Crop Circles and the Human Intentional Code

- By Paul A Philips

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I can remember some years ago overhearing a conversation between several people on the subject of crop circles. Not the exact words, but the gist of the short conversation went in the way of: ‘How clever those people are, like Doug and Dave, after moon shining late one night, to cure their boredom they played a prank by secretly making a crop circle…’    -i.e. the whole subject dismissed with a simple explanation: Crop circles were clever human hoaxes…

Perhaps these people and others like them would not so easily dismiss the subject of crop circles with their hoax theory had they known the following:

1.       Crop circles have materialised in areas under close surveillance, sectioned off with infra-red cameras and motion sensor detectors, during which no human activity was found in the field.

2.      Even when working swiftly, complex crop circles have taken days and days to complete sometimes by large teams of ‘expert’ humans, while unexplained (no human claims) complex crop circles have been formed overnight, or even in seconds as witnessed on numerous occasions. 

3.      In the unexplained crop circles, it has been found that the crops are not broken but bent. They are bent frequently at the growth nodes, while those claimed to be human made are broken and soon die out.

4.      Forensic analysis of unexplained crop circles has produced interesting results.  They have found microwave radiation, high water vapour levels coming from the ground, traces of magnetic particles in soils and micro-spheres of silicone present in stems.  Also, geological studies show that most unexplained crop circles (upper 90’s %) are found to be made at aquifer (ground water) regions.  

5.      Seeds from the crops of unexplained crop circles undergo genetic changes, as research has shown by Dr Levengood et al. (BLT research).

6.      In early 1990’s Britain, an interest in crop circles reached the highest level in government. Soon after, a hoaxing campaign began called ‘Operation Blackbird.’ The idea was to catch hoaxers at work and ridicule researchers in an attempt to quash public interest in the whole phenomenon. The manipulative disinformation campaign with its attempts to muddy the waters of truth, credibility and scientific evidence did not dampen public interest. In the 90’s, like others, ‘Doug and Dave’ later confessed to false claims over making certain crop circles: On one occasion they had been caught on camera claiming they made a crop circle that was made before their arrival!

7.      One of many things mainstream media rarely mentions is the fact that many human crop circles are not as skilfully made as those unexplained.

8.    There have been many reports of seeing in the sky: orbs, balls of light, metallic objects or UFO’s during the making of crop circles.

9.      It has been said that during the making of unexplained crop circles, a propagated wave from above bursts down causing intense heat and sudden movement in the crops. Rather like a shock wave from an explosion. Later, insects can later be seen stuck in the waxy part of the crops’ stems which had melted and then solidified during cooling, while the nodes end up elongated, swollen or exploded...  

Crop circles may be presented as puzzles. Some more complex than others. Is this because the higher forces who made them want to see a commitment from us as a race to understand their meaning: The crop circle mystery affects the lives of those who study them. 

The human intentional code

 Can so many different people, cultures and circumstances be wrong about us being in the throes of big time change and planetary awakening? After all, isn’t it high time we escaped the confinements and limitations of the cocoon to fly freely into the world?

Has the prime creator, God, laid down the blueprints for us to move through this transition into the new paradigm experience or golden age? If this is the case then I will say that for it to happen we have to play our part in awakening our human intentional code deep within. This, I believe, is already happening in many different ways.  Some are aware that it’s happening while others aren’t. As I have said before in other messages, the trick is to remember that you are part of the creation, not separate.