Black in the Occult and its Hidden Meaning

-By Paul A Philips

Many people go about their everyday lives totally unaware that there is a whole world of occult secrecy surrounding them. Unaware that the highest echelons controlling business, banking, finance, media and politics... are heavily into the occult and how this affects our lives.

Believing it works the highest echelons practice the occult to give them the desired cause and effect for global domination. It must be remembered that from we-the-people’s point of view, not belonging to the inner sanctum, occulted forces are said to hold certain negative energies having negative effects on us while restricting our freedom.

Occult programming through colours, symbols, paraphernalia, language... and its hidden meaning can be found almost everywhere. For example, the world’s owner/controllers use a number of occult symbols in their corporate logos. What they represent has nothing to do with the products advertised and the high frequency in which so few occult symbols/logos are used by so many corporations with their products goes beyond coincidence...

-This article focuses on the colour black in the occult, what it represents and explains its hidden meaning so that you no longer become the affect of the related deep programming.

The occulted world in Black

What do the law courts, churches and schools have in common?

–The answer lies in Saturn one of the ancient Hebrew gods.

Often representing negativity and restriction in freedom Saturn’s colour is black. The highest echelons controlling the world with their societal manipulation have conserved the colour black in the various attire or paraphernalia used in law courts, churches and schools as a way of paying homage to their occult god Saturn (Satan).

Both Satan’s and Saturn’s colour is black. In Satanism black is symbolic in that it gives no light.

It's no coincidence that besides the law professionals in courtrooms many police forces in different countries are also dressed in black. Then you have the referee's (lawmen) on the different sports fields dressed in black... all paying homage to Saturn the occult god of law.

In churches priests and other men of the cloth are traditionally dressed in black to represent the colour of Saturn. Higher up on the altar to officiate the lesser folks attending below the priest represents the mediator between these people and God... 

During the graduation day procession a graduate dresses in a black gown, this is also for the Hebrew God Saturn. Another obligation is the wearing of a black square mortarboard as headgear.  –Freemasonry is the connection: The headgear is used because a mason uses a mortarboard for plastering...

In Freemason’s tradition a graduate becomes a member of the Alumni and one of the controlled or indoctrinated into the education system. As researcher Jordan Maxwell says in so many words, the graduate has gained tuition while losing intuition and the ability to really think for his/her self as a result of the indoctrination.

-Yes, there's a whole occult world going on here right in front of our very eyes but most people never make the connection... 



Saturn and the Black Cube

Saturn is also symbolised as a black cube. The 3-D cube represents the planet’s 2-D North Pole hexagonal 6-Pointed Star. This occult symbol can be seen in places all over the world.

Jews and Moslems flock to the black cube at Mecca to pay homage. The big black cube is called Kabba.

Another name for YHWH the God they worship is “Tetragramaton” meaning 4-letter (or 4-sided?) God. It’s a not very well known fact that Kabba-Allah (Cube-God) has given rise to Jewish mysticism/Masonry.  

–So at the black cube at Mecca worshippers walk round and round ceremoniously. In other words, in Freemasons terms they are ‘circling the square...’  

All in all

Whether it’s black or any other occult colours, symbols, paraphernalia, language... by bringing these subconscious subliminals to the forefront of awareness they no longer have the intended affect on us.

-Raising awareness is the key. 


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