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                            Tuesday 19th  June 2018

How to Almost Completely Erase Your Digital Footprint

-by Sara Tipton

'A real, Step-by-Step approach to removing your online imprint. 

Although its almost impossible to completely wipe out your entire digital footprint as if you’ve never had access to the internet, but you can get close. If you’d like to make an attempt to completely remove yourself from the internet, we’ve got a few tips and tricks that could help you along the way... see more 

Legal-Ade Is Here To Help When City Enforcers Fine Kids For Lemonade Stands

-by Heather Callaghan

It’s probably no surprise to you that Natural Blaze vehemently opposes the rash of lemonade stand shutdowns dotting the “Land of the Free.” Not only does it quash the entrepreneurial spirit, but it also erodes the innocence and empowerment of children who start lemonade stands to help other children in need… see more

Reduce your risk of heart disease by loading up on bananas and avocados

-by Frances Bloomfield

When it comes to heart health, a person’s diet plays a crucial role. Eating a good amount of heart-healthy foods like tuna, nuts, berries, and oatmeal is known to keep the heart in tip-top shape. But there are two other foods that also do a good job of protecting the heart: bananas and avocados... see more

Mind Power: Mindfulness proven, again, to be effective as pharma drugs for mental health

-by Isabelle Z.

If you’ve dismissed mindfulness as a fad, you could be missing out on a very valuable tool for your mental health. In fact, it can be just as effective as the gold standard therapy – individual cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) – for a range of psychiatric symptoms, according to a new study published in European Psychiatrysee more

Bilderberg and the Digital New World Order

Truthstream Media

World's Millionaires and Billionaires Now Control Half the World's Personal Wealth, New Analysis Shows

"The rich are getting a lot richer and doing so a lot faster."

-by Jessica Corbett

Millionaires and billionaires own nearly half of all the world's personal wealth, which reached $201.9 trillion last year, according to a new report from Boston Consulting Group... see more

2018 World Cup Football: A Classic Case of Divide and Rule

-By Paul A. Philips

“Give the people bread and circuses and they shall never revolt.”


Another World Cup football competition has begun. This time it is indeed in Russia. Knowing that the competition will keep the masses heavily focussed on the games will be quite pleasing for the world’s ruling elite (or whatever you want to call them). As with all sports, they know that these Bread and Circuses games serve as a distraction: A way of disempowering the masses by getting them to focus their attention away from the things that really matter... see more

Scientists WARN: Genetic editing of humans with “CRISPR” technology may lead to generation of cancer sufferers

-by Vicki Batts

CRISPR-Cas9 is a budding technology, with proponents singing its praises for the last few years. But it turns out this “promising” advancement comes with some unintended side effects – like the potential to cause cancer in a whole generation of humans (if not more). It appears the more we learn about CRISPR, the darker and more dangerous it seems to get... see more 

8 Comics Showing How Much Today’s Childhood Differs From Ours

-by Richard Enos

In Brief

The Facts: The childhood experience today is inevitably affected by–and sometimes even centered on–technology.

Reflect On: What is technology giving to our children, and what is it taking away? Should we be more proactive about our children’s exposure to technology..?

–See more

Are IQs Really Dropping? - #NewWorldNextWeek


Welcome back to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week…

China's Surveillance State Is Using RFID Chips to Track Cars' Movements

-by Zerohedge

China, the world's most populous country, continues to devise new methods of keeping tabs on its 1.4 billion citizens. And after the Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week about a powerful new spy camera devised by a team of researchers at Duke University who had, incidentally, received funding from the US government, America's business newspaper of record is back with another stunning report, this time about how China is establishing a new system to track cars using electronic tags. Indeed, WSJ describes the plan to "improve public security", which will also purportedly help ease extreme congestion in the largest Chinese cities...

-See more

How You Can Undermine the ‘Evil Cabal’

-by Dylan Charles

Over the years, the description of the tyrants and psychopaths that so often occupy positions of power in our world has evolved, and today it is fashionable to refer to this nebulous group by using the term ‘Evil Cabal.’

-See more

Billions of microplastics flooding our seas, scientists warn that environmental pollution is worse than initially thought

-by David Williams

It is well-known that plastic contributes a great deal to worldwide pollution problems, not just on land but also in the world’s seas and oceans. Now a team of researchers has revealed that the problem of plastic pollution in Earth’s bodies of water may be much worse than previously thought... see more

‘Beautiful game’ has become the Illuminati’s play thing…..

-by John Brindley

Britain’s mega rich elite has been gatecrashed in recent years by a load of commoners kicking a bag of wind about.

But don’t expect too much green-eyed monster treatment from those who honestly make their millions and billions through birthright, shady stock market deals or lucrative bonuses when they hear Manchester United’s Alexis Sanchez is on a reported £600,000 a week… see more

You've Felt It Your Entire Life

Collective Evolution

Something you have felt for many years, but didn't quite know what it was...

ITIF Claims Police Use Of Amazon Rekognition Is “Patriotic”

Source: Mass Private I

A few weeks ago, the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) released a letter claiming that Amazon’s Rekognition technology was “patriotic and can benefit society”...see more

Undermining a self-sustaining system: A look at the reasons why modern medicine will NEVER be okay with natural health

-by Tracey Watson

Every single one of us is involved in a war that we probably know nothing about. There are villains and heroes on both sides of the battle, and the battleground is littered with landmines that have to be navigated every single day. What is this war? The epic battle between conventional medicine and natural health... see more

You Are The One – The Universe is Moving Within You

-by Open

Contributing writer for 

Wake Up World

Great shifts of consciousness are happening out there in the field, and felt deeply within our very cells too. A Great Realignment is taking place that evolving people are experiencing in every aspect of their lives: in relationships, careers and general living circumstances.

Everything is of consciousness, and so as we emerge from the old paradigm, the very fabric upon which our lives have been founded is unravelling... see more 

Everything You Know is Changing! (2018-2019)

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