7 Ways in Which Your Health Freedom Is Restricted

-By Paul A Philips

Through ever increasing mandates connected to powerful lobbyists influencing healthcare policy in favour of Big Pharma’s profit machine and other giant greed-driven corporations, your health freedom and choices over what you can do with your body is becoming more and more restricted.

The globalists promoting their limited healthcare system don’t care if the treatment offered is not as efficacious as alternative medicine or may be ineffective, lacking in sound science, or even potentially destructive. –Quite simply, they want you to accept it, whether you like it or not. 

-In effect, this means you’re obligated to partake in a healthcare system that puts profits before the real welfare concern of people.   

Given this, here are just 7 ways in which your health freedom is restricted and what actions need to be taken... see more

Is Transhumanism The Greatest Threat To Humanity?

-by Paul A Philips

It's always worth taking a look at the movies to see how the elite uses the industry to influence us and express their views.

Although it goes back many years transhumanism continues to be promoted through the entertainments industry with recent science-fiction films such as the 'Ghost in the Shell,' Luc Besson's 'Lucy' both starring Scarlet Johansson, then there's 'Transcendence' with Johnny Depp...

-Sponsored by the ruling elite are they using the entertainments industry to let us know of their intentions, prepping us for what's to come?

You bet they are... see more

The Disturbing Facts Regarding The Refined Sugar Diet

-by Paul A Philips

*Refined Sugar is close to zero nutrition value

Because of the industrial processes involved in manufacturing, sugar has practically no nutrition value: The vitamins and enzymes have become denatured (loose their molecular shape) and thus fail to contribute to the body’s metabolic requirements. Refined sugar is also devoid of mineral content. 

*It is pure energy

For those who frequently eat significant amounts of refined sugar products, this can lead to many problems... see more

Biotech Firm Claims New Medical Research Will Give Life to the Dead

-By Paul A Philips

No, this is not something out of the X-Files and nor are the implications.  Researchers at the American biotech firm Bioquark are working on a pioneering stem cell methodology that they think will give life to brain-dead patients.

In light of this research, there are the inevitable ethical implications when considering raising people from the dead. Besides this, bear in mind the ruling elite want immortality but they also want world depopulation. So it would be unlikely that they would allow any genuinely successful technology that gives life to the dead to be made publically available… see more 

2018 World Cup Football: A Classic Case of Divide and Rule

-By Paul A. Philips

“Give the people bread and circuses and they shall never revolt.”


Another World Cup football competition has begun. This time it is indeed in Russia. Knowing that the competition will keep the masses heavily focussed on the games will be quite pleasing for the world’s ruling elite (or whatever you want to call them). As with all sports, they know that these Bread and Circuses games serve as a distraction: A way of disempowering the masses by getting them to focus their attention away from the things that really matter... see more

How Deceptive Marketing Benefits Big Food Corporations But Threatens Your Health

-By Paul A Philips

Nothing could be more manipulative than the way in which Big Food uses deceptive marketing to get us to buy products while increasing its profit margin. Having been deceived, you could become seriously ill through frequent and long-term consumption of certain food products you believe to be “healthy” through deceptive marketing. The corporations will take no responsibility nor be held accountable for this... see more

The 9 Strategies Required for New World Order Implementation

-By Paul A Philips

How can a small number of individuals making up society’s upper echelons arrogantly considering themselves to be intellectually superior to everybody else ruthlessly achieve world domination? The answer somewhat lies in a book written in 1940 by upper echelon, former British intelligence officer and famed science-fiction writer HG Wells. The book was aptly entitled “The New World Order.”

The way in which these individuals making up society’s upper echelons control the world couldn’t be better explained than by referring to the “9 strategies for a New World Order”taken from Wells’ book.

The 9 strategies required for NWO implementation are now being applied at a furious pace. So it’s worth examining them to see how they work in the modern-day context and what can be gleaned… see more

4 Innovative Ideas for Creating Your Own Business!

-by Paul A Philips

...Here are at least 4 innovative ideas for creating your own business, allowing you to make a profit and do a job you really love on your own terms and dictated time. You don’t need to go to college either. Some of us have quit our college-related jobs for what we consider to be a better life. Better money-making opportunities. As Jessie Klassen says in her excellent article, chose a way of life, not an occupation...

-See more 

5 Fake Science Sources and How They Could Lead to Your Harm

-by Paul A Philips

Through a lack of education many continue to be deceived into believing the corporate/banker sponsored fake science. The spin is made by paid off crooked scientific establishments, phoney front men and tightly controlled mainstream media outlets for the ulterior motives, control and profit.

Those people not understanding this may consequentially suffer. -A lack of education or understanding the fake science could lead to much harm through making a number of bad choices. Further, it will take double the efforts to re-educate: Deconstruct the misinformation, lies and propaganda related to the fake science in order to benefit from learning the real scientific knowledge.

To protect your physical, mental, health and well-being, here are 5 fake science sources and how they could lead to your harm if not carefully discerned:

-See more

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Sinister Occult Logos Used By Technology Corporations

-by Paul A Philips

Everywhere, we are being constantly bombarded with occult logos and symbols. Like, for instance, the occult logos used by corporations. There is an underlying sorcery connected to them, intended to have an unconscious effect on us. Remember, the insignia and hidden meaning behind corporate occult logos is seen by the corporations owning them with their products as a symbolic representation that they control a deaf, dumb and blind public who are totally unaware of what is going on. The sinister and creepy occult logos used by corporations in technology are no exception.

As with the other occult logos the recurring patterns and occulted connections of these technology logos can be recognized. Then their intended unconscious effects can be neutralized.

In reflection of this, here is a brief overview of some of the occult logos used by technology corporations... see more