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                             Friday 23rd  March 2018

Famous psychiatrist warns that increased use of psychiatric drugs will translate to more mass shootings

-by Tracey Watson

The psychiatric/pharmaceutical drug industry is worth a staggering $80 billion a year in sales alone, and Washington is literally crawling with lobbyists who have seemingly bottomless pots of cash to smooth the regulatory path for drug manufacturers. This has led to a situation in which the politicians tasked with protecting some of the most vulnerable people in the nation – those with mental health issues – have adopted a “see no evil, hear no evil approach.” They happily look the other way as doctors and psychiatrists continue to prescribe antidepressant and anti-anxiety drugs despite their dangerous side effects, which include mania, violence, psychosis and homicidal ideation (the desire to commit murder)... see more

EU Approves Controversial Bayer-Monsanto Merger

-by Lorraine Chow

The European Union approved Bayer's takeover of Monsanto, a major hurdle in the $66 billion merger that would create the world's largest integrated seed and pesticide conglomerate.

The European Commission said the German chemical-maker's takeover of the St. Louis-based agribusiness giant is "conditional on an extensive remedy package, which addresses the parties' overlaps in seeds, pesticides and digital agriculture."

-See more

Why Global Elites Want You Censored and Stupid!


Uber Halts Nationwide Testing Of Self-Driving Vehicles Following Death of Pedestrian

-by Nicholas West

Even as robotics experts, universities and tech luminaries sound the alarm about the potential for a future filled with killer robots powered by artificial intelligence, this technology already has arrived … minus the stringent ethics... see more

Adidas Sold 1 Million Shoes Made From Ocean Plastic In 2017

-by Amanda Froelich

Truth Theory

Adidas is following through with its commitment to turn plastic pollution into high-performance products. And clearly, consumers are eager to take part. In 2017, the global brand sold 1 million shoes made from ocean plastic... see more

7 Reasons Why Transhumanism is the Greatest Threat to the Human Race

-by Paul A Philips

A number of people see transhumanism and artificial intelligence as a way of “upgrading” humans, rather like a software programme needing improvement. Some proponents go as far as to say that it will in time lead us into having extraordinary capabilities beyond our present imagination… Arguably, these people are not interested in the current state of the human species, ignoring those inherent qualities we already have. Because of this, transhumanism is therefore a trap. It will lead the human race in the disastrously wrong direction.

In light of this, here are 7 disturbing reasons explaining why transhumanism is said to be the greatest threat to the human race and what needs to be done to prevent it... see more

TRANSCENDENCE: Elon Musk, WW3 & Digital Human Cloning

Truth Happens

Viewer discretion is advised @ 9:49 13:17 in the video. This was included in the video as evidence.

Edward Snowden: Facebook Is A Surveillance Company Rebranded As “Social Media”

-by Tyler Durden

NSA whistleblower and former CIA employee Edward Snowden slammed Facebook in a Saturday tweet following the suspension of Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL) and its political data analytics firm, Cambridge Analytica, over what Facebook says was imporoper use of collected data… see more

University Scientist fired after discovering shocking dinosaur bones believed to be only 4,000 years old

-by Jonathan Benson

A recent archaeological discovery that throws a wrench into the conventional theory of evolution has reportedly cost a California professor his job. Mark Armitage, a former scientist at California State University, Northridge (CSUN), was reportedly fired after claiming to have unearthed a dinosaur fossil that still contains soft, flexible tissue, suggesting that it can't be millions of years old... see more

Lack of exercise is the fourth leading risk factor for premature death

-by Lori Alton

At first glimpse, there would seem to be nothing inherently dangerous about sitting in a chair or sofa, watching TV or working on a laptop – right? But, appearances can be deceiving – especially if you don’t exercise on a regular basis... see more

12 Ways Successful People Deal With Toxic People

-by Shift

Toxic people defy logic. Some are blissfully unaware of the negative impact that they have on those around them, and others seem to derive satisfaction from creating chaos and pushing other people’s buttons. Either way, they create unnecessary complexity, strife, and, worst of all, stress… see more 

Two Faces to Every Coin, Two Sides to Every Issue, Two Choices on Every Path


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix 

New Study Finds Antidepressants To Be “Largely Ineffective And Potentially Dangerous”

-by Alex Pietrowski

The first two pharmaceutical antidepressants were clinically introduced in the 1950’s, and the conditions they were supposed to treat would have at that time been found in about 50 to 100 persons per million. Today, some 13% of Americans now take antidepressants daily, even though we don’t yet understand the long-term effects of most psychotropic drugs... see more

Why We Don’t Need the Government to Protect Us from “Polarizing” Internet Speech

-by John Samples

The evidence that this is even a problem is questionable at best.

Cass Sunstein has been for some time a capable and influential critic of individual choice and limited government. Over the past decade, he has argued that the Internet is failing liberal democracy. Left to their own preferences, he says, individuals choose to avoid political views that challenge their prior beliefs. They form filter bubbles that exclude contrary views and echo chambers that polarize debates. Both complicate solving national problems... see more

Researcher Discovers A New Non-Toxic Approach To Cancer Management

-by Anna Hunt

Dr. Dominic D’Agostino did not set out to find a treatment for cancer. Yet, during his research into the treatment of seizures, he found a possible non-toxic alternative approach to cancer management. D’Agostino discovered that eliminating carbohydrates from the diet could starve cancer cells... see more

7 Secrets to Knowing Your Higher Self

-by Asoka Selvarajah, PhD., Body Mind Soul Spirit

Each of us is connected with the Divine. The Higher Self within us far transcends the understanding of our conscious minds.

This is the power that all the great geniuses and teachers of history have accessed. It is also the place of magic and miracle in our lives. Here are the seven key steps to contact it: See more


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