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             Updated DAILY - Tuesday 25th October 2016

Army Major Says “Everything’s In Place” To Round Up Antiwar Dissenters For Military Detention

-By Justin Gardner

While mainstream media has dutifully echoed the U.S. government narrative that Russia is to blame for increasing tensions, we at the Free Thought Project have reported on the numerous ways in which the U.S. has actually been the provocateur… see more

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Rally Crowds

Alex's Politically Incorrect Show

can hillary fill up the local bakery at her next rally? she's supposed to be winning according to the polls lmao. the polls are so rigged.

The Vax and Anti-vax Battleground

-by Dee McLachlan

This morning the front page of the Herald Sun was plastered with “TROLLS SHAMED.” It cleverly lumped anti-vax people in one basket as militant and vitriolic.

“VICTORIAN Health Minister Jill Hennessy…  has shone a light on the practices of militant “anti-vaxxer” trolls by releasing a swath of their abusive messages, which include calls for her execution and prayers that she fall ill with cancer.”

It may be true that the minister received many foul and even threatening messages. Social media has provided a platform for bullies and venomous attacks.

(Not to mention the daily chore of the disinformation artists.)

I decided to research some of the comments on the minister’s Facebook posts.

For example, on the 19th of August, Hennessy shared a Daniel Andrews‘svideo on Facebook, writing:

“Vaccinations save lives. We need to challenge anti science, anti-vax propaganda. It’s dangerous.”

322 comments followed, with a debate of conflicting ideas, like this: See more

Do You Have The Edge To Succeed?

If ever there’s something that should be deeply ingrained into the ‘Self Help Bible of Wisdom’ it’s the commandment: “Look for where you have the edge to succeed.” Indeed this cannot be underestimated.

After reading this article you might just gain an insight for yourself and discover where that edge to succeed exists and what’s needed… so you may want to thank me later on for that!

So, first, allow me to start with an analogy and then make a valuable point…

see more

Clinton: Treason From Within


Please watch this video, it covers the heart of today´s issues not only in the US, but throughout the world. The plot against human dignity and freedom is well underway, however, I believe, it will fail if we don´t buy into the matrix and its many tentacles. Turn away, walk away, clear your mind, if you don´t feed the beast it will starve. Thanks, Pineconeutopia

Source: https://pineconeutopia.wordpress.com/

Court Rules That Defendant’s Belief In The “Illuminati” Makes Him Unfit For Trial

-By John Vibes

A suspect who was awaiting judgment in a terrorism case has been deemed unfit to stand trial because he believes that the court is controlled by the “Illuminati.” See more

Aspartame the Deadly Poison: A Public Commentary

-by Betty Martini, D.Hum. Founder Mission Possible World Health International

 One of the purposes of this revealing article is to prompt your immediate action to submit acomment online about the pending proposition 65 in California. The deadline to comment on aspartame being a carcinogen is 10/24/2016. The bill is P65Public. Submit comments to:Comments@oehha.ca.gov

 Introduction to Aspartame-Induced Cancer

The open letter reprinted below was written by Dr. James Bowen years ago when he lived in Michigan.  He is now in a VA Home in Oregon because of the ALS which he said was triggered by aspartame.  Maybe it will save someone else from this horrible disease because its now well known the epidemics precipitated by this deadly carcinogen.

Dr. Bowen wanted aspertame removed from the market rather than labeled, because the cover-up was such a huge issue people would not realize they were consuming a literal addictive, excito-neurotoxic, genetically engineered, carcinogenic drug, adjuvant and teratogen, causing (among many other illnesses) neural tube defects in pregnant women with no warnings by doctors or manufacturers.

Aspartame must be factually labeled a carcinogen – a deadly chemical poison... see more

Vital Humanitarian Message To You and Your Loved Ones In The Name Of Peace

-By Paul A Philips

It doesn’t have to reach crisis point to enhance our awareness and consequently realize who we really are as a humanitarian human race. While that said, our acquiescence is interpreted as an acceptance of the ruling elite’s mandates. So they carry on with their enslavement agenda and the related developments. Indeed it’s a spiritual, mental and physical warfare on humanity.

