Is the AI ‘Smart Grid’ Control System an Unstoppable Runaway Train?

-by Paul A Philips

If it were up to you, how would you efficiently achieve a world-controlling government, one leader, one central bank, one single global currency..? Wouldn’t it be greatly to your advantage to set up and oversee the advancement of the AI ‘smart grid’ control system in order to achieve this world domination?  

Sure it would, and much to the advantage of those overseeing it, most people with their narrow-centric viewpoint don’t realize that the AI ‘smart grid’ control system is the New World Order. The ‘end game’ controlling matrix, the AI ‘smart grid’ control system has a number of key features:


Acting under the guise of being there for your “safety” and “convenience,” below the surface, it serves to be the ultimate regulatory control system for the New World Order. It is an autonomous system planned to be controlled by robots. Robots are now being granted citizenship rights to justify authority for that control… -Could there ever be a scenario where robots take total control, denying humans access to the system?

Privacy invasion

Without our knowledge and consent privacy invasion, a necessary tool for a dictatorship has become more and more sophisticated. For example, because of the fear of being monitored, detected and penalized, some people may be afraid to think of certain things that go against their government knowing that EMF technology is capable of detecting and controlling thought patterns...  

Loss of individuality

For humans it will mean living in an electronic concentration camp. The technocrats overseeing the AI ‘smart grid’ control system will regard human beings as mere ‘nodal points’ in an electronic cloud, as we are confronted with being denied our individuality or self-expression in the manipulation.

EMF technology could be used as a weapon to control those who show behavioural patterns that deviate from walking the government permitted white line. Evidence shows that this is happening through DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Project Agency) a division of the Pentagon. 

‘Locked in’ ‘locked out’

In the AI ‘smart grid’ control system there are only 2 types of citizen.

1. Desirables – ‘locked in’ to the system

China’s social credit system gives us an idea of the “desirable citizen” and what could be coming to the Western World. Having a 1.4 billion population, China has an all-encompassing judgement system that ranks each citizen based on loyalty to their country. Basically, it’s a social control tool. A credit score is used to rank each citizen’s obedience to the government, with additional responsibilities…

2. Undesirables - ‘locked out’

Defiant blogger, activist Liu Hu became victim to this social credit system when writing about corruption in the Chinese government. Imprisoned and fined for “fabricating and spreading rumours” he refused to apologize on social media, resulting in him losing a number of citizen’s rights including the right to travel tickets and property ownership. Like Liu Hu, some 7.49 million Chinese citizens have been blacklisted through the use of pervasive/invasive Big Brother surveillance technology.

A number of things in the AI smart grid control system are being set up with the ulterior motive to discern the “undesirables.” The basic idea behind it is to create a situation where “undesirables” will be denied citizen’s rights. ‘Locked out’ of the system, no digital money, not able to buy food and water they will have to resort to crime for their survival…

Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology

…Will get some of us into abundance so that we are encouraged and get use to the technology for a cashless society. However, the abundance may be short-lived as we get “locked in” to the AI smart grid control system.

James Corbett explains in this video how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology could either be used for our freedom or governmental enslavement.

Deceptively Harmful Technology

Besides having the potential for being weaponized, EMF technology could cause other harms. For example, the 5G technology planned to roll out at the end of the year and incorporate into the AI smart grid control system has been met with much protest on account of its potential for harm to health.  

Societal manipulation

Society has been manipulated into becoming a popularity competition. This game, this egoic profound relationship with the unreal goes something like this: Whoever has the most social media likes, the most stuff, the biggest bank accounts… wins. Why do you think those at the top of the popularity competition are called the ‘elite?’ Then you have the ‘cult of celebrities.’ –If you’re not one of the elite or a celebrity you could be regarded as one of society’s nobody’s.

-Sadly, society’s relationship with the unreal does not pay heed to what it really takes to be human with all those humane qualities. It’s a breeding ground for self-serving narcissists…  In short, the more digitized it becomes; the easier it is to manipulate and control society.

What we can do - fictional law versus natural law

If ever there’s a relationship with the unreal that’s controlling society it’s in the misplaced belief in the rule of authority through fictional law. Unlike fictional law, age-old, natural law is based on the principle of serving and protecting society, that no one shall harm anybody… However, real, natural law over the years has been slyly superseded by fictional law.

Fictional law is not serving and protecting society. As government legislation fictional law leads to causing so much harm for the people. Then there are the Kevlar-clad thugs, the militarized police that are there to enforce harmful fictional laws… What’s needed is to go back to our roots and enact natural laws: It is possible for us create a turnaround by supporting technology that contributes to humanity. In the meantime we can at least try and shield ourselves from the affects of harmful EMF’s. 

The criminal fraternity running our governments, making the policies, are allowing the AI smart grid control system to further invade and take over our lives. At least the AI takeover has become so blatant that it offers the opportunity for people to stand up and do something about it.

So, to answer the question: 'is the AI smart grid control system an unstoppable train?' It will only be that if we allow it to. It’s time to get down to grass-roots level activism, address the underlying causes of problems and take action. –Hold the criminal governments and the respective corporations accountable for their actions that have lead to so much abuse for so many people.