My 11 Questions Challenging the Human Caused Climate Change/Global Warming Claim

-By Paul A Philips

Some time ago President Obama in an unbelievable speech given to graduates at the Coast Guard Academy (of all places) declared that climate change deniers and human caused global warming is a threat to national security.

He made his strongest case to date in spite of the fact that well over 31,000 scientists, climatologists, physics graduates and related engineers don’t accept global warming.

Further, the rail against deniers and the so-called global warming national security threat Obama has plans to shore up the required cooperation from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to introduce new laws controlling greenhouse gas emissions.

Critics claim that the new laws mean the eventual shutdown of coal-fired power plants that will put a further strain on America’s power grid system and consumers having to pay billions more in rising cost electricity bills...

In response, here are my 11 questions challenging the human caused climate change/global warming claim.

1. In spite of a whole bunch of reasons; due diligence, astute observations and sound research why is it that officials in academia, science and politics flatly condemn climate change sceptics without talking ‘nuts and bolts’ as to why they should not be taken seriously?

2. Following on from 1, and for some this question could mean thinking the unthinkable, could the above be because the establishment is afraid of being exposed; that human caused climate change is a lie used to control the masses for power, profit and political gain?

3. What would supporters of human caused climate change have to say about the data to show that the ‘Greenhouse Effect’ produces only 0.28% CO2 and if water vapour is factored in then it’s around 5.53% in total which would be quite significant but however, water vapour is 99.999% naturally produced. Was the latter deliberately factored in (bad science?) to exaggerate the claims of global warming?

To summarize: Through his research atmospheric scientist Professor S. Fred Singer said in so many words that CO2 global warming would only contribute to about 1/20th of a degree rise in temperature  by 2050. There are other researchers to support / confirm this with similar data. I would encourage you to discover this through your own research.

4. What would supporters of human caused climate change say to whistle blowers who claim that it’s a lie; as stated by former insider scientist and engineer David Evans, who said in so many words that overlooking, filtering and misrepresenting of evidence was used as a vehicle for global governance and world domination by the ruling elite..?

5. Consistent with 4, for example, there are graphs to show historically that during medieval times the Earth’s Northern Hemisphere temperature was higher than later centuries which has been ignored in mainstream science. Had this medieval period been factored in retrospectively it would have shown that the rise and fall of the Earth’s temperatures over long time periods are just natural cycles.

-So how about this as an ‘inconvenient truth’ (if you pardon the pun) for supporters of human caused climate change: where was the man-made CO2 to cause this temperature rise during medieval times?!

6. Graphical data shows that there has been no overall change in the Earth’s temperature for 5 years (such as the records during 1997 – 2002 shown opposite).


Is this why ‘global warming’ has been altered to ‘climate change’ in the propaganda?

7. In 2008 it was predicted that the Arctic polar ice cap would be gone by 2014 due to climate change. How can anyone take this and climate change seriously when today this has not happened because the Arctic polar ice cap has increased by a whopping great 43%? 

8. Following on some scientists now say that the greater ice was caused by global warming! Is this another case of bad science or deliberately misrepresenting data?

(What if the polar ice grows wings then flies off our planet into the midst of deep and dark outer space.., would that be explained by global warning too?!)

9. Research from CERN found that cosmic rays penetrating into our planet’s atmosphere correlated almost perfectly with climate change over the centuries. Was this left out fact another case of gagging the truth?

10. How come it’s never mentioned: the glaringly obvious that temperature change is due to the sun and its cycles, how it invariably affects the Earth’s and other planets’ temperatures..?

11. So, in reflection, is the whole thing nothing more than another ruse propagated by billionaire power players acting under the pretence of ‘philanthropy?’

Weather Is NOT Climate!

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-by James Corbett

No, weather is NOT climate…even when it’s warm outside. But in case there’s a climate cultist in your life that insists otherwise, here are some facts about global warming and vaguely-defined “extreme” weather that you can use to talk some sense into them.