The key here is for us to realize that we must try to access our full physical empirical knowledge and non-physical ability. The world’s ruling elite and their associates are fully aware that if we accessed these abilities it would be their greatest threat to the war on humanity… see more

Moby & The Void Pacific Choir - Are You Lost In The World Like Me (Official Video)


8 Reasons Why Your Vote Will Count for Nothing and Be A Lost Opportunity

-By Paul A Philips

Many Americans going to the polling stations on November the 8th for the US Presidential election will be under the illusion that by voting it will be an opportunity to express their democratic right. A growing number, such as those following the alternative media are well aware that whether you support Democrat or Republican… voting is an illusion of choice, as there is no democracy. Your vote will count for nothing and further, it will be a lost opportunity. 

Here are 8 reasons explaining why ...See more

Preparing For Post-Election Social Unrest

-By Stefan Gleason

The 2016 election year is bringing out the worst among some elements of society. From vandalism to physical assaults to large-scale race riots to terrorist bombings and mall stabbings, social disorder has become a more prominent feature of life in a polarized America.

It’s easy (and politically convenient) for the establishment media to blame Donald Trump for inflaming the political divide. In reality, Trump supporters have far more often been the victims rather than the instigators of political violence… see more

9 contaminated foods from China to avoid

-by Dena Schmidt

Many contaminated foods – within China – have disillusioned its citizens and are putting the countries that receive their exports at risk.  While many shipments from China to the U.S. are turned away due to unsafe additives, drug residues, mislabeling and general filth, some produce shipments from China are making their way into our country under the guise of being “organic.” (But, are they really safe to eat?)... see more

What in the World Are We Waking Up About? (Short Documentary)

The Conscious Society

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The World is Waking Up and it's Magic to Watch!

It's inspiring to witness many of the earth's people, especially in the Western world, becoming aware of the deep corruption in our social system, particularly because society is building its innate capacity to actually do something about it... see more (video)

From Anthrax to Iraq


SHOW NOTES AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=20220
Robbie Martin of AVeryHeavyAgenda.com joins us to talk about his research into the anthrax attacks of 2001. We discuss how false information claiming an Iraqi link to the attacks was sowed via the mainstream media and how the story largely disappeared when the anthrax traced back to the US government's own bioweapons labs. We also update the case and talk about some of the legitimate suspects in the attacks.

New Report Warns Of Growing Biometric Surveillance State

By Derrick Broze

A recently released report from the Center for Privacy and Technology is calling attention to the growing danger of facial recognition software.

Georgetown Law University’s Center for Privacy and Technology has released a new report detailing how law enforcement is using facial recognition software without the knowledge or consent of the people. The report, “The Perpetual Line-Up: Unregulated Police Face Recognition in America,”examines several cases of misuse or abuse of facial recognition technology… see more

The Presidency and Dealing with the Root Cause of What Ails America

-By Paul A Philips

Let’s say someone caused a water overflow through turning the taps full on at your kitchen sink. How would you handle it? Would you treat the symptoms by forever using a mop and bucket to deal with the overflowing water spreading? Or would you permanently fix the problem by going to the root-cause and turn off the taps?

Of course it would be absurd to forever use the mop and bucket but this is an analogy to what’s happening with so many problems facing humanity. The woes of the world will forever return if the focus is only on the symptoms and the root-cause never dealt with.

Symptoms are indicators of a bigger picture.

The US presidency is a classic example... see more 

Whole Foods in deep financial trouble; sales plummet following deceptive anti-labeling position with Monsanto

-by: David Gutierrez

The financial outlook for Whole Foods Market continues to look grim, as consumers seeking natural and organic products continue to take their business elsewhere... see more click on picture

5 Things You Can Do for a Better Brain

-By Deanna Minich, PhD

Reduce the mental decline that begins in mid-age by making moderate changes in your diet and lifestyle.

I can remember a survey I looked at years ago indicated that “maintaining mental sharpness” was the #1 health issue for 65% of the people questioned. I don’t think much has changed. Brain health is a huge concern for many people, most likely because poor brain function equates to poor quality of life. There is no doubt that we live in a society that demands our brains work 100% – we constantly juggle facts, inputs, information, tasks, responsibilities, and process emotions. And at the same time, the statistics are showing us increased rates of cognitive decline and dementia are becoming some of the biggest health issues in the 21st century… see more

UN bans reporters from climate conference for 'having the wrong opinion'

Rebel Media

Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media on the UN's blacklisting of Rebel journalists who applied to cover the COP22 climate conference in Morroco. MORE: http://www.LetUsReport.com