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                            Saturday - 25th  November 2017  

Buyers beware of online scams: 5 fraud-busting tips for your online shopping this season

-by Zoey Sky

If you don’t feel like waiting in line for hours just to buy holiday gifts, you’re probably considering doing some online shopping instead. But before you buy anything online, check out this list of five tips to help you avoid online scams...

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Genetically modified humans now a reality as China tests gene editing on people

-by Ethan Huff

Rejecting the inherent ability of the human immune system to naturally fight disease on its own, researchers out of China have taken nature to task by introducing a new set of genetic modification techniques that they claim will “enhance” the ability of the human body to attack and destroy cancer cells… see more

Anonymous- Did You Know This Technology Existed?

Anonymous Global

These Tiny Grassroots Movements Are Making a Big Bang

-by Carolanne Wright

From Little Free Libraries to buy-nothing projects, these tiny grassroots movements are making a big bang.

While I’ve been aware of this grassroots movement for quite some time, it wasn’t until I began digging a little deeper that I realized how widespread it has become in communities across the nation. What’s more, I learned it’s not just little libraries mushrooming throughout the U.S. — little free seed libraries, food pantries, buy-nothing projects and tool libraries are also taking hold, bringing communities together and challenging the idea of consumerism... see more

What Is the Real Secret of the Georgia Guidestones?

Truthstream Media

FDA, DEA running conspiracy to criminalize Kratom to protect Big Pharma’s obscene opioid profits

-by JD Heyes

Federal agencies who have declared a national emergency over the burgeoning opioid epidemic are simultaneously continuing to criminalized kratom, which is a non-addictive, natural plant that has allowed scores of Americans to be weaned off their opioid addictions... see more

The Deep State Institutions That Make Up The “Secret Government”

-by Arjun Walia

The Deep State refers to a coordinated effort by career government employees and other individuals to influence state policy without regard for democratically elected leadership.

“Democracy is popular because of the illusion of choice and participation it provides, but when you live in a society in which most people’s knowledge of the world extends as far as sports, sitcoms, reality shows, and celebrity gossip, democracy becomes a very dangerous idea. Until people are properly educated and informed, instead of indoctrinated to be ignorant mindless consumers, democracy is nothing more than a clever tool used by the ruling class to subjugate the rest of of us.”

– Gavin Nascimento

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Hey McDonald’s — Just Because You Have A Vegan Burger Doesn’t Mean Vegans Will Eat It

-by Alanna Ketler

As a teenager I worked at McDonald’s. I became an expert in the drive-thru and even received a round of applause from the staff once during a busy lunch rush for taking every order effectively and without making a single mistake. I loved this job at the time, as it was a lot of fun. Yet I remember the day I questioned why we didn’t have a vegetarian menu, to which my manager responded, “People who don’t eat meat wouldn’t want to eat at McDonald’s even if there were a vegetarian option.” And you know what? I couldn’t agree more…

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Can Digital Photography Actually PROVE That We Are Energy Beings?

-by Alexis Brooks

We are energy beings and as Cynthia Sue Larson explains, photography can actually “expose” these other dimensions of self.

Many have long known that we are energy beings. You’ve heard it before, “We are not a human being having a spiritual experience – we are a spiritual being having a human experience.” And as cliche as this may sound, now with our ever advancing technology, including and especially digital cameras, we are seeing direct evidence that this (that we are energy beings) is true... see more

Dr. Joe Dispenza - TED Talks with Dr. Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe Dispenza Videos

TED Talks with Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Joe Dispenza explains the healing process in great detail, how it works scientifically, where we must focus our efforts. I suggest you watch this until you begin to understand it…

Study Of 2000 Cardiac Arrest Patients Demonstrates Consciousness Exists Well Beyond Physical Death

-by Anna Hunt

What makes us who we are? The psyche – the self – has been a mystery for ages. Now, an intensive care doctor and his team have found a way to start answering at least some of the countless questions surrounding the mystery of consciousness. Through their research, Dr. Sam Parnia and his colleagues have confirmed that consciousness continues to exist, even when the body and the brain die...

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Police are Using DNA Mugshots to Arrest Innocent People

-by MassPrivateI

A recent Washington Times article, boasts that Texas law enforcement used predictive DNA imaging or ‘Phenotyping’ to guess what a suspect’s physical characteristics might be.

This is not a joke, this is actually happening in police departments across the country.

Parabon Nanolabs, claims their new analysis service can accurately predict what a suspect or victim looks like based on a sample of their DNA... see more

Broccoli does AMAZING things for digestive health and overall disease prevention

-by Dena Schmidt

Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cabbage are well known for their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and chemoprotective properties. Now research out of Penn State University is showing that broccoli could bring dramatic benefits to digestive health and overall wellbeing... see more

Riding Your Flow: 8 Steps for Enhancing Your Creativity and Productivity

-by Dr. Kelly Neff

Why is that we tend to be more successful at pursuits we are genuinely passionate about? Why does time seem to drag when you are completely bored and uninterested in a task? How come you can easily lose yourself in a task that really piques your interest?

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What's About to Happen


Marijuana farmers destroying natural ecosystems as profits outweigh “green” agricultural practices

-by Isabelle Z.

People who turn to medical marijuana are often drawn to the fact that it’s natural. This is indeed a great quality from a health standpoint, but environment-minded marijuana buyers, take note: New research shows that marijuana farming in remote locations is having a negative effect on the environment... see more

For the First Time, a Robot Passed a Medical Licensing Exam


Chinese AI-powered robot Xiaoyi took the country's medical licensing examinations and passed, according to local reports. Xiaoyi is just one example of how much China is keen on using AI to make a number of industries more efficient.


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Mass fluoridation violates the AMA's medical ethics on informed consent

-by Julie Wilson

Thanks to emerging research, the health effects connected to water fluoridation are finally being acknowledged by the mainstream media as being, at the very least, controversial and most likely damaging... see more

10 Signs You’re Still Living in Your Lower Three Chakras

-by Christina Sarich

The spiritually educated usually understand that our bodies consist of energetic components which make up the etheric body and the chakra system. References to the chakra system date back thousands of years and incorporate wisdom from myriad cultures. While there is much information available about what each of these chakras do, how they govern our emotions, and how our emotions govern them, as well as how they affect our mental and physical health, many people are not aware of our tendency to live our lives primarily from the lower 3 chakrassee more

Something Strange Is Happening to Our Dreams

Truthstream Media

You can tell I haven't been sleeping all that well lately but I just wanted to ask, has this ever happened to you?