3 Ways To Find Comfort With Your Current Life Situation

-by Breanne Katherine

Life doesn’t always go as planned and quite often it takes us places we never thought we’d end up. Sometimes it can be draining and downright disappointing, while other times it can be going well and leave us feeling on top of the moon.

Yet more often than not we come upon people who always have something to complain about, no matter how large or small that ‘something’ is. How many people do you know complain about something at least once a day? How many times do you complain about something, if even to yourself, in your own mind?

It’s human nature to want more out of life and to aspire to greater heights. To yearn for new people, places, and things and to achieve your greatest potential. Yet at the end of the day, it boils down to happiness. How happy are you, truly?

Happiness is, always was, and always will be an inside job. No matter your surroundings or the people within them. Granted, both these things may influence us greatly – yet they hold no power over us unless we allow it. We can’t always control what happens to us, what people say or how they think, but we CAN control how we react and respond. Where we place our mental focus and conscious attention. This is also known as our willpower and we can enact it at any moment, during any circumstance.

 3 Ways To Find Comfort With Your Current Life Situation…

1. Recognize Your Worth

Everything has it’s weight in gold and you and your life is no exception to this rule. In fact you are priceless, believe it or not. Adopt an attitude of gratitude for everything you are and everything you own. You’ve worked hard to be where you’re at, despite how ‘well-off’ (or not) you believe yourself to be. Yet you’re a survivor and you’ve come a long way in developing who you are as a person, so take pride in that.

Imagine if everyone you know and everything you own were to suddenly disappear. How would that make you feel in a week or even a year? Lost, lonely, and confused perhaps. Yet this isn’t your reality, instead – you are surrounded and supported by universal love and abundance so appreciate these things every single day. Fall in love with them all over again, every time.

Many people want what they can’t have, or get down on themselves for not being more successful as quickly as they’d hoped. There is nothing inherently wrong with this way of thinking, yet it does nothing to serve you mentally or emotionally. In fact, it will only serve to keep you feeling stuck in the same way of thinking until you choose to think differently.

Appreciate the small things in a whole new way and you’ll immediately feel better about any given situation or life circumstance.

Check out this BuzzFeed video about adjusting expectation versus reality, in this example, being envious of those always at the beach. There is always pros and cons to everything in life so why not appreciate all the pros more within yours?


2. Believe In Yourself

Pay close attention to your thoughts for they hold power over your reality. Everything currently within your reality is a manifestation of past thoughts. Do you always badmouth yourself and focus primarily on feelings of lack, self-doubt, or anything related to negative thinking?

Stop the cycle by taking a moment to breathe, relax, and experience pure authentic freedom of this misery-inducing mindset by believing in the power of your mental state. Thoughts are nothing more than an energetic wavelength, they hold no real basis in our reality unless we act upon them. Replace the negativity with something more substantial, while in the heat of the moment, to condition the mind into a state of patience and understanding. Make a conscious choice to do this every time and you’ll immediately feel ten times better.

3. Trust In The Universe

Align yourself with the mantra of “The universe has my back” rather than always feeling like the universe conspires against you. By focusing on all the ways your life is going downhill, you begin to careen wildly out of control in the direction of downhill! If instead you focus on moving beyond the pain of any struggles or hardships you face, you’ll not only be stronger for it but you will attract circumstances and situations that better serve you and are of benefit to your wellbeing. Consider these 6 metaphysical laws to become your greatest version and realize that where your attention goes, energy flows!

Instead, try to release any expectations and trust that everything is (and will be) exactly as it’s meant to be. Trust in your Spirit Guides and follow your passion, for your passion is your purpose.

Just when life throws you a curve ball and knocks you down a few pegs, remember these three well-known facts. Recognize your worth on this planet and how you can make a difference (however small), believe in your potential, and trust in the universe to make it happen. It takes perseverance and hard work to make your dreams a reality, let alone to find comfort with your current life situation, yet anything is possible with conscious attention and patient understanding. 


Breanne Katherine

Author at Spirit Earth Awakening

Friend of plant, animal, & mineral - and lover of all things magical. Breanne enjoys studying different avenues of thought, discovering ancient knowledge, and seeking new-age ideas. She's an advocate of peace, metaphysics, adventure, and universal change. Not to mention a passionate poetess, avid astrologer, & fellow infinite being.