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Mind, Self, Spirit and Soul: What’s the Difference?

-by  Mateo Sol

Matilde, one of our readers from Switzerland recently asked:

“What’s the difference between the mind, body, spirit, soul and the self? In an article, you say that we should question who we are and that we will discover that we are not our minds, but that we are nothing and everything at the same time. But what about the soul? Is the soul individual? Are we all separate souls? Or are we the self, and we are all one?”

I’ve come across this question a few times on lonerwolf.com. Knowing the difference can liberate you from who you think you are, to love who you truly are... see more

U.S. National Debt Now Equivalent to the Amount of Money Missing From the Treasury

-by Isaac Davis

Waking Times

In March of 2018, the U.S. national debt topped $21 trillion dollars, and now the average debt liability for an individual taxpayer is projected to be $161,022 by 2019. This means that every American taxpayer pretty much owes the government a house, when you consider that the median house price is around $200,000... see more

Only YOU Can Save The Independent Media!

-by Derrick Broze

Alternative and independent media often report stories and dissect narratives which directly counter the political establishment and mainstream media. This makes us an even greater target for censorship... see more

The Federal Reserve: Secretly Sticking It To Americans For Over 100 Years

-by Clint Siegner

In the aftermath of the 2008 Financial Crisis, the private Federal Reserve bank cartel was front and center as a target for public outrage.

Former U.S. Congressman Ron Paul’s “End the Fed” message suddenly resonated. Americans hated Fed officials bailing out the banksters – richly rewarding them for crooked and irresponsible behavior which helped create the crisis... see more

What Does Epigenetics Mean for Humanity’s Awakening?

-by Derrick Broze

New scientific research is causing scientists to rethink what they believe about the static nature of genes. What do these discoveries mean for a species increasingly facing environmental and political calamity?

Ongoing discoveries regarding how environmental factors can affect life on the genetic level are causing many scientists and researchers to rethink the notion that the genetic makeup of an individual is static and unchanging... see more 

World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Ship

-by  Kwame Oluwasomi

The Energy Observer is a specially adapted race boat that runs purely on hydrogen. It is set for a 6 year voyage and at the helm is Victorien Erussard, an offshore racer and merchant naval officer. Second in charge is Jérôme Delafosse, a professional driver and wildlife documentary producer. The French team are being backed by Toyota – a company already well versed in hydrogen technology… see more

How the Pole Shift is Affecting Humanity and the Planet

-by Open

Although the current Pole Shift on Earth has been spoken of many times before, I do not believe the full magnitude of the effects have been truly hoisted on board, or how this current one, combined with abrupt climate changes and Gaia’s 5D shift, creates the ‘perfect 3D storm’ scenario. We must understand how it is increasingly not only affecting the precious biosphere in which we live, but also the electromagnetic affects it has on the bodymind, and how it impacts our psyche...

-See more

What Would A Monsanto-Bayer Merger Really Grow?

-by Courtney Lindwall, NRDC

megamerger between two of the world’s biggest agricultural corporations looms on the horizon. The seed and pesticide giant Monsanto is inching closer to uniting with the German pharmaceutical and chemical company Bayer—a consolidation that could spell disaster for farmers, pollinators, and affordable, healthy food…

-See more

Best Ways To Get Your News Without Relying On Facebook

-by Alanna Ketler


The Facts:

The way people get news these days is changing. Facebook is no longer a viable option to learn about current events and news, as publishers have been shut out of the newsfeed.

Reflect On:

Have your habits been to get all of your news from Facebook? If so, switch it up and subscribe to mailing lists. Or better yet, go to websites directly to get your news.

If you have been an avid reader and supporter of Collective Evolution over the years, then you may have noticed how drastically our reach has dropped. Do you see new article posts from CE on your Newsfeed on Facebook? The chances are relatively slim, as Facebook has essentially cut down all organic reach for sites and pages like ours, all in the name of preventing “Fake News.”  But in reality it’s to push brands to pay for content boosts.

Is This Censorship..?  See more

Enlightenment: It’s All Within

-by Wes Annac

The answers you seek live within you, in the consciousness that comprises who you are as a human and spiritual being.

We tend to search for fulfillment everywhere but the one place we find it in abundance: in ourselves. We accumulate external things in hopes that they’ll fill the void within, unaware that true fulfillment comes from exploring that sense of emptiness.

Spiritual seekers are no different, as we also avoid the emptiness with external things we believe will increase or enhance our spirituality. Crystals are a good example. We convince ourselves they help our spiritual growth, which they can — if we don’t use them to avoid doing the difficult inner work that leads to evolution… see more

How to Make Peace with Your Past and Heal Your Life 

-by Luminita D. Saviuc 

“Make peace with your past so it won’t destroy your present.” ~ Paulo Coelho

There are many things most of us try to keep hidden from ourselves and from those around us, things that caused us so much pain and suffering. Things that are perceived by our minds as being dark, ugly and painful. Things we would rather forget happened. Things we would rather keep buried deep down inside than bring back to the surface. But the truth of the matter is that until we don’t come to terms with what happened, until we don’t cleanse ourselves, until we don’t heal all our past wounds and until we don’t bring light into our once dark world, the past will continue to haunt us... see more 

Dangerous gene-edited “Crispr” crops classified as GMO by EU – has all the U.S. biotech shills squirming like worms coated in pesticide

-by S.D. Wells

The GMO trolls at the New York Times are at it again, sowing “seeds of confusion” for the typical American consumer, who doesn’t even know what genetic engineering really means, much less gene editing “technology.” A recent European ruling has all the biotech shills throwing their usual temper tantrums, simply because gene editing has been tossed under the danger umbrella with the genetic modification (a.k.a. recombinant DNA mutation) of crops and produce, and rightly so... see more

Dad-Designed Floating Drone Could Prevent Dozens of Potential Drownings (Video)

-by Amanda Froelich

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: after turning their attention away from the swimming pool for one moment, their child suddenly disappears. Gripped by terror, the adult’s first reaction may be to dive into the pool to rescue their kid. While this course of action often works, it’s not foolproof. It’s for this reason that a new drone invention, which was developed by a concerned dad, should be met with applause... see more (video)

Facebook to Banks: Give Us Our Users‘ Financial Data and We’ll Let Them Bank with Facebook

Source: Boing Boing

Facebook wants to "deepen user engagement" with Messenger, and to that end, it's been pitching America's giant banks on joint enterprises where Facebook will get to see all your financial info (especially info on where you're shopping and what you're buying) to help it suck you into using Messenger for longer... see more