7 Examples Where Science-Fiction Has Become Fact

-by Paul A Philips

When we realize that who we really are is the imagination of ourselves, then we will know that anything’s possible. For good or for bad, outside-of-the-box academics, scientists and inventors have turned science-fiction into fact through working with the idea that we are the imagination of ourselves and anything’s possible.

Given this, here are some real-world, scientific achievements that have either fully actualized or are in the making, which had originally been confined to the realms of science-fiction.

If ever there’s a startling case of science-fiction becoming fact it’s in the recent revealing that DARPA is creating superior soldiers through genetic modification. Understandably shrouded in secrecy, genetically modified soldiers and advancing hi-tech w VLADIMIR Putin has claimed genetically-modified super soldiers “worse than a nuclear bomb” could soon become a reality.

1. Genetic engineering   

There have been numerous cases where genetic engineering has been used in science fiction either as a theme or plot. For examples, there’s “Andromeda” the TV series (2000) by Gene Roddenberry, Star wars “Attack of the Clones” and Stargate SG-1…

If ever there’s a startling case of science-fiction becoming fact it’s in the recent revealing that DARPA is creating superior soldiers through genetic modification. Understandably shrouded in secrecy, genetically modified soldiers and advancing hi-tech weapons will turn war into a vastly different game compared to what we’ve know it as: A number of ethical issues/concerns have been raised surrounding the war games and the involvement of genetically modified super-soldiers. 

2. Memory Implanting

Those who saw the 1990 version of the science-fiction film “Total Recall,” based on a Philip K. Dick story, may remember that chilling moment when construction worker Douglas Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is mercilessly attacked by his wife Lori (Sharon Stone). During the attack Quaid is told by Lori that she is not really his wife and that his memories of their marriage are just false memory implants. Lori says she’s been living at their apartment to spy on him…

Implanting fake memories of events that never were is now happening in real life. It is being secretly used by governmental agencies such as DARPA for the purpose of mind control technology. To some readers that may sound too far-fetched. For more on this go, here.

3. How did The Simpsons predict the Higgs-Boson (God particle)?

Discovered in 2013 by researchers at CERN, the formula, the Higgs-Boson (God particle) basically explains how we come to exist. The researchers were honoured with the Nobel Prize for their discovery. 

However, during a 1998 episode of The Simpsons, Homer Simpson is seen as “The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace” chalking a formula on the blackboard.  That formula was the Higgs-Boson (God particle)! 

If this freaks you out then take a look at the other uncanny Simpsons predictions.

4. Pre-crime face recognition as in “Minority Report”

Another one based on a story by Philip K. Dick, the futuristic science fiction neo-noir movie “Minority Report” revolves around a Washington D.C. police department specialized in pre-crime. Pre-crime involves the premonitory detection of crimes by psychics called “precogs.” Consequentially, the would-be criminal is apprehended before committing the crime…

Not detected by psychics (not yet?!), but there are a number of surveillance technologies currently in operation today looking to detect ‘pre-crimes.’ Surveillance technologies such as the ‘pre-crime’ algorithms used to monitor internet activity. Then there’s the FBI recent creation of biometric and DNA databases to look for any potential crime indicators. -Do you have any crime genes..?!

 If ever there’s a case of the people ready and willing to take part in their own slavery it’s in the acceptance of mass surveillance.

5. Gaining sight through eye implants

Another one from “Minority Report:” Main protagonist, Pre-Crime boss Captain John Anderton (Tom Cruise) finds himself on the run from a crime he didn’t commit. In order to avoid optical detection by the U.S. Dept of Justice's iris-scanning bots during his manhunt, he undergoes a black market eye transplant…

-Now, here’s where it goes from science-fiction to fact: Not so long ago, 2 British blind men received eye implants. The implants were a reasonable success. Regaining their sight after many years of blindness, they were able to see the outlines of objects and dream in colour. The Doctors involved in the implants hope to improve the brain’s wiring with the new eyes for better vision.

6. Human-sheep chimera

The idea of a human-animal chimera has been featured in a number of science-fiction works. H.G Wells was one of the earliest writers with his story “The Island of Dr Moreau.” In recent times, in the real world, there has been much debate over the ethical implications and what shouldn’t be legally permitted when carrying out scientific research on human-animal chimeras.

For example, recently, there has been much ethical concern surrounding the creation of a human-sheep chimera. Embryological research at Stanford University has enabled scientists to insert stem cells into sheep’s embryos. These stem cells will in effect allow embryos inside sheep to grow and develop human organs.  

Consider the life-saving implication for humans desperately in dire need of vital organs. For instance, a human pancreas could be grown from an embryo developed in the sheep. This could then be transplanted as a replacement pancreas into a human chronically suffering from type-1 diabetes…

So far, embryonic stem cell development inside sheep has been limited to 28 days, the maximum time legally permitted for this chimera cross-species to exist.

Other research has led to the creation of a human-hybrid pig.

7. D-Wave quantum computing technology

The whole concept of D-Wave computing technology sounds like something out of a science-fiction story.  The technology involves DNA-based data storing… It’s computing also involves alternative parallel realities while extracting information from these accesses…

Quantum computers can deal with different high-number data possibilities simultaneously in ways that classical computer models cannot. This allows opportunities for many practical applications. It may have beneficial practical applications, such as in the use of defence systems, crime detection (remember “Minority Report”) or monitoring and delivering life-saving medicines en masse, or for land machinery functioning that takes intricate care of the environment through analysing and dealing with complex data… It could also be used for dark nefarious purposes by, for example, the Deep State apparatus…

-Once again, as with other technologies, discernment is needed.

For basic information on how quantum computers work see this video.