Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) Protests: Why this Means So Much for So Many

By Paul A Philips

Recently, we’ve seen more army veterans returning to join in and protect the Native Americans protesting over the completion of the $3.8 billion dollar oil pipeline in North Dakota. Further resistance to the DAPL construction continues to grow from other peaceful protesters.

People with diverse backgrounds have come from all over the nation to join in with the protest in spite of the opposition: A privatized military force, teargas, water cannons, rubber bullets from police, contracted companies setting dogs on protesters… and President Trump’s recent signing of an executive order to expedite the pipeline’s completion.

-And that's not all: To suppress the protesters, in Orwellian 1984 fashion, the North Dakota GOP had introduced a bill that outlawed the wearing of masks during protests. Drivers are also immune from prosecution if or when “accidently” running over protesters!

--------------------------------------------------------------EARTH anagram for HEART----------------------------------------------------------------------

The DAPL protests have caused such a worldwide interest because the circumstances resonate with so many people who empathize with the natives and want to give their support. Feeling a heart connection to Mother Earth and nature, they see a bigger picture:

The North Dakota native American Indians and the protesters, in their diverse coalition, have gathered together to honour and protect a piece of land seen as a God-given sacred living entity: The native Indian’s sacred tribal burial ground is land that provides fertile soil and clean water. Thus, the native Indians and who they are with their connections to the land are seriously under threat from the laying down of the oil pipeline…

Further, it has been claimed that the US have a treaty with the natives: The US can only go ahead with the pipeline’s construction providing the natives give their consent. Why hasn’t the pipeline been re-routed away from the area? If the pipeline’s construction was re-routed to an area where there would be no conflict that would mean no longer having to employ the army and police forces. Wouldn’t that save a ton of money for those heading the project in the long run?

Those in favour of the pipeline’s construction comprise a web of wealthy individuals tied to greed-driven corporations: It’s no coincidence that Trump signed the executive order to expedite its completion, as he has invested in the project, and CEO Kelcy Warren of the Energy Transfer Partners’ heading the project had given money to the president’s election campaign while also funding the Republican National Committee.

More on the ‘bigger picture’

But DAPL is more than just about a bunch of people protecting a piece of land. Many see it as an opportunity to take a stand against the ruling elite’s corporatist worldwide controlling agenda. More and more people realize that these corporations having agendized greed-driven motives tied in to paid-off politicians are a serious threat to Earth which needs to be protected for generations to come.

Essentially, over the many years, the creation of the ‘free market’ has allowed a number of individuals in high places the opportunity to exploit and manipulate Earth and humanity for selfish gains. Besides the pollution of our land, air, food and water, these people in high places have overseen and heavily funded various organizations, institutions and establishments… set up ultimately for the controlling, programming and brainwashing of the populace into compliancy: Thus, the populace have been moulded into victim consciousness, and with their humanity challenged have become fair game to exploit and manipulate.

However, as the mass awakening continues, many people are stepping out of the role of victim consciousness to become victor.


Over the years, the exploiting and manipulating has been pushed so heavily on the populace, it is now backfiring, going completely against what the ruling elite had planned. A classic example of this is in the DAPL protests. For instance, a number of people have seen the alternative media reports showing how the dogs attacked the peaceful protesters. Instead of getting deterred, as the controllers had planned, in their angered outrage, people have joined in with the protests.

Another example of backfiring is in the case of the labelling of ‘fake news.’ In this extreme form of censorship, instead of the alternative/independent news getting dismissed as fake, it has alerted an awakened public to something the elite don’t want them to know about...

-There are many other examples of backfiring.

-As we face the end game, will the elite’s final plans for the completion of the New World Order be their downfall?  Will their excessive controlling, programming and brainwashing backfire, as it inadvertently serves to awaken and empower the public?