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                                                             Sunday 26th February 2017

Warning Sign: The Last Time This Happened In Stock Markets An Epic Crash Followed

By Mac Slavo

The Dow Jones continues to hit record highs and yesterday it reached a milestone not seen since January of 1987.

Back then, the band Starship was at the top of the charts with their hit song Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now, which appears to also be the rallying cry of Wall Street, Main Street and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue today.

Of course, for those who are familiar with their history, that year didn’t end up so well for investors. On ‘Black Monday’, October 19th, 1987, the U.S. stock market suffered the largest crash in history with the Dow Jones losing 22.6% in value, amounting to roughly $500 billion in losses by the end of the trading day.

And if the exuberance of 1987 is any guide, we may be looking at a similar set of events over the course of 2017: See more

World Transformation: 7 Paradigm-Shifting Humanitarian Solutions!

By Paul A Philips

World transformation involves replacing current old paradigm theories and practices that have held back humanity’s progress since time immemorial. To be an effective replacement, the new paradigm approaches with their innovative theories and practices need to have definitive humanitarian solutions for the co-creation of a world that makes a difference for everyone.  

-In light of this, for world transformation, here are 7 old-to-new, paradigm-shifting humanitarian solutions... see more

Chinese medicine, Mushrooms, natural health, alternative medicine, healing, new paradigm, ancient medicine, raising awareness, tonics, disease prevention Mushrooms are a big part of traditional medicine in many cultures, such as China.

Mushrooms are Nature’s Ancient Medicine

-by Paul Fassa
Health Impact News

Mushrooms are accepted as culinary delights that are mixed in certain dishes or used as toppings on pizzas. But their tonic and healing qualities are unknown to most in the West. For centuries, Asian, especially Chinese, and Eastern European cultures have used various mushrooms as tonics for improving health and medicinally for curing a wide variety of diseases... see more (videos)

Understanding the Third, Fourth and Fifth Dimensional Reality

When talking about esoteric topics such as, “third dimensional reality,” “ascending into fifth dimensional consciousness,” or “raising your vibration,” it can begin to sound like we are explaining the plot to a science fiction movie.

Even for the seasoned spiritual seeker, trying to describe the intangible in words that make sense and are understandable to another person with no prior knowledge of such topics can be difficult… see more

Dinosaurs Never Existed! Compelling Evidence [Follow The Facts]

-by The World We Live In

Whether it matter or not is a dumb question... To answer this question one must first understand the complex way everything fits together as one large jigsaw-puzzle... see more

White House petition launched to end Google’s outrageous and malicious censorship of independent journalism

-by Mike Adams

As part of our epic battle against Google’s outrageous censorship of the entire website, we’ve launched a White House petition.

Sign it at this link and share with everyone... see more

Medical fraud – The suppressed truth about heart disease

-by Jonathan Landsman

As we know, heart disease is the number one killer in the United States, claiming more lives than all forms of cancer combined.  But an optometrist who has invented a ground-breaking test for early diagnosis maintains that this devastating disease has been preventable (and CURABLE) for over five decades... see more

Are You Suffering From Irritable Trump Syndrome?

-by Joy Camp

Are You Suffering From Irritable Trump Syndrome (ITS)? Also known as Trumproids. We’re here to tell you there’s HOPE.

The World Is Not Like You're Told It Is - The David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

David Icke

-See video

Parents – the Most Loyal Agents for the Torture Control Matrix

-by Willem Felderhof

Following absurd and fake disorder labels like ADHD and ADD, the ignorant “mental specialists” recently invented another pseudo diagnose called ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder). In other words anyone who still has the natural, and thus normal, inherent reflex of opposing any form of evil… see more 

NASA, 7 new Earth-Sized planets, alien life, Michael Snyder, Project Blue Beam, new paradigm, raising awareness, conspiracy, cover-up, alternative media Caption: NASA’s “travel poster” for the Trappist System

Why Is NASA Using The Discovery Of 7 New Earth-Sized Planets To Heavily Promote The Idea That Alien Life May Exist?

-by Michael Snyder

Editor’s Note: Michael Snyder has a point here. As reported yesterday, that is the big story — that a system has been discovered just under 40 light years away with seven earth-sized planets, three of which may be able to sustain life. While they’ve shown no hard evidence of that assertion, however, evidence has surfaced that NASA’s infamous Project Blue Beam wasn’t just a conspiracy theory… is a grand deception coming?

-See more

Medical Cannabis — A Vastly Underutilized Therapeutic Option?

-by Dr. Mercola

Cannabis is a vastly underutilized therapeutic option that has been wrongly vilified by U.S. regulatory agencies. In this interview, Dr. Margaret Gedde, a Stanford-trained pathologist and award-winning researcher, discusses the therapeutic value of this plant.

While initially focused on the conventional medical model, Gedde eventually transitioned over to holistic, drug-free health care in 2004. At present, she runs an alternative medical practice in Colorado, the home of medical marijuana, as it was one of the first states to widely legalize and apply it... see more 

Closing the Gender Gap: The Merging of Masculine and Feminine

By Steve Taylor, Ph.D

Throughout almost all recorded history, and in most cultures throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia, there has been a massive gulf between men and women. They have had a very different social status, sharply differentiated roles and apparently different personalities. It’s almost as if men and women have been members of different species with almost nothing in common, who have been thrown together to by mistake…

-See more

Anonymous The End Of David Rockefeller Depopulation Experiment

History Repeats Itself

This is the latest anonymous message for 2017. Anonymous vs David Rockefeller and the new world order depopulation plans.

Dear Family and Friends: it’s Time to Wake Up

-by Phillip J. Watt

I know you’ve struggled to deal with many of the harsh truths of the world, yet there’s also so much brilliance to this reality that I don’t want you to miss out on as well. But to feel that side of the coin, it’s necessary to face how it all works on the systemic and material levels...

-see more

-by Vin Armani

In this video, Vin Armani shows how Trump is triggering the media to the point where they appear to be plotting his demise. Numerous MSM articles call for Trump to be impeached. Presidential approval polls are all over the map. Who to believe?

Why Flu Shots Are The Greatest Medical Fraud In History

As one of the few independent voices willing to speak out against the scientific beliefs of our medical regime, I’ve felt the need to convey to others the dangers of flu vaccines, so people can have educated information to prevent being administered a vaccine... see more

Civil Disobedience Non-Compliance and Detachment from the NWO Agenda

-By Paul A Philips

Encouraging civil disobedience may be interpreted by many as troublemaking. Some might even say that civil disobedience is the root of the world’s problems...


This is not the real problem. The real problems of the world are caused by civil obedience. There are too many obedient people willingly and compliantly rolling over like lame docile dogs obeying and accepting every command their authoritative masters tell them without question... see more

5 Things we Know about Prime minster Sir Heath #NWO #PizzaGate

The Outer Dark

Recently Sir Edward Heath has been in the headlines again, with new investigations into his background. A number of witnesses have come forward, stating, that he in fact, was involved in Satanism. At the highest level of the UK government. #MKultra #EdwardHeath #PizzaGate

-See video