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Enlightened being, new paradigm, awakened being, self-realization, awareness, self, consciousness, reality, true self, enlightenment Caption: Words and image design by Brian Thompson

You are already an awakened and enlightened being

-by Brian Thompson

You are already an awakened and enlightened being, you've just forgotten your original nature.

You don't self-realize it, though, because you suffer from a severe habit of misperception, and it seems to obscure your otherwise-perfect presence of unbound clarity.

You believe you are missing something, but nothing is hidden from you whatsoever, and yet, you think there is.

You have learned to trust the mind's false projections, rather than realizing the beautiful emptiness in which all of its thoughts and beliefs appear... see more

Certain U.S. Airlines Are Testing Mandatory Facial Recognition Scans On Americans Flying Abroad

-by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg

Just when you thought air travel couldn’t get any more invasive, authoritarian and downright miserable, the Department of Homeland Security and two U.S. carriers are determined to prove you wrong.

Yesterday, Harrison Rudolph, a law fellow at the Center on Privacy & Technology at Georgetown Law, wrote a very troubling article at Slate titled, DHS Is Starting to Scan Americans’ Faces Before They Get on International Flights. Here’s some of what we learned: See more

An In-Depth Look At The Deep State & Shadow Government

-by Kalee Brown

You may have noticed that the shadow government is frequently referred to as the deep state, the cabal, the Illuminati, and the elite. We often use these words synonymously, though some of these terms have slightly different meanings.

If you’re unfamiliar with the true meanings of these terms, then this article is for you! This article will examine what the shadow government is, what people and which companies fall within it, and how they gained so much control over the U.S. government and society in general.

What Do “Shadow Government” and “Deep State” Mean? -See more

Ecuador Holds World Reforestation Record For Planting 647,250 Trees In A Single Day

-by Anna Hunt

A record set by the people of Ecuador is one of the most impressive in the Guinness Book of World Records still stands. In just one day in 2015, thousands of volunteers from around the country planted 647,250 trees in over 150 locations.


Ecuador is one of the country’s that’s been most significantly affected by deforestation. Oil exploration and the logging industry, as well as urban development, have resulted in cutting down of thousands of acres of forest…

-See more


Are You Creative? Do These 12 Characteristics Of A Creative Person Describe You?

-By Paul A Philips

..While there is no stereotypical personality type there are certain tell-tale signs or characteristics that describe a creative person. Here are those tell-tale signs or characteristics. Do they describe you..?

-See more:

Godzilla Amazon: The Amount of Power in Jeff Bezos' Hands Should Frighten All

Amazon very effectively uses technology and data to sidestep traditional restrictions on monopoly power.


-by Matt Stoller / The Huffington Post

Amazon very effectively uses technology and data to sidestep traditional restrictions on monopoly power.

To understand the depth and breadth of Jeff Bezos’ ambitions for the company...

-See more

Oblivion Or Utopia – Evolving Beyond The Divide And Conquer Mindset

-by Gary ‘Z’ McGee

“Either war is obsolete or man is. To evolve beyond war, is to choose oblivion over utopia.”

Buckminster Fuller

Let’s make something clear, here at the outset. Concepts like perfection, enlightenment, and utopia are unattainable. But, and here’s the rub, that fact is irrelevant regarding the human pursuit of progressive evolution. Sure, we may not ever be perfect, but we should always strive to do the best we can at any given task. We may not become a perfect chess player, but we can try to become a great chess player, or even the best. Similarly, we may not ever become enlightened but we can become the most enlightened version of ourselves... see more

Standing Rock Wins First Legal Victory Against The Dakota Access Pipeline

-by Kalee Brown

In 2016, we witnessed an incredible environmental movement as people from all over the world flew to Standing Rock to stand in solidarity, fighting against the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL). Though President Obama halted construction of the pipeline in response to the overwhelming number of protestors, President Trump shifted the waters by ordering the pipeline to move forward... see more

7 Things You Must Know To Be A Free-Thinker

-by Shift

We all have a certain degree of admiration for those forward-thinkers who were ahead of their time or for those free-spirited individuals who had the courage, the will and the foresight to speak out their minds despite risking being labelled as non-conformists and cast to the outer fringes of society.

