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As Bezos Becomes Richest Man In Recorded History, Amazon Workers Go On Strike

-by Common Dreams

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has just become the richest man in recorded history—surpassing $150 billion in net worth—thanks to his business model of subjecting employees to low wages, brutal working conditions, and scant benefits, and on Tuesday Amazon workers throughout Europe are marking “Prime Day” by walking off the job in massive numbers to call attention to their plight…

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Too much texting creates as much neck stress as carrying 4 adult-size bowling balls on the cervical spine

-by Michelle Simmons

Texting for long periods of time can lead to neck stress. It’s like carrying four adult-size bowling balls on the cervical spine, according to a study published in Surgical Technology International. It was reported that the act of tilting the head forward when texting makes the head seem heavier than its actual weight, which in turn, can lead to problems on the neck... see more

QUIZ: Are You Consciously Alert?

-by Frank M. Wanderer

Nowadays more and more people are waking up from their deep sleep: from the identification of forms. More and more people are concerned about this: Who or what am I? I'm just the sum of my personal life story, memories, experiences, thoughts and sufferings? Or is therein me a hidden dimension of a mysterious consciousness, which is superimposed by the noise of my personal life stories..? -See more

Something is Going On! (AMERICA 2018-2019)

Jason A

Is Australia’s Vaccine Policy A Nightmare Or A “Pogrom”?

-by Catherine J. Frompovich

The term ‘pogrom’ has multiple meanings, ascribed most often to the deliberate persecution of an ethnic or religious group either approved or condoned by the local authorities. (Source)

The people of Australia are being denied by law one of the most important inalienable rights of human existence, the ability to choose how to take care of one’s children and their bodies, plus the exercise of  their basic human right to freedom of choice in healthcare… see more

There Is Now Officially 3 Times More Debt In The World Than Money

-by Bit Guru

You may well have seen in the news the last couple of days that global debt has reached another all time high. After climbing to astonishing $247 trillion when combining public debt of around $60 trillion and non-financial sector debt of about $186 trillion. This eye-watering figure also means that for the first time ever there is now officially 3 times more debt in the world than money... see more

Scientists claim they can now make babies without female eggs

-by Isabelle Z.

In a move that is casting some serious doubt on assumptions about reproduction that have been held for centuries, scientists have just managed to breed mice without the need for fertilized eggs.

The team of embryologists at the UK's University of Bath injected sperm into embryos and successfully spurred full-term development. One of the researchers, Tony Perry, told the Telegraph... see more

Transcending Inadequacy: Healing Low Self Worth, Anxiety and Depression

-by Matthew J. Holden

Inadequacy or low self worth remains one of the largest tragedies on Earth. Low self worth paralyzes one’s life with anxiety and fear, and often leads to depression. I’ve spent most of my life suffering from this condition — but solving this problem is not as difficult as it appears when we understand the science governing it... see more 

The Minds of Men | Official Trailer | Documentary by Aaron & Melissa Dykes

Truthstream Media

It's finally finished... the feature-length documentary (it's 3 hours and 42 minutes long, and no, we couldn't make it shorter, sorry) we've been working on for what seems like forever. It's up right now on Vimeo… 

We’re Living in a Deep State Paradise

-by Bill Bonner

Clowns to the left of us… jokers to the right… what a hoot it is to watch them jump and howl.

Trade barriers… LGBT bathroom policies… the Dow… Elizabeth Warren… Rudolph Giuliani… unemployment… QT [quantitative tightening]… Canadians sneaking across the border to buy our shoes – there’s no shortage of louche entertainment in yesterday’s events.

But what about tomorrow? We learn from the papers that computers can beat us at chess, write better essays, and drive our cars… see more

Starbucks Plan To Remove Plastic Straws From Their Chain By 2020

-by Kwame Oluwasomi

Starbucks plan to remove plastic straws from their chain by 2020. As told by the BBC, Starbucks’ plan is to cut an estimated 1 billion straws a year from their stores and replace them with plastic lids designed to be used either without a straw or with non-plastic straws. Requests from partners and customers led to the giant coffee shop chain choosing to remove plastic straws from their inventory... see more

Top 10 ways to avoid ever getting cancer in the first place

-by S.D. Wells

Millions of humans binge on junk food every meal and think doctors will be able to “fix” their health problems later with medicine and surgery. So what exactly is “junk food,” because most people think what they’re eating is not really “that bad.” Plus, most diets people choose are the ones that cater to their weaknesses… see more

Money Equals Energy, But Right Now, the Math Doesn’t Add Up

-by Tim Bryant

I know that a lot of people would love to live without money, but the fact is that money is a very useful tool in today’s complex world. At its root, money is the medium through which we exchange energetic value amongst each other, whether that’s by trading goods, services, or time. Money is an essential tool to any large, developed society with a robust and diverse economy... see more

Everything is a Lie


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix

YouTube Will Now Decide FOR YOU What Is And What Isn’t AUTHORITATIVE NEWS!

-by  Press For Truth

The days of “YouTube” are over and the time of “ThemTube” is upon us. On Monday July 9th on the official YouTube Blog the company announced their plan to promote and fund “authoritative” news. The mainstream media outlets are not getting the views they used to on cable television but what they do have access to is analytics and ratings and they can see that the majority of news consumers are flooding to YouTube because they no longer trust the mainstream outlets and rightly so! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over the latest YouTube announcement that they plan to fund news agencies while promoting outlets they determine to be “authoritative”.

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7 Ways in Which Your Health Freedom Is Restricted

-By Paul A Philips

Through ever increasing mandates connected to powerful lobbyists influencing healthcare policy in favour of Big Pharma’s profit machine and other giant greed-driven corporations, your health freedom and choices over what you can do with your body is becoming more and more restricted.

The globalists promoting their limited healthcare system don’t care if the treatment offered is not as efficacious as alternative medicine or may be ineffective, lacking in sound science, or even potentially destructive. –Quite simply, they want you to accept it, whether you like it or not. 

-In effect, this means you’re obligated to partake in a healthcare system that puts profits before the real welfare concern of people.   

Given this, here are just 7 ways in which your health freedom is restricted and what actions need to be taken... see more

Monsanto may soon face “FLOOD” of lawsuits from cancer victims of Roundup herbicide

 -by Isabelle Z.

 Monsanto, the maker of the world’s most popular weed killer Roundup, could soon be facing an unrelenting flood of lawsuits from people who got cancer from their product.

…a federal judge decided to allow three expert witnesses to give their testimony pertaining to Roundup’s carcinogenicity… see more 

3 Ways To Find Comfort With Your Current Life Situation

-by Breanne Katherine

Happiness is, always was, and always will be an inside job. No matter your surroundings or the people within them. Granted, both these things may influence us greatly – yet they hold no power over us unless we allow it. We can’t always control what happens to us, what people say or how they think, but we CAN control how we react and respond. Where we place our mental focus and conscious attention. This is also known as our willpower and we can enact it at any moment, during any circumstance.

 3 Ways To Find Comfort With Your Current Life Situation… see more

"Q - The Plan to Save the World" - Red PILL or Red FLAG???


If you believe my opinion on this is misguided, I welcome honest debate and dialogue based on logic, not emotion. I do NOT seek to tear anybody down with this video. I simply seek the truth. If my assessment is wrong, I'm open for correction…