Political Correctness another Example of a World Gone Crazy?

-------------------Is this a politically correct sign?-------------------

Not so long ago, the Office Of Communications (Ofcom), an independent regulatory body received a letter from someone complaining about a scene in a 'Tom and Jerry' cartoon. After watching a momentary break from endless violence in the cartoon, it then showed the characters Tom and Jerry smoking. The person's complaint was that it glamorized smoking. Just from this one narrow-minded person, the television company concerned, took the trouble to go through their entire catalogue of this classic cartoon show, and edit out all the 'offending' scenes they thought would cause trouble related to the complaint.  John Midgley, co-founder of CAPC, said:  "Re-writing classics to avoid offense is part and parcel of our new climate of political correctness."  -All this because on one narrow minded individual!

The list of ridiculous political correctness is growing and growing. For examples, children can no longer play tag in some schools because of a new policy on touching! Other games like conkers have been known to be banned and throwing paper planes in one school can only be done providing they are aimed at special set up targets... 

Council e-mail filter blocks resident's complaints - by accident

An e-mail sent to object to the erection of a neighbour's new extension was blocked by PC (Hah - PC in the computer sense) software which took exception to the word "erection".  The software used by Rochdale Council did not allow the message through and the complainant did not know there was a problem until the planning permission was granted without his concerns being taken into account.  You would think they may have considered that the word erection could come up in a planning department! 

Laura Midgley note - I regularly write to a very good friend with the heading "Hi" only to have the e-mail filter bounce the message back to me telling me that my message has been impounded for containing "banned" words or phrases.  I really should remember but at least this system is relatively polite and has the decency to let me know it has a problem with my e-mail!

"Hospital Trust changes "patients" to "clients"

To avoid "stigmatising" patients they are to be referred to as clients if they are not actually in hospital, according to Sussex Partnership NHS Trust. 

..And finally, to sound off on a musical note

Eric Moir made this comment: "My son is a music teacher" he writes. "When he started his first job, he was told he could not teach his pupils 'Baa Baa Black Sheep', but had to use 'Baa Baa HAPPY Sheep' instead."


-This list goes on of course...As far as I'm concerned politically correct weasels and control freaks have to be confronted. Public apathy is the pillar that keeps it propped up and standing. 

-By Paul Phillips