Why Satanic Ritual Abuse Must Be Publically Exposed

-By Paul A Philips

The dark and dreadful subject of satanic ritual abuse (SRA) needs much more open discussion. The extent to which this form of sadistic child abuse goes on must be publically exposed. No known cover-up left unveiled.  

In light of recent revelations regarding political paedophilia and the related allegations involving people in high places it’s high time the mainstream media began a mass blitz on investigating SRA.

Satanism and in turn SRA has grown in many countries including the USA and UK. The UK government has approved Satanism in the armed forces as a recognised practice, allowing satanic rituals to be carried out... Disturbingly, the irony is that this means the UK government supports and condones Satanism at the same time while not officially recognising the fact that SRA sometimes exists within this practice.

-Remember, Satanism is on the increase and so is SRA.

Child abuse, Satanism, satanic ritual abuse, SRA, conspiracy cover up, raising awareness, activism, Paul A Philips, New Paradigm, Jimmy Savile Source: YourNewsWire.com. Click image for link

According to child protection activist of some 20 years standing trained barrister Wilfred Wong more than 50% of uninvestigated child abuse cases in the UK alone are related to SRA... He goes on to say in so many words that these cases should have been investigated but Home Secretary Teresa May and the government don’t recognise the need to publically investigate SRA.    

Acknowledgement for inquiry has been given by the government but so far there has been no indication that the results of these inquiries will be made public, which is of course cause for concern: Will the SRA findings be blacked out from the public eye because it goes all the way up to the highest level of establishment?

Many child protection activists claim that this is the case. Activists claim that SRA goes on with high ranking politicians who are able to influence police decision making while distorting the facts to keep it under wraps and prevent appropriate action being taken against them. 

The video (excerpt) shows Wilfred Wong Interviewed by Brian Gerrish. It exposes some of the cover-ups and evidence for SRA including survivor testimony (Note: Some may find this disturbing and is NOT suitable for children but is necessary to show for exposing the truth...).   

There are a few exceptions as the video shows but generally the mainstream media further confounds the problem of trying to get a public inquiry and justice done for victims by standing down when it comes to identifying SRA.

-This is a key issue. If the spineless media had the courage to cover SRA and the extent to which it exists then this would greatly contribute to getting SRA publically exposed. This and the resultant public outrage would put enormous pressure on the government to do something.

Those abused go through long-term frequent emotional, mental and physical abuse. This may corrupt them enough to want to abuse other children. Some are made to do this or take part in a ritual killing such as an animal sacrifice.

Child abuse, Satanism, satanic ritual abuse, SRA, conspiracy cover up, raising awareness, activism, Paul A Philips, New Paradigm, Jimmy Savile There's no real evidence for the above. It's just another spin to cover up the truth

.After getting out and escaping this Hell-on-Earth situation it is indeed impossible for us to imagine how much damage has been done from the trauma of it all when assessing how help can be given: The SRA survivors are then given further victimisation by sceptics such as journalists claiming that nothing went on. That the abuse claims were made up by the child with his/her overactive imagination...

Yet, all over the world, in countries such as the USA and the UK, the young children describe their abuse in some considerable detail with many similarities. They can’t be colluding with each other and couldn’t have had access to such horrific graphic detail to be making it up... Not even horror films go into this detail.

-Yes it is real.  Here are just some examples of the evidence showing serious offences (source: UK Column. Pause on any of the above slides)

There have been a number of successful prosecutions. However, far, far more cases have never been investigated. In spite of strong evidence, as mentioned earlier many cases have been ignored due to a lack of recognising SRA.  

- A number of those involved in SRA have successfully infiltrated into society. This includes media infiltration to deliberately suppress and prevent the exposure of SRA.

Media suppression has gone on to such an extent that some mothers when attempting to expose the fact that their children have been subjected to SRA the media makes a 180° turnaround from the truth making the allegations out to be lies:

In their attempts to expose the SRA mothers in this situation could lose their children to authorities while no real investigation ever gets underway and in the meantime the abusers carry on abusing... –It has been said that a classic example of this scenario was in the case of the Hampstead children.

Some courageous police had tried to expose SRA as with the Hampstead children but backed down after being threatened... As with other cases, were threats made to cover-up the abuse involving people in high places? 

Child abuse, Satanism, satanic ritual abuse, SRA, conspiracy cover up, raising awareness, activism, Paul A Philips, New Paradigm, Jimmy Savile Justice

A Light in the tunnel..?

In light of recent revelations regarding child abuse from celebrities like Jimmy Savile and certain VIP’s it is becoming more difficult to ignore or suppress SRA. There are opportunities to expose SRA.

If these opportunities don’t get taken then the abusers will carry on right up to the highest levels of power. Certain police members will continue to not do their jobs. The lame-stream media will continue with their superficial bigoted caricature journalists to use spin and propaganda for cover-ups...

Do you think that this subject is too dark and heavy to handle? Well, unlike you in the safety of your surroundings, how do you think it is for those highly vulnerable abused children subjected to horrific things on a regular basis and will continue to be subjected to this if you, I and others don’t do anything?

The police and journalists need to have the courage and integrity to expose SRA. We the people need to keep the pressure on to expose SRA. Lobby MP’s, put pressure on the church to start doing something. Currently the church is doing next to nothing about SRA.

Responsibility is always the key. Post a blog or write an article... Spread the word on this subject that’s a far greater problem than it’s made out to be to the general public in whatever way you feel appropriate to raise awareness, prevent the awful abuse and get justice done.

-SRA must be publically exposed for the societal protection of our children and the children to be. Could the exposure be enough to bring down the whole political house of cards?