10 Most Life Changing Books I’ve ever Read!

-By Paul A Philips

Whether a list has been made or not.  Indeed, some books may well have changed your life, seeing things in a totally different light...

Without further ado, here’s a sample, a list in no particular order of 10 of the most life changing books I’ve ever read and naturally would highly recommend.

1. Technocracy Rising – The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation by Patrick Woods

Those wanting to find out what’s really going on in terms of the advancing New World Order agenda and who benefits in the associated powerful bureaucratic network couldn’t do better than to read Woods’ highly important work on the darkly disturbing manipulative subject of technocracy.

Meticulously researched Woods broaches on the convoluted subject of technocracy in well-written clearly communicated fashion. Using a number of talking points including the wolf in sheep’s clothing Agenda 21, climate change pseudo science, ‘smart’ technology, sustainable development, health, biodiversity, new monetary system, business (public and private relationships), common core education, carbon credits and land greening... etc

In short, he explains how this serves as a forever tightening controlling political, economic and environmental, social engineering agenda.  

-If you still value freedom, liberty and free enterprise then this is your wakeup call; read this book and be inspired into taking action against the unscrupulous forces of globalism.

2. Health Wars by Philip Day

Health Wars is a monumental groundbreaking book that resonated with me so deeply when I first read it. It got me writing articles to spread the word on the truth about health.

It’s exposes the flaws behind the so-called sanctified pinnacles of academia and makes an out and out full blooded assault on the medical pharmaceutical establishment showing how profits have been placed above the genuine welfare concern of patients... and what you can do through knowing this. 

-If you care about your health then this is for you!

3. 1894 by George Orwell

George Orwell (real name Eric Blair 1903-1950) having been educated at the illuminati associated Eton College; a place that produced some 19 prime ministers was well connected with members of the ruling elite. He was a member of the Fabian Society rubbing shoulders with the likes of Aldus Huxley author of 'Brave New World...' 

Published in 1949 not long before his death (at 46 years old) Orwell's envisioned futuristic nightmare classic novel '1984' about a totalitarian state was something already planned for and is still ongoing today. It has been said that it was code-named the year 1984 because it marks the Fabian society's centenary. The novel is an expose of the secret planned agenda by the ruling elite and their associates, serving as a warning to us that we need to do something to prevent its manifestation.

Consistent with Orwell's 1984, today we are living in a highly deceptive manipulative political world with all its propaganda and doublespeak spun for example by the 'ministry of truth' which is really nothing more than the 'ministry of lies...' 

4. The Biggest Secret by David Icke

Since this book concerns every man, women and child... this is an absolute must read.

Historically and up to recent times this book covers the gamut of the dark underworld of conspiracy.

It exposes in considerable comprehensive detail how interconnecting bloodlines over the millennia have controlled our planet. How they invented religions, created the enslaving monetary system, suppressed humanitarian benefitting knowledge...  

Icke goes further. He provides solutions on how humanity can free itself from the physical, mental and emotional imprisonment.  

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5. Handbook for the New Paradigm

–Authorship anonymous

I must have read this one about a dozen times. It’s the book that inspired me to get up and do something for the world, so I created a website in its name! If I had to single one book out as the most life-changing (for me) I would chose this.

Claimed to be channelled through an extraterrestrial source this uncategorised unassuming book conveys powerful messages encouraging humankind to break free of the entrapment of victimhood or victim consciousness ensnaring endless cycles of frustration and fear...  then transform and live in abundance.

With an open-minded approach readers will discover who they really are along the road while learning how to transform...

6. The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot

Talbot pieces together an engrossing book on the idea that we live in a holographic universe based on the work of physicists David Bohm and Karl Pribram. The theory embraces the idea that the material universe including our reality is an illusory holographic projection from a multidimensional source that transcends space and time... Could we be subjects in some way advanced hi-tech computer game? –who really knows..?

The book extends the holographic theory and the nature of reality into incorporating near death experiences, telepathy, paranormal phenomena, clairvoyance, hypnosis, spontaneous healing, psycho kinesis and much more...

Hardened scientists have criticised the book for being populist or shallow while some have described it as a paradigm shifting work that should not be dismissed.


7.The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart

The Intention Experiment is another book like Talbot’s in that it’s a new paradigm approach helping to bridge the gap between science and spirituality using studies on human consciousness.

Basically, using the appropriate experimental set-up such as for example that in the area of health and healing, it investigates the idea that conscious intention can manifest reality with significant results.  

-Another very important groundbreaking book showing how mass consciousness can change reality.

8. The Science Delusion by Rupert Sheldrake

Indeed science has made extraordinary contributions, transformed society with its humanitarian knowledge. Its universal acceptance and influence continues unprecedentedly. However, for hundreds of years the scientific culture has been dogmatically stuck on a number of untruths. 

The extent to which the scientific culture is stuck on these untruths has never been more noticeable than today: Hardened dogmas and their limitations has put science in a situation where age-old problems are not getting solved by the current scientific paradigm. For example, major scientific problems not really getting solved such as those related to medicine; incurable diseases like cancer, heart disease and ageing illnesses... 

It's clear to me that as long as science remains stuck on old ideas now found to be untrue they will never solve these major problems. To solve these problems science must be willing to move beyond the confines of materialism and reductionism: Another area where these untruths stem from is the application of science with all its limitations and delusional beliefs used to line the pockets of greedy corporations.

To move on, science must be willing to let go of untruths be more honest and embrace a 'greater way' for a new breakthrough scientific paradigm. Then, the 'new science' will solve those problems; make even bigger contributions to humanity and make advances on understanding the nature of things and who we are... 

-Nobody could be more in line with this than Rupert Sheldrake and his book The Science Delusion is an absolute must read. The new paradi
gm science is here!

9. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins

Truly remarkable insights into how the United States made a world-wide takeover... For more information take a look at John Perkins' website by clicking on the title.

10. Memories, Dreams, Reflections by Carl Gustav Jung

The late great Swiss psychologist’s autobiography: I read many of his books when I was a student and he had a lasting effect on me. For soul searchers and those wanting to understand the human psyche this one is full of insights...

-That concludes my list

 How about you? What are your 10 most life changing books?