10 Ways to Prevent Your Doctor from Killing You or Your Family

-by Paul A Philips

Doctors have had little training in alternative health or nutrition. They have also had a lack of encouragement to think for themselves. Therefore, when it comes to acting in the best interest of their patients, be it through ignorance, naïveté or ties to Big Pharma, doctors cannot be trusted.  While the public becomes increasingly aware of this disturbing reality and its implications, most doctors still remain uninformed or stubbornly indifferent.

-In light of this, here are 10 ways to stop your doctor from inadvertently killing you or your family... see more

Big Pharma and the creation of a Painkiller Addiction Epidemic

-by Paul A Philips

Many people would naturally associate drug addiction with illegal street drugs. However, there’s a different type of drug addiction. Growing exponentially and out of control Big Pharma has created an opioid painkiller addiction epidemic that’s causing more suffering and death than illegal street drugs... see more

Played by the Ruling Elite’s Control System It’s Time for a New Paradigm

-By Paul A Philips

People are waking up in droves, but the majority continue to be played by the ruling elite’s control system, unaware that almost every subject under the sun is rigged: In effect we are confined to living in a false or limiting paradigm. Against the ‘insurmountable odds,’ will there ever be a new paradigm experience? Having seen through the grand deception, will the awakened ever change the control system? Can we somehow go on to cultivate new theories and practices for a humane new paradigm experience, one that will create a world that truly makes a difference for everyone? -See more

10 Most Life Changing Books I’ve ever Read!

-By Paul A Philips

Whether a list has been made or not.  Indeed, some books may well have changed your life, seeing things in a totally different light...

Without further ado, here’s a sample, a list in no particular order of 10 of the most life changing books I’ve ever read and naturally would highly recommend…

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Living in the Psychopath Controlled State (Pathocracy) and Dealing With It

– By Paul A Philips

Alternative media sources frequently describe certain political elite members as psychopaths. But what exactly makes up a psychopath? What exactly are the political implications?

Indeed there is a lot of good will shown in the world while at the same time there exists so much suffering in the form of war, poverty and injustice. How come? Sure, humans may have dark aggressive animal tendencies but much of the suffering inflicted cannot be explained by this alone.

There is a far bigger picture… see more 

7 Reasons Why Transhumanism is the Greatest Threat to the Human Race

-by Paul A Philips

A number of people see transhumanism and artificial intelligence as a way of “upgrading” humans, rather like a software programme needing improvement. Some proponents go as far as to say that it will in time lead us into having extraordinary capabilities beyond our present imagination… Arguably, these people are not interested in the current state of the human species, ignoring those inherent qualities we already have. Because of this, transhumanism is therefore a trap. It will lead the human race in the disastrously wrong direction.

In light of this, here are 7 disturbing reasons explaining why transhumanism is said to be the greatest threat to the human race and what needs to be done to prevent it... see more

Is Your Job Safe From Automation and Robot Takeover?

-By Paul A Philips

There are increasing media reports published from time to time on the disturbing subject of rising job loss through automation and robot takeover.

Take for instance the recent announcement made by McDonald’s. The food giant plans to install some 2,500 electronic kiosks for self-service ordering in the near future. Then there are plans to install another 3,000 of these kiosks and a mobile ordering system which is expected to be completed by the end of 2018 in 14,000 establishments across the USA. -That’s bad news for the human workforce affected. As a consequence, it will make many workers permanently redundant.

Not just with McDonalds this is happening in food industry establishments in general. Also, there are many other industries replacing their human workforce with automation and robots across different job sectors... see more

What Is Love?

-By Paul A Philips

One of the most googled questions ever is “What is love?” So, in view of its popularity alone I felt compelled to look into this. I hope that those reading my response will get some insights. An insight is something you get which allows you to achieve something that could not have been achieved had it not been for that insight.

So, here’s my answer to that very pertinent question ‘what is love?’ Here are the insights: What I have gained from learning about love.

Love is… see more

Mainstream Media Big Pharma Disinformation: New Publication Falsely Demonizes Coconut Oil

-By Paul A Philips

Those ‘copy and paste’ disinformation merchants the mainstream media have been up to their tricks again. This time it’s to do with repeating the fake narrative that saturated fat is bad for you. In particular, the MSM have been repeating the sentiments expressed in a new publication by the AHA (American Heart Association) that falsely demonizes coconut oil, recommending consumers should avoid it.

Like the AHA’s publication, the MSM also offer no real supporting evidence for their condemnation of coconut oil and other saturated fats. This completely goes against the overwhelming evidence in support of not only coconut oil but also for saturated fats in general... see more

Biotech Firm Claims New Medical Research Will Give Life to the Dead

-By Paul A Philips

No, this is not something out of the X-Files and nor are the implications.  Researchers at the American biotech firm Bioquark are working on a pioneering stem cell methodology that they think will give life to brain-dead patients.

In light of this research, there are the inevitable ethical implications when considering raising people from the dead. Besides this, bear in mind the ruling elite want immortality but they also want world depopulation. So it would be unlikely that they would allow any genuinely successful technology that gives life to the dead to be made publically available. The ethical implications and the ruling elite’s viewpoint on immortality will be discussed later... see more