"News Headlines - Catching the Wind of Change!"  - Sunday 21st December 2014

US elite has gone far beyond Hitler’s impudence and cruelty

‘Brutal and bloody provocations are a tool of choice of USA’s politics. US intelligence greyhounds have taken a hand in white powder from Iraq, in September 11 attacks and torture. These are not conspiracy theories – this is real politics, President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems and military analyst Konstantin Sivkov believes.

“They have recently published the torture report in the United States, even though those tortures were not happening on the territory of the United States. Only 500 pages of the 6,000-page report have been published. It is unthinkable what US special services were doing to those suspects after the attacks of the Twin Towers. State Department officials said that no one would be punished for any of those tortures. Do you think that the world community will turn a blind eye on that again and continue to admire American democracy?”‘

Is This Most Underestimated Factor Seriously Affecting Your Health?

This factor is so vitally important to health that twice Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling made a comment saying in so many words that every disease, sickness and ailment is related to its deficiency. This factor is vital to every cell in our body for functioning properly... see more

.......We Are All One Consciousness


Terrific and inspiring compilation showing aspects of our irrepressible awakening from a variety of sources. Great empowerment...

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Earth

by Kirsten Cowart
The Spirit Science 

Think you know everything about our amazing blue planet? From lakes that actually

explode to a twin planet that crashed into Earth once upon a time, we count 15 facts about the little blue planet we like to call home... see more 

Are Children Medicated for Convenience, or Necessity?

 Sales of this drug to children have increased eight-fold since 1993, despite its side effects including heart attacks, seizures, and blurred vision... see more

Seeing Through the Veil  of Your Limitations

There is nothing you cannot be, because you are everything and from everything. You are part of all that is. You have devised a veil which keeps you from remembering our true history. It keeps you from remembering your true origin of who you are and where you came from. The true power of humanity is so great that it was necessary to create this reality full of limitations and duality. Otherwise, it would not be a game at all. We would all realize our true power and the game would be over. So why do we persist with this illusion? See more

Using Earthing as an Antioxidant Absorption Technique

Anywhere you go nowadays, whether it be your local pharmacy, grocery store or corner gas station, you’ll see products boasting their antioxidant ingredients. We’ve been taught since early childhood that antioxidants are some wonder-substance, capable of fighting off ill health. The logical next question, however, becomes “why?” and “how?” Perhaps not so surprisingly, when you ask someone these questions, they simply offer a shrug...more 

‘The Interview’, A Sony False Flag Hack and Hollywood’s Empire of Mediocrity
This is what happens when people organize with enormous skill and dedication. People, especially scattered in small towns across upstate New York--with some help from the big city--showed the whole movement how it's done. Congratulations!

100,000 Signatures In 30 Days Are Needed For A White House Response About Extraterrestrials

A petition will be launched on January 7th, 2015 by Steven Basset encouraging the United States government to hold congressional hearings regarding all of the information that has surfaced over the past few years pointing to the fact that an extraterrestrial presence has been interacting with the human race for quite some time. If the petition receives 100,000 signatures the White House will respond... more