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Loneliness – The Dilemma of the Awakening Mind

Julian Wash
Waking Times

Today I wish to address to you a certain brand of loneliness. It is perhaps the most debilitating form of the condition. The state is sometimes referred to as “isolation” or the sense of being disconnected, apart, abandoned or simply “different” from everyone else you know. This situation is compounded when friends, co-workers and even family members begin seeing you differently. They’re not so much intrigued by your positive changes but rather disappointed by your shift in attitude and may even be concerned for your mental stability. These otherwise well-meaning souls are occasionally characterized as the “sleeping” and you may very well be part of the “awakening.”

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Why It’s Time to End Government-Funded Media 

-by Bill Wirtz

In the effort of maintaining “quality journalism,” publishers and journalists around the world make the case for press subsidies. In Europe, this phenomenon is largely present, with many papers completely dependent on, or even owned by, the government. But is the state really needed to produce quality content?

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Study Finds Doctors Had No Reason For Prescribing One-Third Of Opioid Prescription

-by Alanna Ketler

The opioid crisis is at an all-time high in the United States. New research shows that some doctors are part of the problem as they are prescribing opioids for no reason.

Should we be investing more research into non-addictive methods of pain control? Should there be a background check before opioid painkillers are prescribed? Is our health care system actually promoting good health? Why are these drugs legal..? -See more

Social Media Censorship—Here Are The Deep Basics

-by Jon Rappoport

Orchestrated un-creation of the fabric of free speech—this is what we’re seeing.

Several of the biggest “conservative/libertarian” figures on the Net—Alex Jones, Dennis Prager, Stefan Molyneux, among others—have recently been banned/censored by Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media companies.

When you ask why this is happening, one obvious answer pops up right away:

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Detailed look at Google's secret, censored, spying Chinese search tool 


Jack Poulson is one of several googlers to quit the company over Project Dragonfly, the company's secret plan to launch a Chinese search tool that will incorporate state surveillance and censorship on behalf of China's authoritarian government... see more

Your Life Is Not Limited To One Path

-by Joe Martino

In life, we often get stuck telling ourselves stories about what the 'best' path in life to take is. It's often based on chasing others' or societies dreams and aspirations, without looking at our own.

Do we tell ourselves what the 'right choice' or 'wrong choice' is on our own path? What is it based on? Where does our programming come from? Can we not let go of limiting programming? Is our programming our TRUE path? -See more

Health apps are BAD for your privacy: 80% or more share your data, research reveals

-by Michelle Simmons

A European study revealed thatmobile health apps were sending health-related data to third-party companies, harming the privacy of its users. This study was conducted by a team of researchers from the  University of Pireus in Greece and Rovira I Virgili University in Spain.

The research team analyzed 20 well-known, free mobile health apps that could be downloaded from Google Play. The studied health apps had to have at least 100,000 to 10 million downloads each and a minimum rating of 3.5 out of five (in terms of popularity). These apps managed, stored, and monitored the biomedical data of their users, such as health condition, diseases, or medical to-do lists... see more

Are You Ready for Your State Mandated Brain Implant?

-by Kurt Nimmo

Brain implants are now a reality. How long will it be before you’re ordered to have one to correct thought crime? I put together a short video exploring this topic… see more

Google's ex-CEO Eric Schmidt says the internet will split in two by 2028

-by Isobel Asher Hamilton

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that he believes the internet will split in two within a decade.

He told an audience at a private event in San Francisco that he foresees a break between the Chinese-led internet and the non-Chinese led internet.

Google has recently come under fire over plans to expand into China with "Project Dragonfly." -See more

A Huge Trap Is Ready To Start Gobbling Up Ocean Plastic “Like A Giant Pac-Man”

-by Kristin Houser via Futurism


This past weekend, a Dutch nonprofit deployed a giant floating trap into the San Francisco Bay. The organization, called The Ocean Cleanup, says that the trap will scoop up plastic debris in the Pacific Ocean... see more

42 Powerful Ways of Letting Go of Anger and Heartbreak

-byAletheia Luna

Guest writer for Wake Up World

The feeling in your chest just won’t go away, and it’s starting to slowly eat you up each day.

Longing, desire, repulsion, bitterness, heartbreak, sadness, volcanic rage — so many emotions mixed together. So much pain. So much pure and unexpressed suffering.

When will these feelings dissolve? When will you finally feel calm, grounded, and happy again? It all seems like too much for one person to carry. You just want to enjoy life again without the tormenting weight of anguish and bitterness in your chest. You just want to feel whole again... see more

Google’s New ‘Selfish Ledger’ Aims to Direct Human Evolution and Track Your Entire Life

Makia Freeman

The Selfish Ledger is the title of a leaked Google video released earlier this year in May 2018. Now, a few months later, it’s worth taking a closer look at this apparently leaked vid. The title is quite innocuous and not so fitting, belying the creepy agenda of military fund-seeded Google to control and own you by taking over your data. This will be a digital, corporate-owned ledger... 

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