Well, truth be told, that is never a real threat for free thinkers. Actually that is where they belong and makes them what they are. Free-thinkers breathe and thrive at the margins of society where structure and chaos cross at the borderline. If you want to be a free thinker, embrace chaos, novelty, disruptive change and non-conformity. Free-thinkers live on the brink of social breakdown. They live on the edge, away from the anaesthesia of normalcy and institutionalised control.

They are not held captive by the rigid walls of the dominating worldview. They do not fear change, poverty or conspiracy. If you want to free your thinking and become an agent of change and novelty, there are 7 things you need to recognise and understand: See more

 BRAINWASHED Climate Change Activists: Supporting that which will Collapse our world: Carbon Dioxide Reductions

-by Vicki Batts

If there is one thing people ought to know by now, it’s that you can’t believe everything you see on TV or read on the internet. But when it comes to climate change that seems to be what everyone does. In spite of the overwhelming evidence that the increased amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is encouraging the Earth to grow greener, so-called “climate activists” are still clinging tightly to the long-held belief that carbon is the devil... see more

True self, false self, ego programming, cultural conditioning, self-inquiry, spiritual awakening, self realization, new paradigm, Brian Thompson, raising awareness Caption: words & photo by Brian Thompson.

Deprogramming the Cultural Conditioning of the False Self

-by Brian Thompson

For many years I was “trying to find my self”. But to tell you the truth, I had no idea what I was actually looking for, so I never found anything other than endless headaches and infinite questions.

I scrambled around and made a mess of things, inside and out, all while trying to find myself as if I had somehow been lost (which it turns out, I was). I was like a dog chasing my tail... see more

Human Rights Activists Are Asking 8 Countries How Much They Spy on Each Other’s Citizens

-by Alexa Erickson

There is much to celebrate about technology. It has brought noteworthy advances and conveniences into our lives. However, these benefits come with a cost: our privacy. WikiLeaks, for instance, has revealed just how much privacy we are giving up, with one example being the CIA using popular TVs, smartphones, and cars to spy on their owners... see  more

If DNA Is Software Who Wrote The Code?

-by Tom BunzeL

Recently an article in SF Gate by Deepak Chopra and Pankaj S. Joshi, PhD – “Can There Be a Science of Consciousness?” — had this amazing quote: “By taking for granted the obvious fact that it takes a mind to do science, we’ve reached the point where science is leaving out the very component that might answer the questions that urgently need answering, not because philosophy demands it but because science does.” -See more

Opposite of 9/11: Two Buildings in 48 Hours Engulfed in Flames, Neither Collapse into Own Footprint

-bClaire Bernish via thefreethoughtproject.com

London’s Grenfell Tower burned for over 24 hours, a massive and deadly blaze so intense, it swiftly charred nearly the entire 1,000-unit structure — consuming newly-installed aluminum outer panels and virtually anything in its path — leaving at least 17 dead, injuring scores more, and igniting a political firestorm in the process.

But the 24-story building — its apartments gutted beyond repair — did not crumble into its own footprint... see more

Top Monsanto executive appears on Fox News to promote newest unlabeled GMOs in our food supply

When people first began educating themselves on the true state of the U.S. food supply, it was a rude awakening for many.

Genetically engineered food ingredients (also known as GMOs or genetically modified organisms) are rampant, with over 90 percent of the corn and soy crops now genetically engineered, and these and other GMOs find their way into large percentages of all packaged food on store shelves.

These GMO ingredients found their way into the food supply in large part due to secrecy (a lack of labeling in particular).

While consumers have fought back by buying non-GMO and organic foods more than ever, a bold new era in GMO technology is on its way — and as usual, no labeling will be required... see more

The Mandela Effect: Is it bad memory or an alternate reality?

 -by Lori Alton

(NaturalHealth35) Full disclosure: If you prefer to keep your sense of reality – and your cherished memories – intact, you may want to skip this article. If, on the other hand, you want to explore the fascinating phenomenon that is the “Mandela Effect” – and even take a quiz – read on... see more

Babies born today May Never Experience the Freedom of Driving

-by Tim Wesley

One of the milestones in a young adult’s life is learning how to drive. Driving serves as a rite of passage for many teens because it paves the path to adulthood. Add the fact that being behind the wheel always brings a certain kind of thrill. However, with the proliferation of self-driving cars, babies born today may never experience the joy of driving a car... see more