The Top 10 Things you can do today to protect yourself and you’re Family from Harmful EMF’s

-by Jason Bawden-Smith

EMFs are pretty much everywhere and but you can’t see, smell, hear, taste or touch them – the only way to determine the sources of EMF’s in your environment is to test. EMF warriors are serious about identifying all EMF’s in their environment and have their weapon of choice close at hand. Testing all locations where you spend time (including your car) is the number one thing you can do to protect yourself and your family. You can also hire testing equipment or engage a professional such as a building biologist to help.

Common sources of EMF’s in your home or office (excluding fake lights):

·         Bluetooth devices

·         cordless phones

·         computers and laptops

·         digital alarm clocks

·         electrical wiring

·         microwave ovens

·         ‘smart’ appliances

·         smart meters

·         smartphones and tablets

·         solar panel invertors

·         TV screens

·         Wi-Fi routers

·         wireless modems

·         wireless video game consoles

·         wireless burglar alarms

·         wireless baby monitors

·         wireless printers

Some other hazards you might be exposed to that come from outside your home or office:

·         telecommunication tower antennas and base stations

·         radio and TV antennas

·         electricity substations

·         high-voltage cables

·         your neighbours’ smart meters.

The next step is to educate yourself. The best way is to join to access our free library and information on this website.

Here are some immediate actions everyone can take to improve their EMF hygiene

1.      Get into the habit of waking up and getting morning sun. Nothing beats the full spectrum rays coming from the sun. Expose your face and whole body if you can – about 30 minutes a day first thing around sunrise is optimal. If you can go to the beach to get the photons from the sun, electrons from the sand and minerals from the ocean. If you live away from the coast go for a bare foot walk in the park. No sunglasses.

2.      Determine if a smart meter has been installed in your meter box (usually without your permission or knowledge) If so ask your utility company to replace it.

3.      Replace all cordless phones in your home with wired versions – you could, alternatively, if you must buy a low-radiation DECT cordless phone to reduce the amount of EMF’s travelling about.

4.      If you can’t use a landline to make a call use speaker mode on your smart phone holding the phone at least 30 cm away from your body. If you need privacy purchase a pair of air tube headsets.

5.      Use ethernet cables instead of Wi-Fi. Use an ethernet cable to connect all computers (includes baby monitors and tablets) to the internet, rather than a wireless router. Not everyone loves this option, as you can’t just stand up and walk around with your computer. But the extra benefit is that data transmission is much faster. Only turn on your Wi-Fi router when necessary, typically when visitors require access. Otherwise keep it unplugged from the electrical outlet.

6.      If you have to work with electronic devices at night, wear blue blocking glasses. (Some say you should also wear them during the day if you’re working indoors under artificial lights.) The glasses help reduces the intensity of the blue light getting into your eyes, and reduce the degree to which melatonin is suppressed in your system. You can also install f.lux on all computers; and you enable Night Shift mode on your iPhone if you have one.

7.      Build a sleep sanctuary and switch off everything in the bedroom or don’t have any devices in there to begin with. That means phones and tablets are turned off and in another room, no digital alarm clock or TV and all lights are off. Sleeping in total darkness promotes melatonin secretion in your body, and helps you rest and recover deeply.

8.      Most of all, whenever you can, take a break and get out in nature – get some sun, get some surf, and put your bare feet on the ground, whether that’s on weekends, on holidays or before work.

9.      Replace all the dimmer switches in your house with regular "on/off" switches. Even when turned completely on to full power, a dimmer chops-off part of the electrical current, then it discards in the form of a strong electromagnetic field - in addition to polluting the rest of your home’s grid with dirty electricity.

10.  Dirty Electricity

The most important thing you can do to avoid ongoing exposure to EMF is to install Graham-Stetzer filters in your home and office to reduce the amount of dirty electricity in your electrical wiring and devices. In a number of recent scientific tests, many subjects’ health and alertness benefitted greatly when the filters were installed in their homes and schools. If you or someone in your family is demonstrating symptoms of “Electrical Hypersensitivity” you may want to consider having your home inspected for dirty electricity and other EMF sources.

Protect Yourself

EMR Shield, experts in electromagnetic radiation, recommend that you wear an Aires Defender Infinity around your neck, attach an Aires Shield Extreme to your phone and use the Aires Black Crystal for your laptop, computer, TV and gaming devices. Go to for more information about the best radiation protection devices available and how to use them. Use coupon code: savvy10 for a 10% discount at checkout.