparent sheer hopelessness of the enemy they went on to lose.

There has never been an absolute totalitarian global takeover and I don’t think that there ever will be because as I’ve been saying for some time truth, honesty and integrity are key factors for life workability whether on the individual or group level. What goes round comes round:

Outness of truth, honesty and integrity will manifest as breakdowns in life. This is why I believe that any attempts to take over the world based on lies and deception as in the case of the NWO agenda will collapse on its own weight.

–Just like the movies where you have the goodies always defeating the baddies, this narrative is no coincidence!

6. The agenda will collapse through imbalance

The NWO technocrats continue with their technocracy agenda to socially engineer the populace into becoming the group ‘hive mind,’ with no consideration to individuality. Thus, the whole social engineered structure is sure to collapse through this gross imbalance: For society to work there must be a balance between treating humans both as individuals and groups.  

7. The agenda will collapse through no allowance

In line with the above reason the agenda will collapse because it does not make allowance for creative, free-thinking individuals...    

8. The NWO is doomed to fail anyway

The NWO pathocracy agenda is run by psychopaths...Psychopaths are classed as psychotics, individuals who cannot maintain a normal life. No matter how successful a psychopath becomes he/she will reduce their success to rubble because as I’ve said they can’t function and maintain a normal life and that includes the perpetrator psychopaths of the NWO agenda.

In conclusion

Therefore, the only real question is not will there be a NWO agenda, but how much chaos will these perpetrator psychopaths create before their final downfall? It is up to us all to prepare and protect ourselves from the NWO agenda. 

Above all be an active part of the changes you want to see in the world... The future for us, our children and their children to be is not in the NWO it’s in our hands. It’s in our heads and hearts. It’s in OUR future.