Italian Court in Historic Ruling: "Stealing Food is NOT a Crime If Starving"

The top court of appeals in Italy has ruled that a homeless man, serve 6 months in jail and a 100 euro fine for stealing 5 euro’s worth of food, and be absolved of his crimes. 

The court writes that “the right to survival prevails over property” and the man was acting "in the face of the immediate and essential need for nourishment.” 

This is a huge improvement seen by progressive humanists that want greed to be put to an end. Some see this legal decision as an indication of a social change. 

Recently, countries in Europe (England and France) and now Italy, has passed laws stipulating that grocery markets donate their left over food to charities. We are in troubling times, and human rights are becoming a huge global debate.

We may have access to food, shelter, water, transportation and clothing—safety from police, fire departments, roads, medical care, these are important things. 

A decision such as this has made it clear that starving people for a profit is unjustifiable. It is a positive move, and should happen here in the United States!


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