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5 Common Disinformation Tactics from So-Called Debunkers and 'Sceptics' by Paul A Philips

For many, many years corporate / government owned and controlled sponsored media has successfully managed to deceive the public into believing certain untruths to be true. Whether it's through their owned and controlled TV, radio or newspapers ... the manipulation of public perception has been the key to getting the sleeping masses to believe almost anything: The 3 P's; power, political gain and profit are the reasons for this, the hidden ulterior motives.

In recent years with the coming of the internet the corporate/government owner controllers are indeed having difficulty in deceiving the public with their media untruths and keeping the lid on their hidden ulterior motives. Thanks to the steady rise in alternative media sites exposing the deceptions people are slowly waking up and seeing the 'big picture' as to what's really going on in the world.

However, to counter this, the controllers continue to unleash certain disinformation tactics on the public. Many of these tactics come from so-called debunkers that make it look as if their viewpoint on certain subject matter is very convincing. It therefore attempts to deceive the public into believing what's said is true and stop them from making further enquiries and seeing right through the holes in the plot...

I wholeheartedly encourage healthy scepticism and enquiry. However, there are certain types of sceptics that are unhealthy in that they only enquire into subjects to maintain their point of view, keeping it ridged and fixed. Also, unhealthy sceptics only challenge fringe subjects. The controllers have employed these individuals to infiltrate certain major knowledge-based websites to put out their ridged and fixed point of view which serves as disinformation tactics for the hidden controllers' agenda.

I believe these tactics manage to deceive some but in the long-term the truth will eventually find its way with the majority... 

Anyway, here are 5 of those disinformation tactics. 

1. Only cover a limited point of view

Let's say a mainstream media discussion or debate is aired. The discussion or debate is only limited to certain areas of the subject... However, this gives the illusion that all the main points are covered and anything else, any alternative views, are either apparently unimportant or not worth pursuing. 

2. 'Throw mud' on those with alternative views

As an example, let's say you have someone with innovative alternative views, an inventor with potentially humanity contributing ideas. Because these ideas if actualised would undercut the corporate controllers' major businesses then the innovator has to be stopped: So the controllers together with so-called debunkers and sceptics 'throw mud' on the inventor as an attempt to stop the inventor's project from getting recognition. 

'Throwing mud' tactics include: 

a. Using the above point 1 for deliberate invalidation, even when knowing the invention works

b. Casting personal slurs on the inventor

Like, for example, criticising the fact that the inventor is unqualified in the subject area, even when it doesn't matter; whether it comes from a 12 year old schoolboy or lifetime professor, facts are facts, and the inventor actually knows a lot related to his work...

c. Hardly ever or even never talking 'nuts and bolts' regarding the inventor's ideas.

The next tactic involves the above deception; manipulating and relying on the masses with their general ignorance and unwillingness to enquire into anything of real importance that would expose the debunkers and sceptics flaws....

3. Use of constant repetition of untruths that have grown to become truths

This is a favourite with education and media. For example, certain words or phrases serve to programme the masses into untruths...

4. Use of ridiculous statements

Deliberately putting out ridiculous statements; publically claiming that there are those who believe these things. The effect is to cast a slur on a particular group but they (the group) don't actually believe it! For example, I heard a ridiculous statement the other day said by the so-called debunkers / sceptics that there are those into natural health who believe that coconut oil cures cancer. 

No natural health expert believes this... but in line with tactic 3 (above) some of the ignorant masses will accept that they do and therefore the disinformation has worked in invalidating natural health and its advocates. The controllers know natural health is an effective way to fight illness but is a threat because it is cheap and can undercut their medical/pharmaceutical business. 

5. Secret infiltration, takeover and control of media information sources

There are certain well-known information websites that have for many years taken the neutral viewpoint but in recent years have become more and more secretly infiltrated by debunkers and sceptics hidden ulterior motives. 

All in all

The point of me writing this is to help you the reader to learn to discern disinformation from truth. Learn that the controllers with their so-called debunkers and 'sceptics' have a game going here and truth has been overridden by power, political gain and profit and if not recognised you could become a victim. Don't be fooled by those false invalidations and phoney 'points of view.'