"News Headlines - Catching the Wind of Change!"  - Monday 22nd September 2014

U.S. government openly admits vaccines are seriously harming children: see the email

Towards the end of the Bush Administration, and in response to probing questions from an investigative journalist who, at the time, was working for CBS News, the U.S. government admitted that some vaccines were seriously harming children.

As noted in an email, the reporter, Sharyl Attkisson -- whose recent reporting 
about what really happened in Benghazi won't make the current administration happy or comfortable -- got a government official to essentially admit that vaccines had hurt enough children over a 10-year period for compensation to be warranted... more

‘Peroxide blondes must now apply for photographic ID to buy the strongest hair bleach, under little-noticed new European anti-terror rules.

Model car buffs are also hit, as chemicals they use for fuel are controlled under the new scheme, run by the Home Office.

Anyone wishing to buy such materials must pay £40 for a three-year licence, or face two years’ jail. Shopkeepers can also be imprisoned if they do not check papers.’ Read more

Karma Cleanse

‘When we hear the word karma, we often hear it in the context of having done something “bad” and its consequence of justice served, well-deserved. This is a rather small vision of what karma actually is.

A clearer short explanation is that the word karma in Sanskrit principally means action…and as we know, because we dont live in a vacuum, every action has its resulting reaction hence creating a circle of cause and effect. And this can be both positive and negative alike. It is because of this never-ending cycle of the ups and downs of pain and happiness, that the sages and mystics have looked for the relief of suffering, in seclusion, away from society and its karmic ties and distractions.’

Read more: Karma Cleanse

Help Obama Kickstart World War III!  (Satire)


Maybe a better solution is to support our fundraiser to promote peace and liberty

Is the U.S. Military Manufacturing Ebola Vaccines to Be Tested on its Soldiers to ‘Advance US Ability to Wage War’?

‘At the beginning of August 2014 Bloomberg published an article about the “promising hopes” tobacco plants offer “for developing an effective treatment for the deadly Ebola virus”:

Tobacco plant-derived medicines, which are also being developed by a company whose investors include Philip Morris International Inc., are part of a handful of cutting edge plant-based treatments that are in the works for everything from pandemic flu to rabies using plants such as lettuce, carrots and even duckweed…

Another tobacco giant-backed company working on biotech drugs grown in tobacco plants is Medicago Inc. in Quebec City, which is owned by Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corp. and Philip Morris.’ 

Wikipedia, Beware of the So-Called Debunkers and Their suppression of Forbidden Knowledge  - Paul A Philips

...certain major websites have been infiltrated and their existence as truthful or reliable information sources are seriously under threat. I will hone in on Wikipedia as an example. Don’t get me wrong, I realize that Wikipedia is a great invention, but it is clear to me that certain individuals acting for the elite have infiltrated it with takeover plans. More specifically, these agents have not only set out to oversee the editing but have also used biased and limited information while discrediting authors with opposing views... more 

The Great Dictator - David Hayman - Scottish Independence

Okay, the outcome was decided: No independence for Scotland. However, this message is loud and clear: The people are awaking up and want peace at all costs! Let the bravery of the few - fill the hearts of the many. 

Police seize 190 pounds of illegally harvested ginseng

WTF....if this is true WHAT DA FUQ.... this is what we pay taxes for..to arrest people for growing and utilizing nature ..and BIRTH RIGHT... are the rules made up as they go along ? Or did Big Pharma line some more pockets to keep nature out of the hands of the world? 
Please keep in mind while I do not support the police officers of today this story remains to be authenticated.....but nothing surprises me!!!

Police seize 190 pounds of illegally harvested ginseng... more