Will There Be A Robot (Cyborg) Worldwide Takeover?

-By Paul A Philips

Will the merging of man with machine be the greatest leap in the evolution of mankind or the ultimate threat to humanity? 

-This blog examines the transhumanist agenda from a number of different perspectives then comes to a firm conclusion...

Not long ago history Professor Yuval Noah Harari at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem made world-wide headlines with his bold prediction that human beings ‘will become god-like cyborgs within 200 years.’  

Harari argues that cybernetics and its related bio-technology such as genetic engineering for cybernetic enhancement will only be obtainable if you are wealthy, causing the gap between the rich and the poor to widen. He went on to say that as a consequence the poor will sooner or later die out, leaving the richest to become immortal cyborgs who will inherit the Earth.

Like others in support of the transhumanism agenda Harari claims that the merging of man with machine will be the greatest leap in the evolution of mankind.  

Google engineering director Ray Kurzweil, a major transhumanism promulgator, believes that humanity is heading towards what he calls the one God-like ‘singularity’ where artificial intelligence will transcend human ability...

Kurzweil believes that as more and more technology is incorporated into humans through the use of genetic engineering, nanotechnology and cybernetics... giving rise in artificial intelligence, we may become intelligent cyborgs with  memory cloud sharing while exponentially increasing brain capacity. Memory cloud sharing technology is currently being developed.

‘Dangerous Things’ a company led by CEO Amal Graafstra have converted 100’s of customers into cyborgs. These people have paid around $40 to become device implanted, allowing their bodies to be connected to surrounding devices. For instance, hand implants can login to a computer or be used to start motor cycles...

Like other promulgators of the transhuman agenda Graafstra argues that through bio-hacking human evolvement into cyborgs will only be a matter of time; it’s an inevitable progression. 

Then there’s the DARPA creation of super soldiers genetically engineered for having certain characteristics advantageous on the battle field...

Could the advantages of this be outweighed by unpredicted uncontrollable situations resulting from the humans merged with potentially lethal hi-tech weapons? What about the effect on civilians..? 

As rapid developments in biotechnology and artificial intelligence continue Professor Yuval Harari predicts that we could be the last generation of Homo sapiens. Others have made the point that underlying human ability and fitness is still required to incorporate any enhancements that could make us super cyborgs...

So, to answer the question, will there be a robot (cyborg) worldwide takeover?

Well, many think that humankind’s emergence into cyborgs is possible and as for the cyborg takeover, let’s just say we’ve yet to see it happen. 


Robot (cyborg) takeover: Salvation for the human race or the ultimate threat to humanity? 

“And as the technology becomes vastly superior to what we are then the small portion that is still human gets smaller and smaller until it’s utterly negligible…  These machines might for whatever reason wipe out humanity. There’s always that risk.” 

-Prof. Hugo de Garis

As we’ve seen so far some say that the transhumanism agenda presents itself as the inevitable or is the only real option for the future.  –Have the dangers been naively glossed over? Let’s take a further look with a few points.

1. The transhumanist agenda incorporates a number of darkly disturbing principles and applications that had been put into motion by the likes of Hitler and the Third Reich. 

 “Anyone who interprets National Socialism merely as a political movement knows almost nothing about it. It is more than religion; “It is the determination to create a New Man.”

-Adolph Hitler

Those who think that Hitler and the Third Reich’s advancements were purely political haven’t realized that there was a far bigger picture involved. The abominations such as genocide, claimed to get rid of the inferior genes.., were all part of the attempts to produce a master race based on principles behind social Darwinism, the survival of the fittest, and eugenics, a methodology put forward by Sir Francis Galton (half-cousin to Darwin) to upgrade the human race.

 “National Socialism is nothing but “Applied Biology.”

-Rudolf Hess 1934 (Hitler’s deputy)

-In other words Hitler and the Third Reich’s advancement was nothing more than the transhumanism agenda.

Besides secretly manufactured wars, the ruling elite have engineered financial crashes, diseases and famines as part of their social Darwinism survival of the fittest and eugenics population culling programme to advance the transhumanism agenda.

-Only a limited number will survive the ongoing global depopulation agenda to become the planned new species and become the God-like singularity.

2. The ruling elite created industrial revolution has contributed greatly to producing robotic hive-minded humans to serve corporate and government systems. This socially engineered hive-mind programme serves the transhumanism agenda.

Then we have advances in technology to further the transhumanist agenda and the manufacture of consumer hive-minded robotic consent...

Besides the group level, humans also need to be treated as individuals. Only treating humans as groups will create a great gross imbalance caused by the suppression of the dynamic urge to express one's individuality.  

Individuality; the root-cause of creativity and imagination is the architect within that shapes reality. When suppressed, frustration, depression and rebelliousness are the results, but to the controllers these are mere outliers that threaten their hive-mind maintenance...

3. The threat of humanity losing its spiritual connection.

To this end the robot (cyborg) worldwide hive-minded takeover could lead to humans losing their connection to God/Goddess/All-There-Is, everything that has ever been and ever will be; infinite possibility, infinite wisdom, infinite love...

-Do you think that humans would trade themselves in for robotics if they really woke up and realized their true potential? We already are the master race.

4. And that’s not all in the bigger picture...

-Following on from point 3 there’s a lot more to the issue of no longer becoming human.  Who we truly really are is not a human being having a conscious experience. No, it is the other way round; we are consciousness having a human experience:

Besides the dense illusory physical body making up the human experience, we have other more subtle energetic bodies. Within the realm of the conscious experience we have an electromagnetic chakra system, an astral or soul body...

Then there are the said emotional, egoic and mental bodies as we vibrate with our own exclusive frequencies in the ether... while we go in and out of our physical body and transfer our consciousness from place to place, vessel to vessel through astral projection, during sleep, or near death experiences...

 –Do transhumanists understand or even care about these aspects and the bigger picture of our existence?   

5. Some advocates for the transhumanist agenda will stop at nothing


6. The threat of total extinction

A far cry from today but who knows in time what lengths super-intelligent robots (cyborgs) will go with their own agendas. They could stop at nothing and wipe out the entire human race or even unintentionally their own sorts along the way in an attempt to achieve that grand conquest of the universe; the singularity...   

All in all

Although the possibility of a robot (cyborg) takeover is far from  becoming actualized imminently soon, the purpose of this piece serves as a warning.

Discernment every step of the way is the key needed to preserve humanity.