How to Create a World That Makes a Difference for Everyone

 - By Paul A Philips

 Many people after realizing that the planet is secretly controlled by those elite corporate/bankers with their hidden agenda plans to enslave humanity may react in counterproductive ways. Such negativity will not allow them to see the greater way nor contribute to the creation of a new paradigm experience, a world that makes a difference for everyone:  

Comments like “There’s nothing we can do about it…we’ve had it” or “We’re screwed…” are common examples from such people. If I thought this was the case then I certainly wouldn’t be writing these messages. Those who make such comments only see the situation from a limited viewpoint: If we-the-people and our personal reality was simply limited to the 5-sense-meat-and- wires bodies in a basically 3D world then I would have to admit we would be screwed, but this is definitely not the case.

Each and every one of us is a multidimensional conscious being capable of operating on many levels of cause and effect, beyond the 5 sense 3D reality. From these higher levels we are capable of making things manifest in such a way that can defeat the elite’s enslavement agenda plans and bring into existence a world that makes a difference for everyone: Where, unlike today, cooperation would be above competition, caring, sharing freedom, love, peace and light would rule…  

Take a look at yourself. Remember, everything shows up as a consequence of where you are at with life. On all levels of your life; relationships, job, finances, political situations... every circumstance going on around you and beyond only reflects what’s going on inside you; your thoughts, feelings, emotions...way of being. Given that the part reflects the whole and the whole reflects the part, how do we use our multidimensional ability to create a world that makes a difference for everyone? Here is an excerpt taken from the ‘Handbook for the New Paradigm.’  That helps to answer the question. This book is available as a free download and I will provide a link later. 

Beneath all creation is a foundation, as might be referred to as the ‘everlasting arms.’

This foundation is unseen but relentlessly present or creation could not have happened in the first place nor continue to expand and experience itself. Beneath all are the laws that have, do and will apply into infinity. To acquaint oneself with these laws and learn to apply them individually and collectively will bring into creation the new earth and a new understanding of ‘heaven’.

As in all things, it is necessary to begin at the beginning. The laws as explained in the Handbook for the New Paradigm and its sequels are briefly as follows:

 1. The Laws of Attraction: like attracts like.

2. The Law of Deliberate Intent: what is intended and held resolutely within thought, word and deed manifests.

3. The Law of Allowance: allowing what is intended to manifest while using the observer mode to be awake and aware while continuing to hold the focus without being rigid as to the outcome. (Allowing thought to think!)

4. The Law of Balance: applying the first 3 laws and focussing within the present moment.

Within the ability to comprehend, accept and apply these Laws, lies the future design of mankind’s experience. The Laws of the Universe allow those who help themselves to be helped. Within victim consciousness, the need to be rescued rather than bring about their extrication by changing their attitudes and actions is a trap. Its siren call keeps mankind like crabs in a basket. Each one pulling back any attempting to climb out. Help is at hand and all that is possible to be given in correspondence with the shift of consciousness within the collective human belief systems is being given.  

For a free download of this book go to:


-Once understood and applied, the above 4 principles are all that’s necessary to make the new paradigm experience manifest, a world that makes a difference for everyone.

The biggest shift needed for humankind is to change from being on a level of victim consciousness to victor.