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Aspirin myth BUSTED as new science reveals it doesn’t prevent Heart Attack Risk

-by Earl Garcia

Aspirin may not be as effective in preventing heart disease as previously thought, a recent analysis revealed. In a review of 11 previous studies, researchers at the University of Florida Health noted that the drug did not show efficacy in reducing cardiovascular deaths, nor heart attack and stroke risk in patients with peripheral arterial disease... see more

Monsanto Tribunal Renders Verdict: Company Could Possibly Be Held Accountable for Crime of “Ecocide”

-by Nick Meyer 

The world-famous site in the Netherlands known as The Hague was the site of the Monsanto Tribunal, which began in October 2016, a landmark event seeking to establish a legal framework for holding companies like Monsanto accountable.

The Tribunal released its official legal opinion on the highly controversial U.S. agrochemical and GM seeds company... see more

The 12 Best Spices for the Most Common Health Problems

-by Sasha Brown,

Variety is the spice of life and that’s true in many ways. But using actual spices can have a host of great benefits. Spices not only add flavor to our foods but can reduce the amount of sodium we use when cooking. Spices help us experience foods differently and they also help control our weight. You can use various spices to manage some of your other health problems, too. By adding the best spices to your daily meals, you’ll be able to take care of your body and health in a natural and holistic way. Here are 12 of the best spices and medicinal herbs to put on your rack to treat your health problems without the use of chemicals... see more

New Type of GMO Process Opens Door for Seedless Fruits With No Need for Bees

-by Nick Meyer 

The plight of the honeybees has become a worldwide phenomenon, with Europe stepping up to the plate and widely banning GMOs as well as neonicotinoids, poison-treated seeds that have been linked to colony collapse disorder and wide-scale bee deaths.

But here in the United States, a different landscape has taken shape: one that continues to place chemial-intensive agriculture and gene modification techniques (including genetic engineering and now “gene editing,” both have been dubbed as GMOs) above long-term focused sustainable farming practices... see more

80-Year Study Shows Happiness Is The Driving Force In Our Health

-by Karen Foster

How people describe both positive and negative events in their lives influences their perception of their own life. When scientists began tracking the health of 268 Harvard sophomores in 1938 during the Great Depression, they hoped the longitudinal study would reveal clues to leading healthy and happy lives. They got more than they wanted... see more

Cell phone industry fighting consumer rights to know radiation risk

-by Lori Alton

Natural health and safety advocates have long sounded the alarm on the dangers of cell phone radiation, which has been linked with brain tumors and cognitive problems.

Yet a required manufacturer’s warning that would allow safer use is hidden inside phones – and few consumers know about it. Even more infuriating – the fact that cell phone manufacturers are fighting the attempts of one city to protect its citizens by publicly displaying the information... see more

A man fishes along a river bank in Jakarta on March 21, 2017, on the eve of World Water Day. (Photo by AFP)

Two billion people drinking polluted water worldwide: WHO

Dramatic improvements are needed in ensuring access to clean water and sanitation worldwide, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Thursday, warning that nearly two billion people currently use fecal-contaminated water.

Hundreds of thousands of people die each year because they are forced to drink contaminated water, the WHO said, urging large investments to help provide universal access to safe drinking water... see more

Houston Set to Become Next Battleground for GMO Mosquitoes to “Fight Zika Virus”

-by Nick Meyer 

The genetic engineering experiment has grown beyond food in the past few years to also include the development of genetically modified animals. But are these animals really being created for the good of the planet and mankind, or are they simply being used as a profitable “solution” to problems that have been blown out of proportion? -See more

Less safety testing: Bill Gates funding new vaccines for epidemic preparedness

-by Dena Schmidt

We all know that Bill Gates is forever linked to the start of home computing … but, what most people don’t know about him would boggle the mind. Since amassing a fortune of around $75 billion, his attention has turned to other pursuits like, the depopulation agenda. Most recently, he has become heavily involved in the realm of vaccines...

-See more

Scientists Find Root That Kills 98% Of Cancer Cells In Only 48 Hours


Scientists Find Root That Kills 98% Of Cancer Cells In Only 48 Hours:

This root has been used medicinally since ancient times for its various health benefits. However, the most powerful benefit to come out of this common weed is something that medical researchers are super excited to have “discovered” – which is its potential to cure cancer! -See more (includes video)