You Can Sue Cigarette Companies But Not Vaccine Companies for Causing Harm

-by Barbara Loe Fisher
National Vaccine Information

Do you know the difference between companies that sell cigarettes and companies that sell vaccines in America?

When cigarettes injure or kill people, tobacco companies are financially liable in civil court. But when vaccines injure or kill people, drug companies are not.

That’s right.

If you get lung cancer from smoking cigarettes, you can sue the tobacco company. [1] But if you or your child suffers brain damage or dies after getting a vaccine, the drug company cannot be sued. [2]

And you can’t hold any person who licensed, recommended, gave or voted to mandate the vaccine accountable in a court of law, either. [3, 4]

Here is why:

In 1986, Congress gave drug companies a partial civil liability shield for vaccine injuries and deaths. [5]

In 2011, the US Supreme Court effectively banned all vaccine injury lawsuits, ruling that vaccines are – quote – “unavoidably unsafe.” [6]

Then, in 2016, Congress lowered licensing standards for experimental vaccines so that drug companies can fast track them to market without conducting large clinical trials. [7]

Now, drug companies and their friends in medical trade are lobbying state legislatures to strip vaccine exemptions from state public health laws. [8, 9]

That’s right.

Even though drug companies and doctors have been given an unprecedented liability shield removing all responsibility for vaccine injuries and deaths, [10] they want more.

They want “no exceptions” vaccine laws forcing you and your children to use every dose of every government endorsed vaccine without your voluntary, informed consent. [11]

What’s the difference between companies that make cigarettes and companies that make vaccines?

When cigarettes injure and kill people, Big Tobacco is legally accountable in a civil court in front of a jury of your peers. But when vaccines injure and kill people, Big Pharma is not.

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It’s your health. Your family. Your choice.

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