"News Headlines - Catching the Wind of Change!"  - Sunday 3nd May 2015

Divide and Rule - Foundation of Human Control


By David Icke

In his weekly videocast, David Icke breaks down the fundamental reason that the few can control the many. People have been susceptible to divide-and-rule tactics since the beginning of time, and today is no different.

Exposé Book Reveals Shocking Secrets of the Processed Food Industry



May 03, 2015 


By Dr. Mercola


You've probably heard that avoiding processed foods is one of the keys to staying healthy, but do you understand why, exactly?  


Scottish author Joanna Blythman has written a behind-the-scenes exposé book,Swallow This: Serving Up the Food Industry's Darkest Secrets, that delves into the details of what makes processed food the antithesis of a healthy diet... see more

 6 Myths and Lies about Terrorism

-By Paul A Philips

Think of all the money spent on wars. Think of the utopia we could create with all that money. The USA alone has siphoned off some 6 trillion dollars plus of hard-earned taxpayers’ money in the name of protecting its citizens from terrorists which is based on myths and lies for a number of reasons. Here are just 6 of those myths and lies... see more

 UFO ET Dulce Base Revealed By A Scientist Now In Hiding

The Dulce Base is believed to be the largest Reptilian and Grey Alien base in America where there are allegedly conducting experiments including: atomic manipulation, cloning, mind control, animal/human crossbreeding, chip implantation, abduction, and feeding off of humans.

The video below contains extraordinary notes taken by a scientist who was commissioned by the government to visit alien crash sites and observe alien life (the scientist is now in hiding)...

Facebook beta testing online publisher "kill switch" - will sites be blocked if they don't promote official propaganda?

by Mike Adams

Over the last several days, Facebook has been beta testing a "kill switch" that caused articles from online publishers to be blocked from social sharing. Complaints poured in to Natural News and other independent publishers such as Western Journalism, which wrote an article entitled Multiple Reports: Facebook Blocking Links To Online Publishers... see more

10 Unsolved Mysteries That Still Hide in the Human Brain

Why are we experiencing déjà vu? How music causes emotions? Or simply what is consciousness? 

These are just a few of the unanswered questions associated with the human brain. 

The answers of these questions are not yet obtained, but those are not unique. 

AllTime10’s in one place selected 10 unsolved mysteries that still hide in the human brain, with partial explanations and guessing, and the reasons why some things are still unknown to us... see more

This Will Change How You View Your Work Life Forever...5 Minutes

There are no words. In fact, this micro-film offers no audible words at all...but it will flip your perception of employment on its head. It might even change your life forever. El Empleo is a powerful short film that summarizes life in the work force. It’s time to stop being used and abused in a lifetime of servitude...

Will Science Really Explore The Nature of Consciousness?

-Paul A Phillips

Learn how a stroke victim’s extraordinary experience led her to discover the true nature of consciousness.

Science has long held the firm belief that conscious is an illusion. Dogmatically, without any proof whatsoever, they want you to believe that your conscious experiences related to self-awareness and 'mind' are nothing more than illusions produced by brain chemistry.

However, age-old scientific paradigms like this are slowly crumbling. More and more scientists are now willing to embrace the idea that our existences cannot be explained merely by reducing us to the level of biochemical robots. Consciousness is something that coexists with our brains. Sooner or later I predict that scientists will somehow find suitable methods to open wide the doors leading to discovery and learn more about consciousness... more