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Google's ex-CEO Eric Schmidt says the internet will split in two by 2028

-by Isobel Asher Hamilton

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that he believes the internet will split in two within a decade.

He told an audience at a private event in San Francisco that he foresees a break between the Chinese-led internet and the non-Chinese led internet.

Google has recently come under fire over plans to expand into China with "Project Dragonfly." -See more

Flu vaccine propaganda: Real science vs the CDC

-by Vicki Batts

The great campaign to coax more Americans into getting a flu shot seems to get more aggressive every year. As the mainstream media continues to push the narrative that flu vaccines are some sort of miraculous tool for keeping illness at bay, vaccine skeptics like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. are speaking out – and shedding light on the real truth about the flu shot, and the CDC and pharma industry’s tactics to keep you compliant with their agenda...

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The Dinosaur Media Learns of its Own Extinction

Corbett Report Extras

The fake establishment lapdog corporate crony mockingbird mouthpiece dinosaur media has finally learned that no one pays attention to the fake establishment lapdog corporate crony mockingbird mouthpiece dinosaur media anymore… 

A Huge Trap Is Ready To Start Gobbling Up Ocean Plastic “Like A Giant Pac-Man”

-by Kristin Houser via Futurism


This past weekend, a Dutch nonprofit deployed a giant floating trap into the San Francisco Bay. The organization, called The Ocean Cleanup, says that the trap will scoop up plastic debris in the Pacific Ocean... see more

Well Over 8 Million U.S. Children Now On Psychiatric Drugs

-by Paul A Philips

Not just the U.S., but the rest of the Western World, alarmingly, over the last 15 years the consistently sharp increases in child mental disorders have now reached epidemic levels. 1 in 5 children have been diagnosed with a mental health problem. In turn, more children than ever before are on psychiatric drugs… see more

42 Powerful Ways of Letting Go of Anger and Heartbreak

-byAletheia Luna

Guest writer for Wake Up World

The feeling in your chest just won’t go away, and it’s starting to slowly eat you up each day.

Longing, desire, repulsion, bitterness, heartbreak, sadness, volcanic rage — so many emotions mixed together. So much pain. So much pure and unexpressed suffering.

When will these feelings dissolve? When will you finally feel calm, grounded, and happy again? It all seems like too much for one person to carry. You just want to enjoy life again without the tormenting weight of anguish and bitterness in your chest. You just want to feel whole again... see more

Scientists Want to Turn Consciousness On and Off Like a Light Switch

Truthstream Media

Google’s New ‘Selfish Ledger’ Aims to Direct Human Evolution and Track Your Entire Life

Makia Freeman

The Selfish Ledger is the title of a leaked Google video released earlier this year in May 2018. Now, a few months later, it’s worth taking a closer look at this apparently leaked vid. The title is quite innocuous and not so fitting, belying the creepy agenda of military fund-seeded Google to control and own you by taking over your data. This will be a digital, corporate-owned ledger... 

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Coca-Cola looking to infuse popular beverages with CBD from cannabis

-by Vicki Batts

Coca-Cola is looking to enter the budding cannabis industry with a line of specialty beverages. With annual soda sales dropping year after year, the promise of the booming marijuana market is no doubt appealing. Coca-Cola recently revealed that they are in “talks” with a Canadian cannabis company known as Aurora Cannabis Inc. The renowned soda manufacturer says that they are interested in developing CBD-infused drinks. It is no surprise that Coke is looking to capitalize on cannabis hype… see more

New Report: Artificial Intelligence Will Handle 52% Of Current Work Tasks By 2025

-by Mac Slavo

A new World Economic Forum study has concluded that robots and artificial intelligence will handle about 52% of current work tasks by the year 2025.  That’s almost twice as many as they already currently handle.

Although AI is expected to generate about 58 million jobs, it will also decimate the middle class, according to the Internet of Business. The WEF report, The Future of Jobs 2018, predicts that 75 million jobs will be displaced by AI, robotics, and automation, but suggests that 133 million new jobs may be created as organizations attempt to shift the balance between human workers and machines: a net gain of 58 million jobs.  But they also predict that this shift will be a bloodbath for the already hard-hit middle class...

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Spirit Led Activism – The True Power Of The People

-by Julian Rose, Contributor
Waking Times 

As the world is driven into a state of chaos by a combination of top down despotism and bottom up politically correct pacifism, seekers of ‘the path’ sit in the lotus position contemplating their navels or drifting into the ether of another world... see more



BPA-Free Plastics Disrupt Fertility

-by Andy Coghlan

Many plastic bottles are sold as “BPA-free” — meaning they don’t contain bisphenol A, an ingredient known to disrupt reproduction in mice. But now it seems that the additives used in place of BPA are potentially just as harmful.

“The discovery could mean that the replacements, such as bisphenol S (BPS), might potentially affect people if they leach out into food or drink... see more

Transcending Inadequacy: Healing Low Self Worth, Anxiety and Depression

-by Matthew J. Holden

Inadequacy or low self worth remains one of the largest tragedies on Earth. Low self worth paralyzes one’s life with anxiety and fear, and often leads to depression. I’ve spent most of my life suffering from this condition — but solving this problem is not as difficult as it appears when we understand the science governing it… see more 

Watch This and Know the Truth! (2018)

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