8 Toxic People To Get Rid of To Become Happier and More Productive

-by Breanne Katherine

Life isn’t about pleasing everyone who crosses your path. It isn’t meant to be lived doting upon everyone’s demands and expectations of you. Going through life this way will only serve to dampen your aura and lower your vibe. It will cause you to constantly feel on edge about things you might potentially do wrong, adding to levels of stress and anxiety.

So it’s no wonder that people who do this to you, and make you feel this way, should be avoided at all costs. Granted, close friends and family who fall in this category is an argument best saved for later down the page. For now, let’s discuss the 8 toxic people to get rid of if you want any hope of becoming happier and more productive throughout the day.

8 Toxic People To Get Rid of To Become Happier and More Productive…

1. Those Who Cancel On You all The Time

Know anyone who always tries to get a hold of you, perhaps saying they miss you or would love ‘get together’? Yet after the initial conversation, despite their pleas of devotion, plans are never made or initiated. Or, if plans do become made, they cancel on you for the 100th time. If you are so easily forgotten then so are they, tell them to lose your number.

2. Those Who Are Passive Aggressive

Know anyone who can’t be honest with their feelings and emotions? People who are so closed off they come across as standoffish and passive aggressive? Perhaps they say things like “fine” or “whatever, I’m not mad”, but then snub you anyway. It’s ok for people to be this way on occasion, we all have moments where we simply don’t wish to open up and share our feelings with others. But if this is a common reoccurrence and they’re simply not being very nice to you despite how supportive you try to be; move on.

3. Those Who Aren’t There When You Need Them

Know anyone who always comes to you for all their problems and issues, and you’re always there with a supportive shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen to their woes? Yet when the time comes for them to repay the favor, and help you out with your low points, they’re nowhere to be found. You deserve better than this, and you owe it to yourself to cast this person off before they leech all your good vibes and there are none left for yourself.

4. Those Who Are Manipulative

Know anyone narcissistic who truly seems to think the World revolves around him or her? Granted, a certain level of narcissism isn’t bad, but once it gets to the individuals head and infiltrates their ego, that’s when it’s no good… and when you should avoid these kinds of ‘toxic’ people, with the narcissism acting as the poison. These types make it ‘all about them’ and you always seem to become the ‘bad guy’ despite the situation. Wizen up to their ways and leave them to it.

5. Those Who Are Overly Dramatic

Know anyone who enjoys making a scene and is always gossiping behind everyone else’s back? Who’s to say they don’t speak just as poorly about you, behind yours? These individuals have a way to go before they mature and you’re already light-years ahead of them, so try to harbor sympathy for their slow progression and find someone to spend your time with who is more ‘on your level’.

6. Those Who Play The Victim all The Time

Know anyone who can’t seem to ever do anything wrong because of course, it’s never ‘their fault’? The World is just out to get them and nobody understands. They are constantly feeling down about themselves and their life and yet, seem unwilling to make a change to improve themselves or their life in any way, despite your supportive encouragement and sagely advice. You tried, now leave them to their suffering unless (or until) they’re willing to take you seriously.

7. Those Who Criticize You Far Too Often

Know anyone who has had such an awful personal experience with their own life, they wish to bring you down to their level or make you feel bad about your own? Misery loves company, or so they say. Don’t let their behavior destroy your inner peace, and don’t let their trauma bring you down. Pull them into your peace instead, and if this doesn’t work, cut the strings of their attachment.

8. Those Who Always Find Something To Complain About

Know anyone who always finds something to complain about, no matter what the situation and no matter how small or large the complaint? Usually, it’s something entirely irrelevant or inconsequential, they simply seem to enjoy hearing themselves whine. Thoughts and words carry a vibrational frequency that has an effect on our subconscious, whether we choose to block them out or not. The safest way to ensure the negative vibes of others don’t interfere with your state of being is to remove yourself entirely from their presence.

However, when it comes to close friends and family who exhibit some or all of these traits, you must ask yourself whether keeping these individuals in your life is worth the headache (and heartache) of your soul. Perhaps keep them in your life, yet at a distance, at least until they, hopefully, realize how their words and actions have an effect on others.

If they continuously refuse to change or improve upon their faults, then there is no use allowing them to continue being a part of your journey. They will only serve to create more of a negative influence, which can hinder your happiness, progress, or productivity immensely. Either choose to put yourself at risk and help them improve, or improve upon yourself and learn to let the toxic people in your life go. 

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