7 Misunderstandings Made by the Alternative Media and Its Followers

-By Paul A Philips

Granted, it’s more exception than the rule, but there are a number of people in alternative media circles still falling for the same old deceptions. Still falling for the same old spins, carefully crafted illusions, fake effronteries, bamboozlements, inabilities to see right through the Orwellian doublespeak... made by the world’s ruling criminal cabal and their associates.

Granted, these alternative media people may not be of the same ilk as paid shills, infiltrators, trolls or other such disinformation merchants, but without them knowing, their shared misunderstandings are also counterproductive to exposing the truth.

-In light of this, here are 7 misunderstandings made by the alternative media and its followers.

1. The Trump presidency

It should be abundantly clear by now that the Trump presidency is another case of ‘the same old song,’ sung by a new singer to somehow try and make it sound as if the song is different. However, we still get a number of alternative media websites and its followers erroneously touting Trump as a new hope; an ‘independent outsider’ to bring ‘change’ for the nation, in spite of:

*Trump’s increasing list of broken promises

*Siding with the war machine and the increasing push for WW3

*Choosing a billionaire cabinet. –How can this setup have a clear reality of what it takes to be a government for the people..?

We still find the same old left-wing bashing to justify the right-wing dogma in support of Trump from some in alternative media circles who should know better.

Why don’t these people realize that the political arena is like watching a soccer match without the supporters ever knowing that the left team versus the right is completely rigged?

Thus, no political party will ever bring in anything new. As the saying goes, left or right wing, they belong to the same bird, owned and controlled by the world’s ruling criminal cabal. Voting for a major political party is therefore a waste of time as you will only end up getting the results of the dictates of the ruling cabal through their puppet politicians. As a solution what’s really needed is a completely different paradigm approach to politics.

2. The “we’re screwed…” gang

Granted, it can be overwhelming for some, especially those just finding out that nothing in our world is at it seems. -That just about everything going on is steeped in multiple layers of lies, fraud and deception for our enslavement. But that doesn’t mean to say that our conclusions should end up in resignation to our enslavers, crying out such words as “we’re screwed,” like some commenting such words in the alternative media.                             

The answer is to turn the learned helplessness around. With insight, turn it into benevolence:  Activism DOES make a difference. Indeed, as history has shown us, people power does exist. Look at the achievements made by those who didn’t take things lying down…

3. “You’re so negative…”

It’s great to see the alternative media bringing in the enlightenment; love, peace and light into the world with uplifting, insightful material...  However, one of the more New Age type aspects from some is the misunderstanding that certain items in the alternative media are ‘negative.’ For example, some refuse to go into or discuss areas related to the encroaching New World Order agenda.

This may result in cognitive dissonance and denial, allowing a number of important ensuing issues to not get addressed or be dealt with. If someone screamed at you “your kitchen has caught fire!” Would you reply: “You’re so negative, I was happy until now..!”  Of course you wouldn’t. The message would indeed be your call to action, fight to put out the fire in the kitchen.

In the bigger picture, the rising NWO is serving as a fast-track to our awakening and planetary transformation.  

4. Anger futility

On similar lines to 3, it should be remembered that in the realization of what’s really going on in the world, reactions of anger are not only potentially counterproductive; unhealthy, but also futile. The matrix illusionary world we live in exists as a duality. If you become angered, and then, for instance, become a ‘sworn to avenge mercenary against the system…‘ etcetera, then you will only get caught up in and be the effect of the matrix, the duality of opposites, which promises no peace or freedom, having lost your integrity...

5. “Something’s wrong…”

Sure, the information given out in the alternative media can do a great job of letting us know what’s really going on in the world. However, some have misunderstandings. The information given out may only be on the level that “something’s wrong…” showing a limited understanding.

To clarify with an example, take the case of GMO’s. There may be an article exposing the health risks of consuming GM food which has toxic genes capable of giving us diseases or allergies… -That’s of course informative, but what the article may not show (where it could have) is that it doesn’t realize how the introduction in recent years of GM food and its health risks are not merely through mistake or incompetence, but by deliberate design. The same can be said about vaccines, chemtrails and so many others things, as there is a bigger picture at work.

-See the bigger picture in the context of the hidden world depopulation agenda or world takeover...

6. Alternative media commenters – ‘Gotcha!’ nitpicker nitwits…

As, of course, with other online discussions, we have a situation in the alternative media where we know that there are many commenters obviously not using their real names, capable of causing a disturbance. For example, because someone posing with a name like ‘RepoMan123’ is anonymous then that allows this individual to say things and behave in a way that would be considered unacceptable in real life interaction.

Consequently, having no idea of what’s really going on in the subject being discussed ‘RepoMan123’ can get away with behaving like a disrespectful buffoon, responding by writing monumental bull crap, saying things without ever checking the evidence…  

Then there’s another type of alternative media commenter. Instead of acknowledging an author’s work as insightful or useful and sharing it with others, he/she will claim ‘gotcha!’ by exposing a small fault found in the work.  –These ‘gotcha!’ nitpicker nitwits really need to get a life…   

 7. Do your research

Many know this, but a number of alternative media frequenters don’t realize that unlike the mainstream media, who claims to have the definitive report (ulterior motives??), the alternative media puts out the majority of its work with the understanding that you do not have to believe what it says. In other words, as part of the fulfilment of their purpose, the alternative media sources encourage you to do your own research.

Final thoughts

Having concluded my 7 misunderstandings made by the alternative media and its followers, can you think of others?

When people clear up their misunderstandings, the more potential there will be to break down the walls of suppression.