Humans Trade Places With Animals In A Creative Animal Rights Campaign

-by Luke Miller Truth Theory

What would the world look like if we reversed the roles of animals and humans? This creative campaign called “Happy Farms” explores a world in which humans are treated in the same way many farmed animals are.

Why are animal beings so different from human beings? Are humans just animals at a different stage of evolution? Why do many feel it is okay for our species to subject much of the animal species to a tortuous existence?

These are a few of the questions being asked by German artist Barbara Daniels, who draws powerful images in which the roles of humans and factory farmed animals are reversed.

“Imagine our modern society with the roles of humans and animals reversed. What would it look like? How would it feel to be dominated by another species? My current artwork strives to answer these questions, drawing inspiration from real world situations and events.” Said Barbara on her website Barbara Daniels Art.   

Daniels launched a satirical campaign called “Happy Farms”, a company “specializing in a variety of human products advertised as fresh and naturally grown.” The campaign reverses the roles of humans and chickens, showing an “ethical” slaughtering of human beings for consumption.

It seems that the work to raise awareness of animal rights is working with a sharp increase in people following a vegan or vegetarian diet. According to a recent report from Global Data there has been a 600% increase in veganism in the last 3 years alone, with 6% of the US now identifying as vegan.

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Written by: Luke Miller

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