8 Reasons Why Your Vote Will Count for Nothing and Be A Lost Opportunity

-By Paul A Philips

Many Americans going to the polling stations on November the 8th for the US Presidential election will be under the illusion that by voting it will be an opportunity to express their democratic right. A growing number, such as those following the alternative media are well aware that whether you support Democrat or Republican… voting is an illusion of choice, as there is no democracy. Your vote will count for nothing and further, it will be a lost opportunity. 

Here are 8 reasons explaining why

1. The overruling power of the presidential executive order

Whether it’s Obama or anyone else at the Whitehouse, at any time for whatever reason, by law the President is within legal right to sign a presidential executive order. That would mean martial law and a loss of your rights overnight, regardless of vote.

Sure, the presidential executive order has never been used, but the fact that it’s there only goes to show what the ruling elite have as a resource if needed to advance agendas using their oval office puppet…

2. The Electoral College

The Electoral College shows how far the ruling elite will go when it comes to manipulating the election: Take, for example, the 2000 presidential election. Al Gore received the most votes by the people, but lost the election. It was indeed George Bush who won and went on to become president.

3. The electronic voting system is rigged

Following on from 2, more so now than ever before, for the ruling elite to get who they want, the electronic voting system has never been easier to rig. There have been more than a number of tell-tale signs to show that electronic voter hacking goes on to favour the desired candidate.   

 4. Mainstream media biasing

Particularly in the run up to Election Day, you can get a clear idea of who the ruling elite want for their next president by recognising which candidate is favoured through mainstream media biasing. For example, to influence the public’s vote in the run up to the last presidential election the mainstream media pushed hard for Obama. –Indeed, this shouldn’t be the case, as the media is supposed to be neutral.

5. The parties are irrelevant

Let’s say you went to watch a horse race. How would you make it an absolute certainty that you’ll back the winner? It’s simple; the solution is to back every horse. –This is an analogy to what happens in presidential elections. The ruling elite owning/controlling the banks and mega-corporations heavily fund and back all the major political parties with their leading politicians in the race for the presidency: So whichever major party wins (the only parties that stand a chance of winning) would have been backed and then placed into power by the ruling elite’s funding.

Bought off, the politicians in office will only be there to carry out the demands of their lords and masters the evil ruling elite with their evil agendas. –Thus, that makes your vote and the major political parties you voted for irrelevant, as they don’t stand for your best interests or democracy.     

6. Short-term payoff versus long-term cost

Don’t be a sucker by giving your vote to one of the major political parties because they’ve offered you an incentive like, for example, a tax reduction. The tax reduction will be a short-term payoff, but because you voted for one of these major political parties that get into office, with their connections to the ruling elite and the planned enslavement New World Order you will suffer a far greater long-term cost. Could one of those long-term costs be World War 3?

7. The ‘lesser of the evils’ is meaningless

From the 6 reasons given so far it should be clear that the idea of voting for one of the ‘lesser of the evils’ is meaningless. Yes, it’s because they’re all the same. Every major political party is headed by crooked politicians connected to other crooks and their crooked institutions, devoid of any moral fibre, lacking in integrity and the genuine want to care for the people they should be serving….

8. An opportunity lost

Voting for one of the major political parties on November the 8th will be an opportunity lost: If you want to withdraw your consent to fascist tyranny then don’t vote for one of these parties. Your country has been hijacked by elite banker/corporate owner controllers and now is the opportunity to take it back by showing your non-compliance to the voting system. -This may be the last chance to take the ownership without bloodshed or violence.


The solution is to have more independent candidates with integrity, conscientiously willing to serve we-the-people and not having ties to the ruling elite. Voting for independent candidates would take the concentration of wealth away from the hands of those few predatory greed-driven psychopaths currently having the stranglehold on humanity. Indeed not just a stranglehold on the USA but the entire world.

The rise in community-based independent candidates may take a while, but the courage, time, effort and money invested could produce results and encourage more individuals to follow on.

The bigger picture

We are at one of the greatest crossroads in the history of civilization. Be it in politics or anything else the window of opportunity is here to create real change. Changes using new paradigm approaches that make a difference for everyone, but we have to act NOW.