"News Headlines - Catching the Wind of Change!"  - Wednesday 1st April 2015

Medical Tyranny in Tennessee: Forced Antibiotics on Newborns

The Times Free Press in Chattanooga, Tennessee reported last week that the Erlanger Health System was going to start forcing all newborn babies in their health facilities to receive an antibiotic ointment applied to their eyes at birth, whether their parents want it or not. Even if nurses and midwives attending the birth do not approve of the antibiotic ointment, the hospital allegedly stated that they will apply it anyway, using security guards at the patient’s bedside if need be... see more

WHISTLEBLOWERS: Removing Mental Malware by Larken Rose

The problem is NOT the rulers, the politicians, the corporations, the Illuminati, or whatever. The problem is YOUR OWN faulty thinking due to a low I.Q. which inhibits you from realizing that the societal system ITSELF is corrupt and EVERYONE involved in that system is participating in the fraud of slavery. Larken Rose asks do you want to know the truth? Nearly everybody will say yes, but for most people, the answer is really no. If the truth makes people uncomfortable, then most people will choose the comfortable lie... see more 

Science for Sale: Get Your Very Own Industry-Funded Studies Today!

170 Scientific Studies Retracted Since 2013 for Blatant Fraud, Rigged Peer Reviews

5 Things You Should Definitely Know About Voting

-By Paul A Philips     

Since childhood I can remember some people voting describing it as a way of exercising their democratic right. As part of my upbringing this political sentiment had been deeply instilled in me. Those intending not voting were sometimes reminded that our forefathers had fought for this ‘democratic right’ and to abstain would be nothing short of apathy. Other comments that still continue today include “voting for a small minority candidate is a wasted vote... it would not have any outcome”    Over the years I had more than a gut feeling that something about all this didn’t stack up right, which soon led me to conclude that none of the above is true.

Here are the 5 things you should definitely know about voting...  see more 

11 Major Health Tips For Living A Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

Indeed we have now gone beyond the first quarter of the year. Have you managed to maintain those New Year’s resolutions regarding your intentions for a healthy diet and lifestyle?  For many people staying on the white line that’s consistent with attempts to keep up their intentions/promises of a healthy diet and lifestyle can be difficult.

The first thing to acknowledge here is that we are not perfect and prone to make mistakes then it’s up to us all to recreate our intentions... and remember nobody at least not that I know achieves perfect health. The trick is to realize that it’s ongoing so keep yourself fired up and inspired on how you can maintain that healthy diet and lifestyle! See more

Attempts to silence Dr. Wakefield from testifying fail after Washington, Oregon reject forced vaccinations

Despite being blocked from providing testimony before the Oregon legislature about the vital need to preserve both informed consent and exemption options for "mandatory" vaccinations, Dr. Andrew Wakefield was able to witness a major health freedom victory in the state of Oregon, where efforts by Democratic Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward to snuff parents' medical freedom from the state's books failed miserably... see more

Birdbrained new law could make feeding pigeons a criminal offence

A new law that allows councils to ban activities in public spaces is leading to “bizarre new criminal offences”, which could see homeless people, buskers and people who feed pigeons prosecuted... see  more

McFashion: We’re Not Lovin’ It

If you live in Sweden, this is your lucky day!

Everybody’s favorite fast food leviathan is spreading its tentacles out of the garbage grub industry and into new territory. Alas, Swedes are the only ones who can get the goods right now.

Earlier this week, McDonald’s launched an online boutique featuring bed sheets, wallpaper, raincoats, rubber rain boots, a jacket for dogs, and (my personal favourite) thermal underwear emblazoned with Big Macs... see more

The Challenges Facing Humanity – Zen Gardner

Liberty Brothers:

As we have outlined numerous times on-air and in print, we are truly being attacked from seemingly every direction by those who would seek to rule over us. It doesn’t matter which institution that you reference, the global planners seem to have sunk their claws into its very fiber, and operate it like some kind of evil puppeteer... see more

Thousands of Indian farmers protest GMO corporate imperialism in Delhi

The massive insurrection against the Modi Government and the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) coalition on March 18, 2015 by the major agricultural unions of India has led to a widespread launch of lobbying regarding farmer's rights and farmer cost of living allocations in the capital city... see more

Hillary Clinton’s Legal Downfall to the U.S. Presidency

Catherine J. Frompovich
Activist Post

Soon, we and the media will be inundated by the 2016 presidential candidates’ self-proclaimed bravados, plus spinmeisters hawking about why candidates should be considered as the next President of the United States of America... see more 


The Missing Secrets - Nikola Tesla - Must SEE!